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Contentgrow: A Robust Tool For Press Release Creation And Distribution

Aug 16, 2021
Contentgrow: A Robust Tool For Press Release Creation And Distribution

The media landscape is still more vibrant than ever before in 2021. Consumers continue to cite organic press coverage as their most trusted source of information. With this in mind, companies of all kinds in Asia Pacific are running PR campaigns to build and strengthen their brand reputation and credibility.

The good news is that winning the PR battle doesn’t have to be expensive. In the old days, companies were made to choose between building their own PR teams or working with PR agencies to execute campaigns. Today, there’s a third choice: working with martech tools like ContentGrow that offer a hybrid solution for press release creation and distribution.

Here are three things you should know about ContentGrow.

1. The app matches each project with specialized freelance writers

Launched in 2019 by former tech journalists, ContentGrow understands the importance of creating grade-A content for business. To achieve wonderful results, companies need to work with seasoned journalists who have a deep understanding of a client’s given niche.

When matched with project-appropriate writing talent, the simple result is more coherent storytelling for each commissioned press release formats. The correct writer will not make the novice mistake of misunderstanding a client’s business model. They should also be able to use appropriate industry lingo and terminology to position your brand as a credible player.

Be careful of other tools that claim to offer specialized writers at cheap prices. This is an indication that they’re working with generic writers for each project. On ContentGrow, you can check out each writer’s portfolio of work before commissioning a press release.

2. ContentGrow can distribute press releases in APAC and beyond

The company recently announced that it is offering press release distribution services for clients in the US and APAC. ContentGrow uses a combination of organic press release distribution partners and newswire services to execute each campaign.

The app also offers PR consultation to help clients craft winning PR angles that can generate interest from target journalists. ContentGrow promises a KPI of at least two organic media pickups and 50+ news syndications per campaign.

“We’ve established ContentGrow as a serious player in the US and APAC when it comes to offering the best talent and getting great stories. Brands, publishers, and agencies come in because they want to commission and scale wonderful content,” explained CEO Leighton Cosseboom. “But creation is only half of the formula. The other half is distribution. We’re now offering a full end-to-end solution for content marketers.”    

3. The company has an excellent track record in PR

CEO Leighton Cosseboom and COO Enricko Lukman are the people behind ContentGrow. They’re both former tech journalists whose articles have appeared on a variety of blue-chip global media outlets. Before setting up ContentGrow, the duo co-founded Indonesia’s leading performance-based PR agency.

To get started, marketers and PR pros can sign up on ContentGrow to get matched with appropriate freelance writing talent. If needed, users can then ping the ContentGrow team via the in-app chat window to discuss PR distribution.

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