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How AI-enabled Communication Can Maximize Customer Loyalty

How AI-enabled Communication Can Maximize Customer Loyalty

AI can create art. AI can create music. AI can self-drive. AI can think on its own.

With every passing day, there is hardly anything that Artificial Intelligence cannot do. It has become so powerful and capable that it has risen to the extent of being a worthy rival for human beings.

Let’s not get into the debate of how an AI-driven future would be for human beings. For now, let us focus on the brighter and more promising side of things.

How can AI-enabled communication drive customer loyalty and deliver better customer experiences? It is proven beyond doubt that AI can handle complicated processes and workflows under uncertain circumstances.

If it can drive a car on a traffic-laden road, it can for sure handle complex marketing workflow as well. So, why should text communication over the internet be an exception?

Turns out, AI-driven communication can benefit businesses in several ways. We are not hinting at robot agents manning workstations. Instead, AI can take the role of chatbots, live chat software, chat widgets, and similar avatars that can engage in engaging interactions with customers.

In the process, it can deliver positive customer experiences too. Here are some AI-driven communication forms that can help with that.

Multilingual conversations

How many languages can a human speak? Well, polyglots can speak several languages. But, the chances of getting polyglots as customer support agents are very slim. Even if you manage to hire a team of polyglots, the number of parallel conversations that they can drive is limited to two per person.

An AI chatbot is capable of driving multilingual conversations. It can communicate with users in any language that is programmed for. Additionally, it can also handle dozens or more conversations at the same time without skipping a beat. Thanks to their computer memory, chatbots can ensure that each user is getting served with the right kind of questions or responses or information they are seeking.

This capability is unthinkable amidst humans. That makes AI-driven communication a harbinger of better customer experiences.

What do multilingual conversations and chatbots have to do with customer experience? When your business can speak your customers’ language, they feel more attached and connected to the brand. It creates a unique mental connection which itself can boost customer loyalty.

Canned responses

Let’s begin with understanding what canned responses are. Canned responses are template-based responses for frequently asked questions. They ensure that every customer who is asking the same question that others have asked is getting uniform responses without any ambiguity.

Some examples of canned responses include:

  • Question: What are your working hours?
  • Canned response: We are open 9 AM to 5 PM on all weekdays and Saturdays
  • Question: What is your return policy?
  • Canned response: We take returns for 7 days. T&C apply. Please read our detailed returns policy here.

AI, as a technology, is largely based on rule-based programs. It performs a specific action or delivers a specific message when a trigger is applied. The trigger could be a word, a phrase, or even the click of a button.

Facebook Messenger Bot turned out to be a success because of canned responses that made it easier for users to choose their service from a multitude of options.

Canned responses ensure that customers who are seeking anywhere anytime responses are served with accurate responses instantly. Ultimately it leads to better customer experiences, as was experienced HLC, a leading bicycle distributor in North America (Source).

Forecasting demands

Here is one thing that slows down sales conversations: misunderstanding the prospect’s intent. The sales rep has to warm up with the conversation with some small talk in any sales call. They also have to put in some data points and USPs about the product to impress the prospect. Most often, these attempts may not result in the intended response because they do not meet the prospect’s needs. This results in an unnecessary waste of time and energy.

What if an AI tool can forecast the demand that the prospect is having. What if it can determine with accuracy what the prospect is looking for and direct them to the right source. This can improve conversions and also deliver a positive customer experience for the prospect.

Turns out AI-based live chat software is already geared up to do the same. They can ask lead-qualification questions, enquire whether the user needs to talk to sales, support, or other teams for assistance. All this can be done in a faster and smoother manner than with human agents.

Smart suggestions

Ever wondered how online stores trick you into buying more products and spending more on their websites? It is with smart suggestions. ‘Complete the look, ‘This goes well with’, ‘Users also bought’, are all  AI-driven communication targeted at making customers spend more than what they originally intended to. These suggestions can intrigue the customer into spending more on products that will make them look better or feel better. Again, this is AI at work with the help of advanced data analytics.

These product suggestions are smart suggestions that AI has populated based on broad users’ activity across the website and personalized based on the individual user’s activity and preferences. In a traditional scenario, where a data analyst does the number crunching, this may never have been possible. With AI, it is possible to communicate with users at a different level and ensure that it is ultimately beneficial for the business.

The Last Few Words

Communication is a sensitive exchange of ideas and messages. Most humans struggle with it, those in the business sector more than the rest of the world. Proper communication of a sales pitch or even in a virtual chat can turn around business profitability.

AI-driven communication can do that scale. It can deliver the same warmth and friendliness that a human agent can provide. It can also deliver accurate information in a better manner so that it augments the customer experience the user is getting. The result would be assured higher conversion and longer loyalty.

She is an ambitious, passionate and out of the box thinking woman having vast exposure in Digital Marketing. Her key focus is to serve her clients with the latest innovation in her field leading to fast and effective results. Working beyond expectations and delivering the best possible results is her professional motto. Other than work, she loves traveling, exploring new things and spending quality time with family.

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