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What No-One tells you about Content Marketing

What No-One tells you about Content Marketing

“Content isn't 'stuff we write to rank higher' or 'infographics' or 'long-form articles.' 

Content is anything that communicates a message to the audience. Anything.

— Ian Lurie, CEO, Portent, Inc.

Content Marketing will be at a new high from 2018! So what is it? Let’s have a formal introduction to it.
Content as Ian Lurie said, is any written text meant to communicate something to the readers. In case of businesses, it’s what the company wants to promote at that point.

Content Marketing is nothing but using the same content to reach out the world and sell something. Here’s where all the Social Media sites come into picture. Starting from Facebook to LinkedIn to Twitter accounts and informative apps like Quora, Reddit, Pinterest etc it’s the Content domination everywhere.

According to Smart Insights, Content Marketing will experience a raise more than any other domain in Digital Marketing.


Why should you choose Content Marketing?

You get to see the personality behind the company’s profile

 There are 2 billion millennials in the world accounting for 27% of the population of the world. Out of the 2 billion millennials, 99.9% are active on Social media sites like Facebook. LinkedIn, Twitter, Quore etc. This population is not interested in what makes your business the same as others but rather looks at why you are different from others. 1 reason that can stand you out from the crowd will make the difference in your business growth. An interesting article can make a huge difference in your Social media traffic for your website’s blog. This in turn will get you leads for business.

You get to connect better with you customers

 A blog, with good campaigning behind it can reach out to the half the population on this earth. In June 2017, Facebook reached 2 billion users. The market for content is on fire! Meanwhile, an outstanding blog can do wonders for. It adds great value for your customers who read it. People can relate to it if it is personal and moreover a blog written in a conversational style will gather as much attention as Ivanka Trump in Hyderabad, India.

It kicks up your SEO

 You know what Search Engine Optimization is, it’s basically getting your website in the top results of any  search engine

Uploading blogs on a regular basis will help keep your website evergreen and score some all-important points when it comes to your search engine ranking, as search engines like Google favour websites whose content is fresh and relevant over websites whose content is static and unchanging. You can also fill your blog articles with strategic keywords and phrases which your target market uses when searching online, helping your business to be found by the right people at the right time.

Enjoy increased exposure

 Each new article equals a new page on your website, blogs can increase your website’s number of indexed pages and chances of showing up in search engine results. Blog articles can also be shared far and wide across the world wide web by way of RSS feeds and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest to name a few. The ease with which a blog article can be shared by others will give you a relatively simple and inexpensive way to expose your business to people who may not know about you yet.

Support your social media initiatives

If your business is active on social media, blog articles can serve as an important part of your content strategy by giving you more relevant and interesting content to share and talk about with your followers and they’re also a great way to encourage your followers to visit your website.

With all this being said, as a business owner with many commitments and countless items on your to-do list, you may find yourself being short of the time it takes to set up and maintain a business blog.

This is where digital marketing companies can assist you. Not only do they offer the service of setting up your blog, but they can also provide a well-thought-out content strategy and generate quality blog posts on your behalf.

To conclude : I would say, early 2018 is the good time to invest in Content Marketing. This is the time where your business will flourish with the right Content Marketing Strategies. Keep watching out for new and upcoming trends in Marketing , it is a very vast area and there are additions to it every minute.

Author Bio:   
I am Maria Thomas, Content Marketing Manager and Product Specialist at GreyCampus with eight years rich experience on professional certification courses like PMI- Project Management Professional, PMI-ACP, Prince2, ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), Big Data, Cloud, Digital Marketing and Six Sigma.

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