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Best Digital Marketing Strategies During A Pandemic

Best Digital Marketing Strategies During A Pandemic

Digital marketing has been essential for businesses looking to stay ahead, but have you considered how your current strategies will be effective during a pandemic? One of the best ways is creating a digital strategy that can work regardless. This article explains what's involved in developing this type of plan and includes some tips on crafting it successfully.

Digital Marketing during a Pandemic

The pandemic never seems to end! The best way forward for companies and organizations alike is through digital marketing, an art in which they can market themselves during a time of crisis such as now. Digital Marketing includes things like email campaigns, social media sites including Instagram Twitter Facebook YouTube etc., emails, landing pages, funnels and websites among others!

Whole businesses are shutting down due to the coronavirus, but it's not all bad news. A lot of companies have been able to adapt their digital marketing strategies so that they're still visible and accessible during a pandemic. Although people might be in lockdown or be restricted from travelling, they still need to purchase goods or services. To save time people tend to research online where they can purchase the goods they require. They may be looking at stock levels or comparing prices. Your business needs to be visible online or you will simply miss these opportunities.

One effective way to get in front of your audience is through social media ads.  The social media ads can be adjusted to a particular audience. It can be based on the audience interests, their location, gender and age range as well as behaviours of the viewers such is how often they like content or click links within it in order for advertisers to better understand what type of messaging will work best with them.

One of the most effective ways that digital marketing can work for businesses is by using SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means improving visibility for relevant searches and has been a strategy used in businesses since early 2000's when google began to dominate search engine algorithms. The better your business performs on these types of sites, the more likely it will be to show up in related results pages which not only leads to increased attention from potential customers but also increases site traffic as well! Plus what could possibly make things even easier? Organic web traffic through Google co-exists with traditional advertising making this one amazing way how you can market your products or services effectively online without having much experience at all.

SEO is a powerful tool for digital business strategies to use in order to gain more visibility on the internet. Optimizing keywords and phrases related to their business can increase traffic, while pay-per-click advertising lets advertisers choose how much they want people clicking.

What Are The Best Digital Marketing Strategies That Businesses Can Use In Order To Do Marketing During Coronavirus Pandemic

A digital marketing plan is a must-have for any business that'll be using its communication as an asset during the coronavirus pandemic. It's important to present your product or service in clear, concise ways so customers are interested and well informed about what you're offering them. If there isn't one already established within your company, reach out to professionals who specialize in this field; they will know how best to help get things going fast!

In a world where we can choose to buy from anywhere, businesses need to make sure they connect with customers if they want success. PurpleCow Digital Marketing can provide a better plan and ideas to help your business grow.

During this pandemic, businesses need to have an effective digital marketing plan in place. A successful strategy will provide your customer with all the information they may be looking for so that you can meet their needs effectively and promote your product or service accordingly. It is important to think about what exactly it is you want from any given campaign before putting together one yourself.

A business should always be testing approaches to find out what is working and what isn't. If they do this, then an effective strategy can be developed that will grow a customer base for the company.

A digital marketing plan has 5 main parts:

1. content marketing

2. social media optimization (SMO)

3. search engine optimization (SEO)

4. communication

● email marketing

●  mobile marketing

● Chatbots

5. Automation

Content Marketing means creating blog posts or articles to attract customers through education of their needs in your industry; SMO involves using platforms like Facebook as well as giving them access to resources on YouTube videos which help promote products/services while optimizing SEO rankings by having links from other websites back up any claims you are making about yourself with keywords.

A strong online marketing trend relies largely on these practices because they have been proven time and again

Actions you can take now:

Content Marketing

The first part is content marketing. Content marketing from a business can help target customers, educate them, boost the business's SEO rankings, and attract more customers. Content marketing that a business uses should include blog posts and case studies. Content really lifts a business’ profile. It is a great way to build authority in your area of expertise.

Email Marketing

The second part that a digital marketing plan should include is email marketing. Savvy business owners will realise that trust is built over time. Regular email communication with prospects clients keeps you top of mind. Not everyone is at the buying process of the customer journey. It is really important to nurture the leads that are in the earlier stages, so that when they are ready to buy, they will think of you first.

Mobile Marketing

The third part that a solid digital marketing plan should have is mobile marketing. In business, mobile marketing is promoting services via mobile devices. The mobile devices that use promotions are cell phones. In addition to using mobile marketing on cell phones to promote their services, businesses can also advertise on apps that the customer uses. Two way SMS communication can be used in an automation strategy. This means that you can communicate and set reminders or follow ups to your customers on autopilot.


The fourth trend in digital marketing is the use of chatbots. Chatbots in businesses use instant messaging in order to communicate with customers in real time. Chatbots are able to remember customer's purchase history and can do repetitive tasks that are automated. It can take some time to get the chatbot set up with all your support information, but it is time well invested. Chatbots are a far better experience for a consumer to access support or FAQs.


Automation is where the magic happens. Imagine knowing exactly where your next sale will predictably come from. Having a reporting dashboard with a pipeline showing you exactly where the future sales are in the customer buying journey is a game changer! All your email, mobile, social media conversations and marketing can be in one place. Having an automation platform set up for your business means you can put your communication on autopilot.

There has never been a better time to get your business set up on automation. To be able to nurture and build a relationship with prospective clients (even while you sleep) is truly unparalleled.

How Businesses Can Market During A Pandemic

Businesses can market during a pandemic by assuring their customers that they will be there for them. It can be done through the methods listed above. Keep the communication helpful to customers, posting regularly on social media pages, write blog posts and send emails. Use a contact center technology for a better help. Try to limit the ‘salesy’ communication and build your strategy around being helpful.

People only buy from businesses and people they like. So if you want them to open their wallet for you, be likeable first. Build their trust. Don’t just go straight for the sale.


Your digital marketing strategy during a pandemic can be very successful. The biggest takeaway here is communication is vital. You need to keep talking to your prospective audience and adding value to them. We are all feeling exhausted and have so much advertising around us every day. So we recommend taking a different approach to your strategy and being helpful to your audience. Give them value and they will support you in return.

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