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Top Tools for Starting a Business Blog

Top Tools for Starting a Business Blog

Blogs, you might be familiar with this term, but might not be aware of its strength and usefulness in today’s fast world. Let’s get it straight. Blogs are those informal articles which are written with an intention of showing expertise on any topic. They act as a catalyst in social media promotion, and drive maximum traffic to your website.

So, if you are an entrepreneur or going to be one, blogging should be on the top of the list. When we are now living in a world where almost 4 billion people are connected to the internet, there is no other choice to incorporate blogging in your marketing strategy.

Business blogging keeps your existing and potential customers updated about your business, builds brand awareness, develops a strong web presence, and drives website traffic.

Blogging is the most flexible way to stay connected with your consumers, show them who you are, and what your specialties are.

However, many small and even large businesses still hesitate to start a business blog. They might feel lost or confused with so many platforms and tools promising to make your blogging life easier and productive.

Therefore, we have come up with a comprehensive list of reliable tools to help you dive into the blog writing and posting process.

Below are the tools that support your business and technical needs, and help you start and run your business blog easily & effectively:

1.  Google Analytics

If you are able to engage your audience, then only it’s worth creating a blog. Here comes the need and significance of Google analytics. It is a free tool that helps you keep a track on the posts attracting maximum audience, and keeps you updated on the strategies that work and some tactics that don't work. The data Google Analytics fetches for you can give you a clear idea and understanding of the type of customers you are captivating, and the technology you are using or can use to make your site easily accessible.

2. WordPress

WordPress is the king of free blogging platforms. This highly flexible, user-friendly tool can get your website and run in a single day, even if you have zero experience in web development. WordPress being an open source platform constantly welcomes people’s contribution to its improvement.

Moreover, you can change themes and plugins catering to your need and purpose. WordPress allows you to customize your site. To solve an issue, you can also easily seek help via online forums or contact an experienced WordPress developer.

3. DesignBro Logo Maker

If you want to create a successful business blog, it is important to pay attention to branding elements like name, colors, and especially logo design. Nowadays, you won’t have to think much about this, because there are a lot of relevant tools with which you can create a cool logo for your business. One of them is the DesignBro logo maker tool.

With the help of this great and professional tool, you can create a logo in minutes without any designing skills or knowledge. Designbro’s logo maker tool allows you to use the most beautiful colors, icons, and fonts to create a unique and excellent logo for your business blog.

4. Pexels

It is true that content is the king. But the right images and attractive packaging design are sure to enhance your blogs credibility and visibility of your website. It has been researched that people often get attracted to images rather than to long sentences. However, choosing the perfect photo for your blog can be a time-consuming task and expensive too, especially when you opt for paid sites. Here comes the need for Pexels.

Pexels offers a plethora of stock photos meant for commercial use that too at zero cost. No matter in which field you are, be it medicine, real estate, you are likely to find photos of your business needs and purpose on Pexels.

5. Designhill Logo Maker

Like graphics & texts, logos play a crucial role in building your businesses brand identity in the market. Eye-catchy logos generated from highly reliable designhill logo maker tool can add spark to your business blog, convey your message impressively and effectively. Attractive logo separates you from competition, enhances your web presence, and helps you create a strong, unique identity.

6. Grammarly

So, you are left with little of your budget after your basic essentials and an experienced email signature generator. Now wondering how much extra expense you need to hire an editor to review your blogs and post them error-free.

The good news is that a free grammar checker tool, Grammarly has come up with exclusive features to make your content accurate. When this free tool is combined with spell checker, you can avoid the typos, and achieve that greatness.

7. Hatchbuck

Incorporating email newsletter into your business blog is one of the smartest techniques to drive traffic to your blog. Hatchbuck is one such platform that has user-friendly and easily accessible email marketing tools, which gives you the liberty to build quality, compact, clean, customized emails, and henceforth is successful in converting the subscribers into potential paid consumers. Platforms like email signature generator are also there to help entrepreneurs develop impressive email signature design with the help of a pre-made template.

8. Social Jukebox

When you tweet a post, it’s obvious that you wish to enhance its visibility. It’s obvious that you don’t want your readers to miss the tweeted post. Henceforth, you need to be familiar with another free tool, Social Jukebox, to avoid such a situation. This tool allows you to program tweets at specific intervals and within some determined date range, to not to let your followers miss the post.

9. QuillBot

Every writer is different. Some took writing courses, while others learned by trial and error. When the QuillBot's free grammar checker flags errors in your writing, it visually brings them to your attention, helping you learn and grow as a writer.  It helps you avoid mistakes and polish your writing, letting your ideas shine and perfecting your English by reviewing your work for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. The tools will help with your content marketing, research and communication of ideas better, faster and smarter. Whether it's emails, essays, social media posts, or blogs. The platform also includes other productivity-enhancing tools such as Paraphraser, Plagiarism Checker, Summarizer, Citation Generator and all in one AI writing assistant Co-writer for academia, freelancers, bloggers and professional writers to help overcome writer's block, content creation and proofreading.


Now when you are overwhelmed with the most significant and free tools to start a business blog, without further delay, get started now. Engage your audience with precise & informative content, alluring graphics and attractive fonts by making use of these effective blogging platforms.

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