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Expedite the Growth of Your Business with These Digital Marketing Tool

Expedite the Growth of Your Business with These Digital Marketing Tool

No business is indispensable and hence bound to fall into the clenches of failure at some point. Especially, if a business lag behind in reaching their competitive edge it doesn’t matter how much money it spends or how perfect its workforce is, it becomes inevitable for businesses to fail badly. Well, there is no doubt that the competition is heating up; what was trending until last year is nowhere in sight now. That should only mean one thing: your business should always keep its arms open to all the latest trends that come and go. Speaking of which, the trend that is here to stay for sure is digital marketing.

For businesses, nothing is more important than keeping things proceeding smoothly. Businesses have been able to streamline tasks and processes, with the help of digital marketing tools. Therefore, we have jotted down some of the best digital marketing tools that you can’t miss out on while ensuring that your business maintains productivity, at its best:

1. Asana

If you have a thing for keeping all your tasks organized and managed in the best way possible, then there is no tool that could come second to Asana. Asana works best in situations when you have different teams working under you, and you don’t ever want the workload to become overwhelming. Asana works more like a to-do list, where you can see all the tasks that have been assigned to you. Talk about streamlined productivity!

2. Buzzsumo

If your business focuses a loton content marketing and it should regardless of the industry, then we know how difficult it is difficult to generate fresh content almost every other day; this is where Buzzsumo comes in handy. Buzzsumo is a content marketing tool that lets you find all trending keywords, articles and topics that you can use to build your content around.

3. WaveApps

If you own a small business and plan to handle your finances on your own, then WaveApps is the tool you should opt for. It is kind of like QuickBooks, for beginners though. This tool lets you keep your finances in check.Plus, whether it is invoicing or handling payrolls, with WaveApps, everything becomes as easy as pie!

4. Instapage

Creating landing pages can be a bit of a sport, no? This is why your brand needs Instapage. Instapage is a marketing tool that builds landing pages that have been already optimized for conversions. With this particular tool, you can work on multiple campaigns at once. Build as many landing pages as you want and test out different elements that might turn out to be useful for your campaigns.

5. Facebook Groups

Ever since Facebook has turned itself into a business-centered tool, each of its counterparts has come forth with a significant role in formulating successful digital marketing campaigns. Facebook Groups to be exact, is not far left behind in that race. This platform is best for strengthening your brand’s digital footwork as it lets you build your community, discuss and promote brand-related events, and moreover, remain in touch with your customers who like to interact with a ‘humanized’ side of your brand.

6. UserTesting

Okay, so this one is best for website owners. With proliferation of reliable internet connection people expect pages to load within seconds. Hence, we know how important it is for you to test every page of your website as a user, before sending it forth and making it live. Next time if you find your brand in a similar situation, then try opting for User Testing. This platform gives you a total unbiased look at how your website interacts with its users. Plus, you can see your users’ reactions and address whatever bottleneck they might be facing due to an error in the website’s code.

7. ClickFunnels

This one is especially for all the entrepreneurs out there. Not all of you can know the insides and outsides of the coding, right? Therefore, you can use ClickFunnel to build sales funnel for your business, and handle all sorts of e-commerce activities, comprising of buying and selling of products online. Cutting it short, with ClickFunnels, you can capture your prospects and ultimately convert them. Oh and not to mention, ClickFunnels also lets you maintain sales, membership and payment pages, effortlessly.

8. Qualaroo

Qualaroo is a SaaS company that allows businesses to gain insights into what their prospects want and thus, they can formulate their marketing strategy around those insights. Renowned companies like Lenovo, eBay, Zillow, TripAdvisor use Qualaroo’s assistance in getting real-time feedback from their customers.

9. Peek

Remember User Testing that we discussed a while ago? If you seem to be running short on budget for using it then try Peek. Peek is a free platform that enables you to test out your website as your user, so you can fix all those areas where your website lacks in terms of functionality and deliverance. It should suffice to say, Peek literally lets you peek inside the minds of the users of your website.

10. Optimizely

For businesses, experimenting and testing out new things is something that is the key to a successful future. You can use Optimizely for your business to experiment with new things, so your customers can have a better experience every single time.

11. Acuity

If you’re a person with a very busy routine, then get Acuity without wasting another second. Acuity is a cloud-based software that schedules and manages your appointments for you online. Sometimes all the meetings and brainstorming sessions with your co-workers can get a bit out of hands. Well, that’s okay, as long as you’re letting acuity handle all of that for you, you’re in good hands.

All Things Concluded

Using digital marketing tools can work wonders for your business. Plus when you use these tools, you can get a chance to work simultaneously on all the relevant platforms that are vital for the growth of your business. Therefore, the next time you are worried your business is not doing as great as it should, then simply incorporate these latest online marketing tools into your strategy and watch your business accelerate to new heights.  

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