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Visuals Communicate Better than Words – Demonstrates Penji

Visuals Communicate Better than Words – Demonstrates Penji

Illustrated text is highly effective. 60% of the netizens are visual learners. Hence, visual information manifesting visual content marks a great value in the digital segment. By virtue, there are a handful of designers empowered with technology to derive your desired result or set an exemplary visual content for your brand. Consummating all that you envisioned Penji extended a graphic designing platform that can serve with eye-captivating creative designs. They have handpicked 2% of the top-notch graphic designers across the world to deliver unparalleled designs. Are you finicky about designs? Then scroll down and read on to know how Penji addresses your particulars unless you are satisfied.

4 Easy Steps to Create a Dazzling Design

Create-Connect-Revise-Download…Yes, you read it right. Now getting unique awe-inspiring graphic designs is accomplished in these four steps by Penji, the graphic designing platform of your unique needs. The easy steps go like this:

  • Create – Fill up the form available on the Penji website describing the requirement of the design, attach any images or text if you want, and mention the format of the desired design. Now you are just 24 hours away to get a superfluous design.

  • Connect – Your project will be assigned to one of the best designers by Penji, with whom you can connect and share your views or instruction.

  • Revise – Once you receive the creative you may revise it as many times as you want. Even though if you are not satisfied, connect with the customer support and they will swap your project with another designer who has the testimony of satisfied clients in the same industry.

  • Download – Getting the raw file of the design is very important for further usage of the creatives. You can get your design in PDF, JPEG, PNG, or any other format you want. You can get access to these files over email and on your Penji dashboard as well.

Dedicated Professional Designers to Make the Best Value of Time & Money

Creativity and design skills cannot be validated with any degree. In fact, every new design deserves a fresh unique look. Therefore, hiring a dedicated designer for a brand and accomplishing the desired goal is often a quandary on your end.

To accomplish the client’s demand, Penji, the online graphic designing platform, started its operation in 2017. This online global platform hires 2% of the qualified Graphic Designers with a proven track record. Even though they are evaluated through a hard-core trial process and appointed to serve your graphic requirements.

With a cluster of dedicated professional designers, Penji has earned accolades and the trust of an array of clients. The best part is, do not go by words, rather go by the works. Hence, make the best value of your time and money with this platform.

How to Subscribe?

The subscription plan on Penji is structured in the best interest of the patrons. You may opt for a monthly plan with a 15-days money back guarantee or cancellation of subscription at any time. However, you may also opt for the yearly plan, which may assist you better.

Unique Graphic Designs

Penji can create any design for you, website, app, social media, logo, brochure, branding creatives, displays, digitals, ads, etc. Unlimited print, digital, ads, and UX/UI designs you can create in the same package. They create a unique design of international standards and efficacy. You can communicate with the designer working on your project, share your views, and revise the design as many times as you want until you are satisfied.

No Robo – Communicate with the Designer or Customer Care

Designs do need a human touch to revive life. Robots cannot accomplish that. Hence, mitigating the difference of distance, Penji platform lets you communicate directly with the designer who is assigned with your work. Moreover, you can speak with the customer support team about any further issues.

Why do you select Penji over Graphic Design Agencies?

Penji provides an all-in-one solution for graphic design, web design, and another sort of designing verticals. You may assign uncountable projects on this platform and get those delivered within 24 to 48 hours. The turn-around time and efficiency rate are very satisfactory, as acknowledged by their clients. It is end-to-end secured to maintain your confidential information.

Hand over your designing obligations to Penji and astound your patrons with grandeur. To make the best out of the digital illustrations let’s take a step ahead with creative brilliance.

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