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How to Grow Revenue Through White Label Email Marketing Platform

How to Grow Revenue Through White Label Email Marketing Platform

White label email marketing platform. We have all heard of it. Some of us know the details and some don’t. But we all know that having a white label email marketing automation can boost the revenue of our eCommerce store.

This is what every white label email marketing reseller tells us when we are purchasing a white label email marketing automation. But how can it exactly boost our revenue? The simple answer is that it attracts customers with offerings and promotions.

We will talk about them in more detail in this article.

Types of white label email campaigns to grow revenue

When your white label email marketing reseller tells you that having email marketing automation can boost your store revenue, they are not lying. Email marketing automation can grow your revenue through effective campaigns. The more effective your campaign is, the more revenue it will be able to generate.

There are different kinds of campaigns that can help you grow revenue. They are perfect for different types of scenarios. Some are ideal for new customers in their first-time visit, while others are best for old loyal customers. Let’s have a look.

● Welcome email

A welcome email can make the visitor of your webpage feel more connected with your store. It is true that you cannot email everyone, and we are not telling you to do that. Rather we are telling you to set your automation to send a welcoming email to first-time visitors after they have finished browsing your store.

You can customize your eCommerce pages to trigger the automation to do that (Search for how to customize my Shopify store pages). After receiving and opening the welcome email, the visitor will be more curious about your business and browse more until they find a product that they want to buy.

To make this campaign of welcome emails more successful, you can add a coupon/ voucher, or a discount for the first purchase. This will give them an incentive to buy from you and you will earn revenue.

●  Email Newsletter

The next type of campaign is the email newsletter campaign. Email newsletter campaigns are very popular and it is broadly used by all businesses. The trick is to make your visitors/ customers sign up for your email subscription lists.

As you know, no one will want to add their name everywhere and make their emails crowded. Thus, you will need to provide them some sort of incentive to make them subscribe.

However, be very careful about what you choose as the inventive. It should align with the demand of your target customers. Otherwise, it may all go to waste.

Prepare an email list of your newsletter subscribers. Input that lists in your white label email automation tool and makes it ready for sending new offerings to them.

What will you send in the newsletter emails? All the latest updates from your online store. You will send emails of upcoming events, offerings, current events, any exclusive discount on selected items, etc.

This will attract those who have subscribed to your list and they will purchase if they like any of the offerings.

Email newsletters are proven to be effective in customer retention. This will give you an advantage in creating a loyal customer base for your business.

●  Personalized Email Campaign

Another proven email campaign for generating reviews is personalized email campaigns. Personalized email means changing a few key parts in the email and sending it to the recipients.

For example, changing the name of each email to the recipient email. Put the recipient’s nickname in place of Dear Customer. And if you are thinking that it is impossible, then you are wrong. The email marketing automations are specialized in these kinds of tasks. They can input the name of the recipient in every email in an instant.

Moreover, they can do more than just putting names. You can tweak other key parts in a sample email for all individuals.

Personalized emails will put a positive impression on the recipient about your shop and make them feel like you care. As a reaction, they will visit your store again and check out the things that you are selling.

●  Product launch Email Campaign

You have seen that many companies provide discounts on the launch of new products. It is a common phenomenon. But have you ever thought of the logic behind such discounts?

The logic is simple. You provide a discount on a new product. Customers will be curious about the new product and the discount will encourage them to buy. They will try it and if they like me, they will come back for more. Then the companies sell the product at its real price. So if you think about it, the company is getting more revenue. (If you think a little deeper, that is how companies make use of free trials)

And that can be mimicked for eCommerce stores with email automation. When you are launching a new product, send a promotional email for that product to all subscribers in your email newsletter list. "Make sure to use proper SaaS Marketing Email Templates, relevant messages, and appealing visuals.". Also provide a discount code/ voucher, or anything similar in the email. Otherwise, they will not be interested.

We think that the discount on the new product will be the most effective one. However, you will need to consider your benefit here.

If you are providing discounts, make sure that the discount does not go below breakeven and make you a loss. Keep it at the breakeven, or slightly above so you may make a little profit out of the offering.

And you know the rest. The customers will try it, they will like it and come back for more. Then you sell them at the original retail price and earn revenue.

●  Discount Email Campaign

Discount email campaigns are another proven method. It works with the same principle of new product launch discount campaigns, but it provides discounts for existing products.

For example, think that it is the Christmas season. If you want to take advantage of this occasion, then you will provide discounts on items that are in demand during Christmas.

Suppose you gave a 10% discount on food decoration items for 5 days. Your customers will buy it and if they like it, they will come back for more. After five days, there will be no discount. Hence your customers will buy it by paying the original price. And just like the previous campaign, this will earn you more revenue.

●  Review Request Email

Do you know what the biggest problem is in eCommerce? Trust. No matter how good a product is, the customers cannot trust it easily. The main reason is that they are not seeing the product in their hand, thus they can’t judge.

The best way of overcoming this big issue is to show the user review of those who have purchased that product previously. But not everyone will give a review since it takes some time and brainpower.

Thus, we turn to the white label email automation again. We will customize the email automation and make it send email to the customers who have received the product (may need confirmation from the delivery company). You can trigger it to send the review request email after two or three days. This will give the customer some time to try it out and make a judgment. Also include some sort of incentive for them to review the product with images. This will serve as evidence.

When a visitor sees those reviews of the product, they will gain trust and make the purchase. And that will bring more revenue.

Pros and cons of white labeling

White labeling does have its benefits, but it also shares its burden of drawbacks. Let’s take a look at them.

Pros of white labeling

●  Higher revenue

The first benefit is higher revenue. We have discussed how white label email marketing can earn you more revenue in the previous section.

●  Better customer reach

White label email marketing software has better customer reach. They are tests to not end up in the spam file. This will allow more subscribers to see your email and it will increase the reach.

●  Customer retention

As more customers will see your email, your receivers will be more interested in your shop and frequently visit it.

●  Saves time and money

White label email marketing saves you the time of creating your email automation. It also works as a medium of promotion. So, no extra money had to be spent on promotion.

Cons of white labeling

●  Lack of control

Admit it or not, but email automation gives you less control over the promotion procedure. You can only change a few parts in bulk email marketing.

●  Customers will not overlook mistakes

As you have less control over the automation task, the automation may end up making some mistakes. Customers are not going to overlook a mistake in email marketing. This will put a bad impression on your brand.


White label email marketing automations can help you make more revenue via email marketing campaigns. But you will have to be very careful about how you design your campaigns. A small mistake can make you pay a huge loss.

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