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Going Paperless: The Best Mobile Scanner Apps

Nov 02, 2021
Going Paperless: The Best Mobile Scanner Apps

In recent days, there is an evident shift in the way people work. We’ve gone from a paper-centric world to a digital-age environment where going digital is not just an option but a necessity for most of us.

Going paperless has become very simple that with just a smartphone camera you can scan important documents, store, sign, and do much more. Thanks to these awesome mobile scanner apps that have made it possible.

Besides, going paperless offers added benefits like sharing capabilities and password protection for sensitive files. In this article, we will focus on the best mobile scanner apps out there that you can use for safe & effective scanning using your mobile.

Evernote Scannable

Evernote is a great app for taking notes which comes with a super-effective scanning feature for ios users. Its Scannable feature can be used to turn physical documents into digital ones.

Just snap an image of the document you want to capture with your phone's camera and Evernote will automatically detect it as a scanned document. You can then save it directly to the cloud-based Evernote service for safekeeping.

Want to share your scanned documents with others? Well, Scannable has a feature for that too. Just with a click of your finger, you can share any documents in it.

The scanner is very powerful and also includes OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for the documents or images with text in it. It is also very smart that your scanning preferences are saved to be used for later uses.

While the free version itself has a set of awesome features to use, you can get even more features and increased storage space with a paid subscription.

Google drive

It may actually be surprising for some of you to know that an easy-to-use mobile scanner app is probably already on your phone. Google Drive app for Android has a built-in scanner in it.

When you click on the '+' button at the bottom, you can find an option to 'scan' your documents or images. The app has a good scanning capability but has limited features compared to other Android mobile scanner apps.

It has the basic features like crop, image quality adjustment & color change options. The best part is the documents scanned can directly be saved on the drive and can be shared with others as well. Besides, it comes with the top-rated Google's security.

If you are someone looking for a simple yet effective and safe way to scan and share your documents, then Google Drive can be your best bet.

Adobe scan

Adobe scan is one other robust free mobile scanner app that has the power to turn your device into a portable scanner. This stand-alone app by the Adobe team works like a charm with perfect image quality.

It can be used to scan both images, documents, receipts, & much more and save it as a PDF. They have a whole lot of interesting features that easily sets this app apart from the others.

It has the option to reorder the multiple pages scanned, color-change, and convert image to text (OCR). It also allows you to save multi-page scanned documents as a single file.

Also, the paid subscription of the app allows you to edit the scanned documents online offering a very high-level functionality.

Microsoft Office lens

Scanning business cards, documents, images & so on becomes faster & easier than ever with this Microsoft product. Office lens offers high-level features including OCR even for languages like German, Spanish apart from English.

If you are using MS Office on your computer then this mobile app would be a perfect companion for it to make things easier for you. You can seamlessly integrate the scanned file to your MS Word, Powerpoint, or Outlook without any hustle across various devices.


Camscanner is a very popular and one of the best mobile scanner apps out there. This app has been downloaded on over 380 million devices worldwide owing to its amazing features & safe usage.

It can be used as a high-quality document scanner for your device and automatically detect the borders on an image, crop it like a professional and save it as PDF/JPEG/TIFF file formats.

The CamScanner has a free version for Android and ios that can be used with limited features. Its paid services have more added features.

CamScanner also offers verified educational accounts exclusively for students and educators. This provides them with advanced features free of charges like no watermark, additional storage space, and more.


Tinyscanner is one other fast & free mobile scanner apps that can be used to digitize your documents, receipts, business cards, and photos.

It has a highly effective image processing engine that delivers high-quality scanning results. The best part about this app is it doesn't consume much battery power while working in the background (hence the name!).

The app comes with multiple interesting features giving you full control over your output. It also allows you to adjust the contrast & brightness levels along with other features if needed. The app has the option to set a password for it restricting any unauthorized access.

Precisely this tiny app has all the big features you may need available on both Android and ios. Just like other top mobile scanner apps, this app also has both a free version and a paid version with much more advanced features.


One other popular option for effective document scanning is Swiftscan. Swiftscan mobile scanner app is packed with advanced features.

It offers the fastest scanning solution by being very quick to scan documents and save them as PDF. It has some of the robust features like QR code, bar code scanning, and text identification from images (OCR) for many languages.

There are also options to integrate with various cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, etc...

If good-looking scanned files of different document formats are your requirement, then Swiftscan can be your great choice.


TurboScan is another useful mobile scanner app that you can use to scan your documents & receipts. It offers different features to be used as a document scanner making it an ideal choice for everyday usage.

It enhances the scanned image resulting in an extremely high-quality image with clear text, accurate color, better graphics & so on. There are some other interesting options like page rotation, background removal & more.

It also allows the user to edit the file by adding annotations on it like pencils, lines, arrows, and much more on both Android and ios devices along with cloud storage integration.

Genius Scan

Genius Scan is a very popular free mobile scanner app that can be used for various purposes including business, education, and so on.

It has an intuitive interface that allows the user to access many features quickly & easily. The features include the ability to create multipage PDFs, remove shadows, precise auto crop, batch scanning & much more. It also offers integration capability with cloud storage platforms.

The auto-capture option is another specific functionality that can help you scan documents on the go faster than ever.

Genius Scan is for you if you are looking for a free & easy-to-use mobile scanner app with a fast processing speed.


CocoSign is another useful document scanner app that can be used for business, education & personal purposes. Primarily designed for offering a secure digital signature service, this app also acts as a high-quality document scanner.

Going paperless can be seamless with CocoSign as it offers a variety of other functionalities apart from being the best mobile scanner. You can scan any physical documents, sign them digitally and share them with people.

The best part about this app is it operates with an extremely secure protocol, that even maintains the integrity of the transferred documents. Thus, it becomes the best choice for scanning and signing legal and other confidential documents.

If you are looking for scanning physical documents along with features of digital signature and high-security document handling, then your search ends at CocoSign. CocoSign offers the best-of-class services to aid you and your business to go paperless completely.


Hope this article was useful in answering your queries about 'Which is the best mobile scanner app?'. Printing out your documents, making photocopies and other physical document handling processes consumes more of your time and resources. By going paperless, you do a favor for yourself as well as your environment.

You can confidently choose one of these best mobile scanner apps that suits your requirements and go paperless with ease.

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