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6 Actionable Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Jul 21, 2020
6 Actionable Search Engine Optimization Techniques

To improve search rank, use online duplicate content checker for SEO and SEO plagiarism checker software. A comprehensive SEO content tool is apt to elevate Google rankings

The Need for SEO Content Tool and SEO

The virtual space is evolving at a rapid pace. To keep website content optimized in this space, a few techniques and the required SEO content tools are discussed below:

1. Remove plagiarized content:

To maintain a high website rank or search rank, removing scraped content is essential. Check for plagiarism and similar content issues in the website content. To successfully optimize content, use a plagiarism detection tool to find out plagiarized content.

Avoid Plagiarism, Website Plagiarism for High Rank in the Search Engine

A plagiarism checker separates unique content from duplicated content. To avoid plagiarism, use advanced anti-plagiarism software.  SEO plagiarism checker software and duplicate content checker for SEO are useful tools for optimizing content.

2. Analyze the content of competitor websites:

The type and quality of content posted on related business websites help understand the areas that require more focus.  The search engine ranking of websites that deal with the same kind of products/services is to be noted.

Understand Competitor’s Search Engine Ranking

The sites that rank high on the search engine results page has to be carefully examined. The SEO action has to focus on building better website content. The competitor websites that have a higher rank can be treated as the benchmark.

Advanced optimization techniques have to be applied to exceed the quality of content uploaded by the competitor websites. To achieve that aim, comprehensive content must be formed so that search engines select the site as a relevant result. The aid of SEO content tools can be taken to frame creative content.

3. Optimization for voice queries

Internet users have multiple kinds of android devices. These devices often have the feature of voice-enabled search. Hence, instead of typing a query, individuals are allowed to say a question. Automated voice responses are also available.

The dimension of voice search adds another significant aspect to optimization. The focus of optimization here is on tailoring content for search engines that are adaptable to voice searches.

SEO Strategies Should be Framed Keeping in Mind the Voice Search Feature

In most cases, the voice search involves long phrases and also full questions. Hence, it becomes essential to optimize content, so that voice searches enable search engines to find suitable results for users.

As a website owner, it becomes necessary to take full questions into account while framing content. The reliance of people on voice search is bound to increase, and so voice search optimization is vital for all websites.

4. Social media influence:

Several social media sites function in the virtual space. To remain relevant and accessible, website owners need to take social media performance into account. It is suitable to have social pages for the website. Posting relevant information on social pages helps in gaining followers.

The online social space is a vibrant arena. It is essential to carve out a niche in the social sites by attracting followers. Content marketing is often done through social media accounts. In the present era, most people spend considerable time on social media.

Remember Social Media While Developing SEO Strategies

Appropriate optimization of social media posts helps the business brand in very many ways.  Thus, social media is an integral part of the SEO strategy.

5. Optimization of links:

Links are essential for all websites. The presence of multiple back-links adds credibility to the website. Earning back-links is a daunting process for many. But focusing on engaging content helps in creating back-links.

Most website owners tend to optimize sites for gaining more back-links from different websites. But internal linking is also an important aspect. The performance of all webpages is not always the same.

Google Search Console is useful in detecting pages that aren’t performing well from a ranking point of view.  Many web pages have good organic traffic but fail to deliver suitably as per the search engine’s ranking parameters.

Internal linking is a practical way to improve the ranking of those pages. In optimized internal link building, the webpages with high rank are linked with pages that are not ranking well but have quality content.

6. Optimize content for snippets:

Snippets appear above the search results shown by a search engine. It is not a part of the paid listing, and it is usually referred to as position zero. The snippet appears separately in a box and includes relevant information.

In the case of voice searches, data shown in the snippet is used for voice reply. Optimization of content for featuring in snippets requires making content simpler. Images and charts are often used to make the data suitable for fragments.

As snippets appear at the top of the results page, it has a high chance of acquiring more organic clicks. Hence, making content suitable for snippet features is a significant part of optimization actions.


Several ranking factors determine the position of results that correspond to search queries. Immaculate content marketing with apt SEO tools and content tools helps in securing a high rank on the results page of search engines.

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