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4 Key Elements to a Successful Website

4 Key Elements to a Successful Website

There are many things to consider when starting a website for a service or product. Here are three key points to help your website not only be seen, but to help it grow down the road.

1. The Design of Your Website

The design of your website is arguably the most important part of any website. Most of us have probably had a terrible experience with a poorly designed website at some point in our lives, making us not want to click that URL ever again.

Here are some things to consider when designing a website with help from our friends at ADCI Solutions:

  • Easy to read font. Many people may think fancy calligraphy on a site is attractive and will make the page more appealing. However, this can be a deterrent to many as it can be difficult to decipher what the words are. As well, size of the text is something to consider as your viewers may be of all ages and you want a variety of people to be able to easily read what you are presenting to them.

  • Easy to navigate. A website needs to be user friendly. There should be a search bar if there is a lot on your page, and there should be a bar with links that are easy to access when jumping around the website. The layout of the site should also make sense and not have you scratching your head as to what exactly you are looking at.

  • High quality photographs. Nothing is worse than entering a website and seeing a blurry stock photo from the 90’s on the front of the page. Photo quality is important as it not only draws in the viewer, but it speaks to the quality of the site in general. You want to look professional as much as you want to sound professional. You could have many valuable things to say on your site, but one bad picture could turn someone away without even giving it a chance.

2. Your Call to Action

What do you want someone to take away from your website? What message do you want them to leave with? A call to action is an important part of any website. A viewer should exit the site with a clear understanding of what they just read.

Here are a few helpful hints to make your message clear:

  • Post your statement near the top of your front page. This should tell the viewer immediately what they are to expect from the website and should entice them to read more.

  • Have a clear and concise website title. The title of your website should match clearly with the content. Sometimes being too creative with the title can confuse your intended audience.

  • Make your viewers want to stay. This is probably the most important point to make. At the end of the day, you want your website to keep people interested and want to spend their time and money on your page. Keep things updated and trendy and keep up with demand.

3. Blog Section

The blog section of any website is like the cherry on top of the ice cream. It isn’t necessarily needed, but it adds just the right amount of sweetness and it would be missed if it wasn’t there. Blog posting can help get your website or product noticed quickly and help to boost sales. Here is how:

  • It can improve your ranking on Google and bring you to the top of the page, making it easy for viewers to find you.

  • Blog posting can show your expertise on a product and prove to your audience that you care about your company or product and want them to be passionate about it.

  • And lastly, it can involve your audience by showing them the best way to use your product, and how they can get the most out of your merchandise.

Jim Sullivan of JCSI believes that a good blog section can make a huge difference.

“When visitors come to our website, they have the option to learn by reading the valuable content we create on our blog. If they choose to take a look, they will see the value in the expertise and insight we’re creating. We’ve had many visitors get in touch after they read and were intrigued by our blog content.”

4) Visibility

No matter how good your website is, it still needs to be found. And this always comes back to how you market your company and the website where you want to direct people. Brandon Hopkins, the founder of DiamondLinks, believes that SEO is the most important aspect of any website.

“SEO isn’t something you necessarily see on the front page of your website, but it’s all of the things you do to make it more visible and reach your target audience. A good SEO strategy can propel your business and help you reach new heights. We’ve seen it happen firsthand!”

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