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How to Effectively Calculate Instagram Engagement With These 7 Tools

How to Effectively Calculate Instagram Engagement With These 7 Tools

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networking sites, with over 2 billion monthly users in 2021. Brands have inundated Instagram to create meaningful relationships with their audience, but the competition for engagement has never been higher.

Here’s another issue: how can we track engagement rates? While social media dashboards and Instagram analytics provide some data, it isn’t always sufficient. But marketers and influencers need this information to track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Fortunately, finding out how successfully our content reaches our audience is simple with an Instagram engagement rate calculator. Let’s look at what an Instagram engagement rate is and some of the tools that can help you calculate it.

What Is Instagram Engagement Rate?

An Instagram engagement rate is the percentage of individuals who see your post and engage with it in some form. Engagement refers to any interaction with content that goes beyond just watching. Likes, shares, click-throughs, comments, and a variety of other interactions are all considered engagement.

But how can you compute an engagement rate when so many different types of acts might be considered engagement? You can always count all interactions to get the big picture. However, if you want to track only certain forms of interaction, you may count any combination of activities.

The engagement rate is derived by dividing the number of desired actions by the number of content views in each case.

What Is a Good Instagram Engagement Rate?

The topic of a reasonable Instagram engagement rate is extensively discussed. On top of that, there’s a disagreement on what constitutes involvement. For example, if you count all interactions, you’ll have a far greater engagement rate than if you only track likes, comments, or shares.

A decent Instagram engagement rate is between 1% and 5%. This figure suggests that you’ve factored in most interaction activities, although it doesn’t have to be complete. Hootsuite claims to have a 4.5 percent engagement rate, indicating that achieving the 5 percent target is challenging.

Why Should You Track Your Engagement Rate?

It’s crucial to keep track of your Instagram engagement rate. While having many followers is impressive, what’s even more so is how engaged those followers are.

Tracking your engagement rate is important because it shows how well your followers receive your material:

  • If your engagement numbers are regularly high, your audience is enjoying your posts.
  • If your engagement rate is lower than you’d like, your followers may not be interested in the content you put out.

Either way, the engagement rate gives you useful information about your content’s performance and can help you enhance your social approach.

7 Best Instagram Engagement Rate Calculators

Anyone who wants to discover the engagement rate of their profile (or another profile) can use an engagement rate calculating tool. In addition to giving you the engagement rate of your content, some tools also show the average number of likes and comments a profile receives on its posts.

Here are 7 great tools for tracking your Instagram account’s engagement rate:


People seeking social media influencers can use as a search engine. Most businesses may not have the financial means to hire well-known celebrities or influencers to promote their brands. Instead, they’ll use micro and nano influencers to market their products and services in a specific niche. It is less expensive than sponsoring huge influencers but still generates quality leads that might help you sell more.

InBeat’s Instagram engagement rate calculator will help determine whether your chosen influencer has a high engagement rate. Besides that, the tool also analyzes metrics like follower count and popular content and lets you search for similar profiles based on your search parameters.


Phlanx is an excellent tool for increasing your reach on any social media network. It measures Instagram engagement rate as well as the average number of likes and comments a profile gets. It’s a useful tool if you want to emphasize likes and comments.

However, Phlanx does more than assist brands and companies find influencers; it also helps businesses of any type, whether in the dental, clothing or services industry, interact with other brands and companies. Knowing about different firms and cooperating with them may help market products and increase sales for all involved parties.


Kicksta operates similarly to other social media marketing companies. They begin managing your social media presence and assist you in gaining more visibility and followers.

The goal is to broaden your reach by targeting potential followers’ accounts and commenting on their posts. You may have previously seen this when your post received a like or remark from a profile that is not among your followers.

Kicksta also includes useful tools like an Instagram engagement rate calculator and a hashtag generator.


HypeAuditor is a platform that promises to offer analytical tools that deliver high-quality results. You can use this tool to identify real influencers with a large following and high interaction rates.

Even though HypeAuditor is a paid platform, you may use the Instagram engagement rate calculator for free. Many influencers and marketers try to cheat by only emphasizing vanity stats. HypeAuditor will help you identify genuine influencers and weed out imposters!


Grin does not want to take over complete control but rather give you a method that may assist you with your Influencer marketing efforts while also giving you adequate control over each phase of the process.

Grin can help you find relevant and acceptable influencers for your business or products. The organization scans a database of more than 32 million people from various social media networks. You may use this site’s Instagram engagement rate calculator by entering the URL of the Instagram user whose stats you want to check out.


Succeeding in social media marketing may be tricky if you don’t grasp the specifics of SSM and promotion ideas. To see progress with your campaigns, you must devote time to them regularly. However, many people find it challenging to balance content development with a decent advertising approach to get organic followers.

Even if you have a product to promote, you may not have the necessary knowledge or personnel to accomplish your marketing goals. PathSocial is here to fix these issues. When you combine their knowledge with the engagement rate provided by their technology, it’s easy to find Instagram influencers who match your vision.


Nitreo is a startup that creates solutions to assist people who want to improve their Instagram follower count; it will operate as a social media manager for you. Nitreo will begin communicating with various related accounts and posts on your behalf. This activity will start exposing your account and content to a broader audience.

Its Instagram engagement rate calculator is intended to assist you in determining not only your engagement rate but also the engagement rate of other users. You will also see the average number of likes and comments on every post.

In Conclusion

Finally, we want to emphasize the need for patience and working smartly. Continue hammering, and the success stone will eventually crack! Just keep going and take advantage of the numerous tools available. Using this list, we hope you can discover a good Instagram engagement rate calculator that will help you reach all your marketing goals. Good luck with your social media success!

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