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5 Reasons Why Visitors are NOT Staying on Your Website

5 Reasons Why Visitors are NOT Staying on Your Website

Have you invested a large chunk of your marketing budget on optimizing your website, only to find out that it doesn’t get enough conversions? Or do people visit your site only to leave a few seconds later?

If so, then you are not alone.

Many people design what they think is the ‘perfect’ website, only to find out that it doesn’t work. The worst part of this is that you’ve probably spent a great deal of time and money on getting these visitors to your site in the first place.

Whether your traffic come through your SEO strategy or you run ads to get website visitor, having people leave your site in the first minute of opening it can be heartbreaking.

So, why are customers not staying on your website? Read on to find out!

Why Conversion Rate Matters?

Did you know visitors stay on a website for less than 15 seconds before leaving? So, why do they leave so soon?

Before you can diagnose why people are not staying on your website, you first have to understand the goal of your website. Is it to get more sales or do you want customers to book an online appointment?

Or maybe all you want is for people to read your content and respond positively?

Knowing what you hope to achieve with your website will help you diagnose the problem more thoroughly. However, in such cases, the common issue is time.

Whether you want to improve sales or have people read your blog, you’ll need them to spend more time on your site. So, what’s driving them away?

Here are 5 of the most common reasons:

1. Your Site is Not Optimized for User Intent

So, you’ve added keywords to your content and your rankings have improved. You are even getting organic traffic through these keywords. However, your site still doesn’t get enough conversions. Why?

There’s probably nothing wrong with your SEO strategy. If you are getting organic traffic, then you probably have the right SEO plan. However, you are targeting the wrong keywords.

When doing keyword research, you should always take user intent into perspective.

What are users searching for when they type a keyword? Are they looking for information about a product, do they want to do research or do they have a buying intent?

For example, if your website is selling cars, then you should target keywords like 'cars for sale' instead of '10 fastest cars'. Someone looking for the top 10 fastest cars may or may not be looking for a new car. However, someone typing 'cars for sale' is definitely looking for a new car.

If your site is all about regular cars for sale, then having a post with the top fastest cars won’t get any conversions. This is why doing thorough keyword research is so important.

2. Your Site has Poor Readability

Does your site have poor readability? Is the content too small? Or too large?

If so, then it’s probably driving visitors away!

No matter how good content you have, without proper readability, you won't be getting many conversions. Nowadays, most people have short attention spans, and many people will only skim through content to find out whether it is useful or not.

Readability doesn't only include the size of the content, but also the positioning of the headings, how well the content is structured, and whether it is arranged in a logical pattern or not.

If you are unsure whether your site is readable, then you can always have a professional web design and development agency review your site to look for design issues.

3. Your Website is Too Slow

We've mentioned earlier that most customers will decide on whether to stay or leave your website within the first 15 seconds of visiting it. Now imagine how they would react if your site takes 10 seconds to load

Website speed affects user behavior and slow websites are one of the main reasons why visitors leave. If your website is too slow, it’s probably because you don’t have the right web hosting services.

Choose a web hosting company that provides excellent hosting, adequate bandwidth and servers with SSD drives do that your website’s speed isn’t compromised. Moreover, you should also ensure proper website and bot protection to avoid further issues.

4. There are Too Many Ads on Your Site

Have you ever visited a website only to have a dozen ads cover all the content? Unless you are really bent on viewing the content, you probably won’t stay too long on the site.

Wrong ad placement can make customers avoid your website like the plague!

If your website has too many ads, then you can always reduce them by changing your ad preferences or simply getting rid of them altogether. You can probably get more customers through well-placed CTAs than with ad spamming.

5. Your CTAs are Poorly Placed

A good call-to-action placement can drastically improve your site’s conversion rate and a poorly placed one will only cause you to lose visitors.

So how do you know whether your site has the right CTAs or not?

It's simple. If customers are reading through your content and spending time on your site but not buying anything, then you need to work on your call to action buttons.

With call-to-actions, placement is everything. Placing the CTA right after a product description might get you conversions. Placing a buy now button at the start of a webpage is a recipe for disaster.

It's always best to have a professional web development company help you with the correct placement of CTA buttons. You'll be surprised at the turnaround that your website can achieve with minor changes!

How to Get Your Website Visitors to Convert?

If you have one or more of these design flaws, then there’s no need to panic. The fact that people are still visiting your site is a positive sign. By changing your design strategy, you’ll be able to convert visitors in no time!

Follow these tips to improve your website’s conversion rate:

 - Make sure your content is readable.
 - Make sure you are targeting relevant keywords based on user intent.
 - Use visually appealing images, GIFS, and videos to keep the visitors' attention.
 - Remove unnecessary ads and improve your call-to-action placement.
 - Make sure you have the best website hosting company for optimum website speed.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to get website visitors to spend more time on your website and hopefully convert!

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