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Why Your Online Business Need to Prepare for a Voice Search Revolution

Why Your Online Business Need to Prepare for a Voice Search Revolution

Modern technology solutions and innovations have changed the world. Today, robotics systems, smart devices, and automation are no longer buzz words as these apps and technologies have evolved people's perception, way of thinking, and yes, way of working. Living in a digital fantasized world, voice search earlier was in its infant stage, but today, it is real and used by millions of people. The trend of voice search is taking over the world and impacting the online business sector most.Customers no longer need to open the browser and type the search query- just say it, and you are done.

Moreover, online business, aka eCommerce, also keeps changing with people's preferences. From sending personalized email to the adoption of AR/VR technologies to real-time tracking, voice-controlled search is making customer's lives easy. It has become the next big thing in the modern business world.

Smart devices such as Alexa, Google Home, Apple's Siri, etc., are popular examples that have abilities to accomplish tasks more effectively. This is why more and more online brands are also implementing a voice search bar in their apps because it is predicted that 50% of all search queries will be conducted via voice by 2021. Now, before we head to voice search importance in online business, let's have a look at the meaning of voice search.

What is Voice Search

To put simply,

Voice search is the function of searching for something verbally across the web. Voice search allows people to speak to a smart device in their native language. Voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa have speech recognition capabilities to understand users' queries and respond accordingly. Voice search is not a new concept, but yes, after the introduction of above mentioned smart devices, it suddenly came into the limelight.

Here are popular and most-used voice assistants and the smart devices they are compatible with:

  • Google Assistant: Google Home, Android devices, and Android Apps
  • Apple Siri: Apple's iPhone, iPad, and iPod
  • Amazon Alexa: Echo

You might get wondered to know that, but voice searches make up 42% of total mobile online searches today. Therefore, having your online business optimized for voice search will give you an edge over the competition and consequently bring more business.

Why eCommerce is So Much Frenzy About Voice Search

"Ok, Google, why should online business owners adopt voice search"?

Yes, marketers usually perform this kind of search, and probably you have heard that more than 20% of mobile search queries are voice searches. In the United States, more than 45 million voice-enabled devices are being used, and one in every five searches done in the apps is via a voice search. It means online business owners who want to stay ahead in the competitive curve have to integrate voice search technology into their online business operations.

It means voice search is gradually capturing a huge market share in the eCommerce sphere. Not believing? Let's go through some eye-popping statistics:

  • According to Statista, the worldwide smart speaker market revenue is projected to reach $35.5 billion by 2025.
  • In another research conducted by Comscore, more than 50% of online searches will be voice-activated by 2021.
  • And Juniper Research estimates that the voice commerce market will soon surpass $80 billion by 2023.

Not only eCommerce and retail business owners but US-based popular grocery delivery app Peapod also launched an "Ask Peapod" skill just like Alexa and Siri that enable customers to order essentials and fresh products through voice command. This is why retailers now want to have an online grocery delivery app that contains a voice search feature.

Significance of Voice Search In Online Business

Incorporating voice search technology will not only keep your business relevant but also help to deliver an exceptional customer experience that will foster customer loyalty and build brand awareness. Voice search is getting huge importance among users because it is simple, smart, and far better than manual typing.

Businesses that want to stay ahead in the coming years will have to integrate voice search features into their business plan. Does it really impact online businesses? Let's know how the voice search revolution can leave a significant impact on the eCommerce business.

Voice Search Improve SEO Rankings

The main reason for following SEO practices is to rank your business website accurately so users can find relevant information for their search. Voice search improves SEO rankings because people interact with voice search differently. Moreover, voice queries are longer than text search queries, and you can improve SEO rankings by adding long-tail keywords into your content.

Here are some ways voice search affects SEO rankings:

  • Importance of informative content
  • Use of conversational language
  • Replace text searches with long-tail queries

Moreover, voice search also improves local SEO rankings because many users are now searching nearby locations using voice queries. For instance, nearby restaurants, cafeterias, or hospitals.

Voice Search is Smart

Voice search is not just a feature but is an outcome of AI and ML techniques. The Voice search function is built with emerging technologies that contain lots of advanced algorithms which are smart enough to understand people's emotions and habits. Content for voice search is different from text search. The voice search result is accurate, while text search all depends on keywords. Let's understand it with a practical example.

For instance, if you search for car wheels by text, you would perhaps search "best wheels for BMW," but in voice search, you would search "which company's wheels are best for BMW?" Here you can see the contents are different, but the results would be the same. So here, you can see content optimization is a must for voice search as it will drive traffic and increase site performance.

Voice Search Drives Traffic

Voice technology is still in its infant stage, but it is clear that bands with voice search features will be rewarded with higher website traffic. The way voice search answers people's questions will also urge users to open the website for more information. For online businesses who have successfully incorporated voice search, this could become a major traffic source as your web page will appear on the top results; eventually, it will drive more traffic.

Voice search is not only the trend but gradually has become mandatory and also a paradigm shift in the way we shop and communicate with the world. It offers your online business a myriad of opportunities and meets the rising needs of modern customers. From the above statistics and discussion, we can say that enabling voice search in your online business is a winning strategy that offers a competitive advantage in the long run.

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