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The Role of UI/UX in Web and Mobile Application Development Solutions

The Role of UI/UX in Web and Mobile Application Development Solutions

Today importance of UI/UX is underestimated. It is a widespread practice for businesses to think that they don't need post-support of their product once it`s finished. But beyond overall features like style and fonts, there are many other things to consider.  

What is UX?

In short, UX is about how easy your users` journey through the app is. Its main focus is on the user, his intent, and goals from a specific page of the app.

The app should indeed be beautiful and attractive, with good design, but it should also benefit the user. You have to support their experience with technology.

A good example could be a UX aimed to help visually impaired people.

They can use the text-to-speech features. This opens up your site to a wider audience. Larger font size, accessible colors, and high contract mode also help elderly people browse content more easily and feel connected to the company.

Visual information can also reach people across languages and cultures. The user interface captures the attention of the user and the reader. Animations and videos help to better understand the product.

To achieve a good UX design, designers have to know well their target audience, their purpose, needs, and motivations and act accordingly.

What makes a good UX?

It is necessary to analyze the needs and preferences of the target group. Studying the audience is an important step on the way to creating an app or a website. When the requirements are clear, the UX designer's first concern is to make all the individual pages of the app work as a whole piece mechanism. The goal is seamless user interaction within the app or website.

What are the criteria of a good UX?

  1. The functionality of the product comes hand in hand with users` intent.
  2. User interface - how are the design, features, and functionality of digital products presented?
  3. Usability - How does the user interact with your product?
  4. The context in which the product is used and the overall brand perception.

What is UI?

The user interface is closely related - besides UX - to other disciplines such as visual communication, semiotics, aesthetics, and graphics in general.

It is everything that allows the user how to interact with the application: shapes, animations, colors, sizes, text hierarchies. You might say it's the final stage of the design, but that's not the case at all. The user interface also determines how comfortable the user is when browsing a webpage or an app.

The goal of UI is to create a feeling that evokes the greatest appeal to the user.

What makes a good UI?

First and foremost, UI designers need a good dose of creativity and empathy. They make sure that the individual parts of the website or app fit together and look good to the user.

We should never forget that the app should not only look good but also be easy to use. Since the app and websites should be compatible with different platforms (PC, Android, IOS, MAC), the specifics of the end devices must be considered.

Classic elements, such as colors and fonts, also play an important role in terms of usability. That`s why website development consultants encourage everyone to make better choices in terms of language and style and make them compatible with your brand identity.

Good UI has fonts and colors that are pleasing and effective for the end-users; it places elements in the most easily identifiable places, and makes information search quick and intuitive.

Criteria of a good UI

  1. Content – the integrity of the content and its elements.
  2. Simplicity – catchy font size, clear text hierarchy, and contrast correction for visual consistency.
  3. Visibility – don't make users think or find certain information. Actions that can be performed should be very clear.
  4. Visual design – use a clear image of the product so that your brand or product is recognizable.

Web and mobile app UI/UX Design: 3 main benefits

Better user experience

A bad user experience can lead to working expenses because of an increased need for customer support resources or obscure design.

Reduced cost

Revision of code and issues come hand in hand with the app or web development. This can be solved with the implementation of a good UX design from the beginning.

An IBM report found that fixes or code changes are 30 times more expensive to fix after development is complete.

Increase customer loyalty

If users are comfortable with the product they are more likely to return to the website or app and use it again. Therefore, the user will stick with you rather than move on to other competitors.


Joint efforts of UX/UI designers can benefit all departments of a company, including marketing and development teams. Researching and defining users can help you better understand who they are and what they want to achieve.

It allows you to convey brand emotion more professionally and get closer to satisfied customers.

Author’s BIO: Louis Sawyer is a professional writer, editor and a web design expert. She loves writing about technology trends, web development, mobile games and business issues. Also, Louis works as a proofreader at Computools. Follow Louis on Twitter.

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