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The Power of Speed in the Modern Age: How Your Business Can Stay One Step Ahead

Jul 07, 2021
The Power of Speed in the Modern Age: How Your Business Can Stay One Step Ahead

Have you ever been with a group of friends or in a work meeting when there is a sudden need to acquire a certain piece of information. All of a sudden, several individuals in the group reach for their smartphone or pull their laptop towards them and begin clicking away. Within a matter of seconds, the answer is being announced for all to hear. In a nutshell, this is how people expect to be able to access information in today's fast paced world. Whether it is the weather, the closest bank, the local cinema timetable or the best pizza place in town, people will turn to the quickest possible option in order to find out what they need to know!

Now, imagine you are on the other side of this modern process. As a business, you can advertise all you want, but if you do not catch the eye of your potential customers early on, they are destined to not even notice your existence. While many people will say that this new problem is a result of the proliferation of technology in the modern age, it is also technology that has supplied us with the answer, in the form of programmatic advertising solutions. This is where business after business is enlisting the help of a performance marketing platform, such as NewProgrammatic, in order to make sure that brand-safe and user-friendly ads are reaching their customers. So, let's take a look at why performance marketing platforms are becoming increasingly popular in today's interconnected world...

What are Performance Marketing Platforms?

As mentioned above, a performance marketing platform delivers brand-safe and user-friendly ads to customers, however, the big difference when compared to traditional advertising is that these ads are designed to reach potential customers before they have even competed typing what they are looking for in the search engine.

Remember the story about a group of friends or work colleagues searching for a piece of information, you can guarantee that whoever found it first did so with a little help from a performance marketing platform.

How do Performance Marketing Platforms Work?

When it comes to this particular type of advertising, there are two main ways that your ad will be seen by a potential customer. Firstly, as a tile, and secondly, as an instant search.

Firstly, tiles are quick links that appear in the form of a company's logo and they will connect you directly to the desired website. Tiles will appear on both smartphones, on specific browsers or apps, and on desktops or laptops, on certain search engines and/or browsers.

Secondly, ads will naturally appear as suggestions when someone is conducting an instant search. For example, when you start typing, the app will predict and then auto complete your search query. By doing this, it will recommend you a link, which will of course be supplied by the performance marketing platform.

The Need for Speed

So, it is clear for all to see that when it comes to catching the eye of potential customers, a business needs to rethink how it uses the internet in order to get its foot in the door of the client as quickly as possible. When it comes to the modern age, performance marketing platforms have been created to do just that. So, there you go, another mystery of the internet has been solved, just be sure to take advantage!  

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