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How to Write a Description of the Product to Increase Selling on your Site

How to Write a Description of the Product to Increase Selling on your Site

The potential client is now on your site, searching for the perfect service or product that meets his/her requirements. The only thing that is left for the customer is to click on the “add to basket” button. However, how to convince the person to do it? Actually, it is not hard to pry out the answer. Surely you know it, don't you? Answer is a selling product description, which is a key to your successful business.


Despite its enormous power, an effective product description can be really difficult to create. So what's the catch? Firstly, let's come up with the definition.

A product/service description is a marketing text that explains the sense and benefits of a product/service. Due to marketing copy a customer realizes the reason why he/she should buy something on your site. However, the mistakes in descriptions are quite common. Moreover, they continue to repeat at times. The main ones are product/service features.

Consider that people buy from people, not from search engines. Consequently, optimizing for SERPs should be as satisfactory as possible. Is there any solution to avoid them and make a perfect product description that increases your sales several-fold? Without hesitation, our answer is “Yes”.

Let’s take a look at 6 easy-to-follow tips on product description writing that will help you to increase selling on your site.

1. Focus on your ideal client

Writing a description of the product or service with a large crowd of customers in mind...please stop before it's too late. Such an approach is bound to fail. Your client isn’t something abstract. Think of it. Is it possible to sell your product to an abstract substance without name, age, body, needs, desires, feelings and anything and everything that makes human beings human? We have huge doubts about that.

That is why your target buyer should be as real as your greedy cat that wakes you up in the early morning. Just imagine a specific person from your core audience, his/her profile picture, and think about what your face-to-face conversation in the office/shop/educational center would look like answering such questions as:

  • What does your perfect customer joke about (and does he or she actually have humor)?
  • What words does he or she use in everyday speech?
  • What words does he or she hate?
  • What questions would he or she ask about the product?

Take down these imaginary answers of your prospective purchaser and use these patterns on the site so that your product description will be close to the customer and trigger only positive emotions encouraging him/her to buy the product immediately.

2. Avoid the generalizations

It happens that a copywriter doesn't know what else to write about a certain product, which makes him/her  sin of such words or phrases as “prime quality product”, “client-centric approach”, “new-generation insurers (refrigerators, microwaves etc.)” or even of whole sentences like “highlight pros and hide cons”.

As soon as your potential buyer sees these phrases, he/she with 100% confidence thinks: “Yes, of course, everyone writes like that”. Have you ever seen a seller describing the product quality with the words like “average” or “not good enough”?

On the contrary, be specific: what makes your product unique? How does it stand out from others? The most important thing is the details. They make the product more tangible and understandable, and it enhances customer`s confidence in your company.

3. Explain in details what is the product value

People want to know which of the properties listed on your site will be useful with the express aim of them. Therefore, it is essential to emphasize the benefits of each product feature. Don't sell the product, sell the experience. Answers to the questions will help to identify the product`s advantages:

  • How can your product make people happier, healthier or more productive?
  • How can it make their life easier?

Don't try to fool the people with unfair benefits, otherwise your business won't exist for a long time. Despite the world`s popularity of the phrase “Nothing personal, it's just business”, it's more crucial to remain human.

4. Provide the proofs of the product benefits

Evidence of the product advantages is much more interesting for the client than the simple listing of its benefits. If you do not agree, just put yourself in your client's position. For instance, would you like to read what a wonderful insurance company EKTA is? Does it mean that if the insurer`s site claims that the company is reliable, it is definitely true? It is not quite so, because the audit reports, current rating certificates, conclusions on determining the financial stability rating, and customer reviews on company`s service are more evident.

Be aware that your site should provide real proof that a product is the simplest or most advanced in its line or even in the whole segment.

If there is no proof, using superlatives in the description of the product is a failed idea. The better option is to give a real review of your satisfied customer who wrote that heshe thinks your product is the best.

5. Appeal to your buyers` imagination

Recent scientific research has shown that when people hold a product in their hands, their willingness to purchase it increases by several times. Currently, the most part of the business is working online, so your biggest weapon is imagination. In other words, you should affect your buyers` imagination.

It can be done by using high quality photos and videos. Let your customers imagine what it would be like to own your wardrobe, to wear your shoes or to be insured by your reliable company. Start with the word “Imagine…” and end the sentence (or the whole paragraph) with an explanation of how your reader will feel, using your product/service.

6. Make a description easy to read

Just be patient for a little longer, dear friends. The last but not the least paragraph of our article will be brief, though very useful. We`ve already discussed the issues on customers' profile pictures, writing style and other important tips on how to create a selling product description. Now, it is time to talk about your web design. Answer the question yourselves: does your web design encourage website visitors to read your product descriptions? Check yours.

Features of good design:

  • clear, eye-catching headings;
  • easy-to-scan bullet points;
  • a lot of empty white space;
  • increased font size for better readability.


A convincing product description increases sales. Share your knowledge of your production, explain the value of the product benefits and provide their proofs. Try not to be boring and delight site visitors with seductive descriptions. Make your site to be similar to viruses: people should really want to share it.

Author: Isabelle Jordan is a business and marketing journalist at Ekta insurance company. She writes for different news portals and thematic blogs that helps her stay at the heart of the travel and insurance news. Such work gives her the opportunity to write articles on the most relevant topics of today.

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