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SocialPilot - The Only Social Media Marketing Companion You Need

SocialPilot - The Only Social Media Marketing Companion You Need

Are you a business?

How do you manage your digital brand presence?

Do you have a social media presence that reciprocates into ROI?

In an era where a brand can become renowned in a day and defamed in another, Social Media is critical.

With intensifying competition for attention, almost all businesses have a Social Media Marketing strategy in place to reach their end target.

How are they doing it? Well, they have made smarter choices, they chose to use technology for their benefit. You can do this too, by opting for social media automation.

Social Media Automation is no more a buzzword, but a necessary choice that businesses are making.

There are plenty of social media tools for businesses to choose from, but what matters is settling for the one that suits your budget and needs.

Among the string of social media automation tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, Sendible, Sprout Social etc. SocialPilot is hands down the best social media scheduler that you can choose to accompany you in your digital marketing journey.

Don’t worry. We'll answer all your questions that you have about SocialPilot.

Let’s roll!

SocialPilot in a Nutshell

It is a powerful social media automation tool that helps businesses to BUILD, SIMPLIFY AND STREAMLINE their social media marketing.

SocialPilot offers businesses a seamless social media marketing journey that results in a greater ROI and brand recognition.

Price: $50 for 3 users

Free Trial: 14 Days

Platforms Supported:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram (Direct Publishing)
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Google My Business
  • Tumblr

Why Choose SocialPilot?

Social Media Marketing becomes hectic majorly for three reasons. After creating content, one has to get it approved by managers or clients, go to each platform to post content, and then track the results of the content engagement. Sounds tiring? Well, all of these three major steps can be done effortlessly with SocialPilot.

So, what sets SocialPilot apart from the rest of the social media scheduling tools?

  1. Powerful Publishing
  2. Insightful Analytics
  3. Seamless Collaboration
  4. White Label Solution

It’s time to unfold these for better understanding.

1. Powerful Publishing

For both businesses and marketers to mark their presence among the myriad of competitors, it’s important to have a hold on various social media platforms, be it Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Business page or LinkedIn.

This is exactly where SocialPilot can be your savior. SocialPilot offers an extremely competent yet user-friendly platform to connect and grow with your audience by helping you with:

Social Media Scheduling: Connect up to 50+ social media accounts and post content that you wish to share with your audience in just a few clicks. Not just scheduling, this unified platform helps you to customize the content, add mentions, and engage your audience with impressive carousel posts that you can schedule as per your preference.

Social Media Calendar: Planning content for social media is a mandate, and there can be nothing better than getting your hands on a dynamic social media calendar where you can plan, schedule and publish your content all from one dashboard.

Bulk Scheduling: One of the most amazing features of this Social Media Scheduler is the Bulk Scheduling. You don’t have to stress over posting on a daily basis, rather you can just schedule up to 500 posts with images at a time for various platforms.

Content Curation: It’s one of a kind content curation tool helps you curate content that could do wonders for your brand. Being able to access content for unlimited keywords will never let you run out of content ideas, resulting in a constant flow of valuable content for your audience.

RSS Feeds Automation: With SocialPilot’s RSS automation tool you’ll never have to bother about RSS feeds of important websites. All you need to do is add RSS URL and everything else will be taken care of by the ultimate social media tool.

2.  Insightful Analytics

There was a time when quantifying the ROI of social media was an expensive affair, but today it doesn’t have to be like that. Whether you intend to focus on one channel or need an all-purpose solution, the right social media tool can give you the analytical insights you need to grow your brand.

With SocialPilot, you can access and interpret real time data and actionable insights to help you reach faster, smarter decisions for your brand’s success. In case you’re thinking how SocialPilot can help you analyze, have a look:

Facebook Analytics Tool: With more than 2.6 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become one of the most efficient ways to generate brand presence on social media.

Whether you’re starting up, or looking to scale-up, Facebook is a place to build your brand. And when you pave a way for brand recognition on Facebook - Facebook Analytics can help you quantify the result of your content and social media strategy.

With SocialPilot’s one-of-a-kind Facebook Analytics tool, measuring the performance of your FB page has never been easier. Get an overview of your account, with detailed insights such as post-performance, audience engagement, likes, shares and a lot more.

Instagram Analytics Tool: When it comes to Instagram, the analysis doesn’t revolve around just likes and comments. It entails a much bigger picture where everything right from followers, post engagement, hashtag performance, demographics to follower online activity, stories performance and website clicks everything counts. Stressed? Don’t be. All these metrics are extremely easy to analyze and monitor with SocialPilot’s Instagram Analytics Tool.

Twitter Analytics Tool: Every post that’s syndicated on Twitter brings in a lot more information in the same thread, right from retweets, engagement from user, profile visits, demographics, followers and views. Understanding and decoding the engagement of this platform can be a tedious task, but when you can rely on a Twitter Analytics Tool, why should you worry about all this, right?

SocialPilot’s Twitter Analytics tool is all you need to analyze all the social media data that will help you better understand and plan your business’ social strategy more effectively.

LinkedIn Analytics Tool: LinkedIn is a premium B2B social platform. It’s a platform where you grow your business network. Well there’s no doubt about the potential this social media platform offers to a business. Making better decisions about the conduct of your LinkedIn presence is important. With SocialPilot’s LinkedIn Analytics Tool you can get your hands on an in-depth understanding of how your business page is performing, what are the trends, patterns of engagement, new updates, business insights etc and plan a conversion driven marketing strategy moving forward.

Quantify your social media strategies and start your journey towards brand recognition by making smarter choices and taking result oriented decisions with SocialPilot – one of the best social media tools for businesses.

3. Seamless Collaboration

Whether you’re a thriving agency with multiple clients, or an SMB striving to build their own brand presence, a platform that helps you collaborate seamlessly with both your clients and team is nothing but an asset.

Team Collaboration: With Team collaboration you don’t have to don many hats. You can simply delegate tasks to your teammates with access to social inbox and analytics reporting. It’s a more hands-on approach to brand engagement, making the whole process of social media marketing easier to plan, implement and analyze.

Client Collaboration: For businesses that handle multiple client accounts, the major problem is client's approval on various things. And this is exactly what the Client collaboration feature of SocialPilot helps you with.

With SocialPilot, your journey with your clients becomes seamless. Your clients don’t have to share credentials or any information they are not comfortable sharing. Yet they can securely connect their social media accounts and let you handle it with selective access to your team.

With that said, it’s certainly clear that having SocialPilot – one of the best social media automation tools can help you pave your way towards brand success. But we still have one of the most interesting features to learn about Social Pilot, which is..

4. While Label Solution

Right from customizing the web address that your clients see, having your brand’s social dashboard, to personalized emails and personalized analytics for your clients - all of this is what White Label feature of SocialPilot offers you.

So, what are you thinking?

These changing times have brought a lot of opportunities for businesses to plan, execute and quantify their marketing initiatives around content and social media.

Without further ado, make a wise choice for the growth of your business. Go check out SocialPilot and get your hands on the most thoughtfully curated social media tool for businesses.

Senior Content Writer at SocialPilot

Content Writing and Digital Marketing is her area of expertise. She is an avid reader and writer, mostly found with a book in her hand. When not reading or writing, she enjoys crossword puzzles, painting and doodling.

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