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Facebook Live is the latest sensation in Video Marketing

Jul 27, 2016
Facebook Live is the latest sensation in Video Marketing

Video has become a popular and effective marketing channel for all types of businesses across the globe. It is said to yield proven positive results and this is the reason Facebook Live, a tool for sharing real time video through your smartphone is gaining immense popularity. Though YouTube remains a renowned channel for video marketing, Facebook Live has shown to bring in better returns on investment for it has made marketing via live video possible.

Facebook Live offers some exciting reasons for businesses to adopt it as a powerful video marketing strategy to reach out to the targeted audience and leave a lasting impression on the viewers, such as:

1. Live Video is far more interactive

Live video has a touch of intimacy and the power to create a sense of personal connection between the speaker and the online audience. Since the people involved communicate without a script or editing, the authenticity of the conversation is enhanced. The audience can share their thoughts freely, creating a room for personal relation which makes the entire experience more effective and worthwhile.

2. Facebook Live gets more visibility

Facebook Live has an amazing reach to the audience and is believed to get three times more visibility than any other type of content on the newsfeeds. People spend triple the amount of time in watching live videos than those which are recorded and a significant number watch Facebook Live videos even after the broadcast has ended. Since the video was recorded live without any sort of editing, it is able to retain viewers’ interests even afterwards and reaches more people, both during and after the broadcast.

3. Attracts comparatively lower competition

Facebook Live isn’t available for all business pages at the moment. It is only offered to those with personal profiles in the U.S who have iPhones and to those who have blue-verified fan pages. However, the situation won’t last long and its coverage will increase. Thus, with so few businesses taking advantage of its power for marketing, the businesses that use it now will have a greater opportunity for success, higher returns on investment and can establish themselves on the channel.

4. Facebook Live is affordable

Facebook Live allows you to stream real-time live videos through your mobile devices for free. Though the quality of video may vary and some companies might want to use more sophisticated equipment, the cost of creating live streaming videos with your mobile phones is nothing as compared to what it would have cost to create live videos a few years back. This is what makes Facebook Live an effective and popular video marketing channel for all types of businesses.

5. Greater grip on the customers

Tutorials can go a long way for some products as compared to others in helping customers for making the best use of their new purchase. In such cases, live videos are a great way to get a better grip on your customers and to promote your products for retaining loyal customers for your brands.

6. Advantage of Live Question and Answer Sessions

Facebook Live is also a good channel for live question and answer sessions that facilitates an interactive conversation between the speaker and the online audience. Your audience can get their queries resolved regarding your product which will not only help you reinforce your relationship with your audience but also retain loyal customers for your brand or product.

7. Effective platform to showcase products

A live product demonstration with live case studies and testimonials with existing clients will create insights into your audience that can never be created with a written description of the product although a well written product description never goes out of fashion.

8. Enhance brand image by sharing a customer story

92% customers are said to believe and trust the reviews of the other customers. Hence, sharing a live customer story can prove to be extremely powerful for your product and brand image.

9. Facebook Live video can be repurposed for greater uses

Facebook Live automatically saves your video on your page for viewers who missed out the live broadcast. This video can be used as an effective blog post, newsletter or a social media post and can also be uploaded on YouTube for better results.

10. Host Interviews

You can live interview your company’s employees, clients or other important people in your niche for your audience to listen. This will help your audience to connect with your company on a more personalized level and build a greater confidence level for your brand.

Budget friendly nature, amazing reach to the targeted audience, greater visibility, ability to retain larger audience and lower competition can make Facebook Live a real game changer in video marketing strategy for businesses.

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