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The Top 8 E-Commerce Tools To Help You Succeed in 2023

The Top 8 E-Commerce Tools To Help You Succeed in 2023

E-commerce remained a big force compared to other industries during the global Covid-19 pandemic. Strict lockdowns and the subsequent changes in customer behavior boosted online shopping and home delivery demand. E-commerce is here to stay, and it’s expected this industry will generate up to $875 billion by the end of 2022 in the United States alone.

But now, with over 12-24 million e-commerce businesses globally, it’s becoming difficult for your businesses to strive and compete in the market with no USP.

In this article, you’ll find some tips on how to grow your e-commerce business using the best tools in 2022. But before we jump into that, let’s understand a few basic points.

The Role of AI in Enhancing the E-Commerce Segment

With the rise in e-commerce websites, customers have hundreds of online shopping options accessible within a few clicks. The rising demand has made it critical for companies to establish better business and customer connections.

Retaining your customers, minimizing customer churn, and delivering a quality e-commerce experience to your potential buyers is the need of the hour. And technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) hold the center stage in enabling businesses to communicate and plan their marketing campaigns more efficiently.

AI allows e-commerce businesses to leverage the power of data and target the right customer using the right methods. It helps them analyze the data and understand the changing demands of their clients. The advancements in AI are also helping to declutter and automate the filtration of data, allowing companies to make well-informed decisions.

With the rise of social media, AI is helping in business texting and providing followers with quality customer support using automated chatbots and social media chats. AI-powered tools are also helping businesses scale their sales numbers and automate different redundant and time-consuming tasks.

Let’s explore the best tools to help you improve your e-commerce business and boost your revenue and profits.

Best Tools For E-Commerce Businesses in 2022

TUP E-Commerce

TUP solutions help e-commerce businesses with personal identification and revenue optimization. The powerful AI tool can be integrated with different e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.

TUP helps examine and spot the best-selling personas that you can use to deliver the buyer an enhanced shopping experience, turning leads into sales and increasing business revenue.

The tool also helps e-commerce business owners determine what’s converting and what’s not. It can help you optimize your performance by tracking and mapping the buyer’s journey and focusing on converting touchpoints.

Seventh Sense is another great AI-backed tool that helps improve the performance of email marketing campaigns. Email marketing is one of the best strategies e-commerce businesses can use to retain their customers and deliver a personalized buying experience.

The tool helps break through the clutter of noisy inboxes by leveraging the power of AI and robust analytics. It offers different features like send-time optimization, email throttling, email frequency optimization, and numerous others to amplify the impact of email marketing campaigns for better business growth.

Seventh Sense also helps businesses fix different funnel leaks like browser, cart, and check-out page abandonment.


DataFeedWatch by is one of the leading solutions in the feed marketing space. It offers a comprehensive set of functionalities and services that help you manage, automate, optimize, and distribute product feeds across 2000+ ad platforms internationally (eg. Google Shopping, Facebook, eBay, etc).

You can manage and optimize thousands and millions of product feeds at the same time creating rules, managing campaigns on most existing now channels, and even customizing new channels.

The huge success of the tool and services in the US, UK, Australia, and Scandinavia is attributed to its broad expert functionality although you can use it also on a novice level with many helpful automatic features.

Since 2023 the tool let you check who else is selling your product and for what price. Smart algorithms will also suggest an optimal price for your product.

eCommerce stores and digital advertising agencies typically deploy this solution to drive multichannel & in-store sales, optimize the performance of PPC campaigns, and edit advertising product catalogs at scale.


Granify is a quick and easy machine-learning software that can assist e-commerce businesses in revenue optimization. The simple yet intuitive interface and powerful functionalities help Granify remove the complexities of business growth.

The tool collects over 500 behavioral data points to compare different behavioral patterns, making it easier to optimize the sales funnel and understand customer patterns.

You can send highly-optimized messages to increase the chance of conversion and improve revenue flow. If you want to know how much Granify costs, you need to contact support to help you with further details.


Identify lost revenue opportunities using Namogoo and streamline your e-commerce business operations.

The tool can help scale your business and enhance customer experience by fixing the loopholes and flaws in the buyer’s journey. Your customers can easily and conveniently follow a straight path for completing transactions that can improve your conversion rate.

Namogoo uses powerful machine learning algorithms to help you understand customer behavior, manage coupons, deliver personalized promotions, and prevent competitors from poaching your customers.


Prisync uses automation to uncover your competitors’ profits margins, strategies, pricing, and other metrics by giving you a detailed analysis that can help you get a holistic idea about their operations. You can use this information to develop an enhanced e-commerce business approach and convert your competitors’ weak points into your strong selling points.

You need to add your products and competitors to Prisync’s dashboard to get the analysis. The tool will then provide you with information about prices, price changes, and other pricing data, as well as indexes and trends.

Prisync helps you deliver quality and proactive customer service with accurate and precise data. is an easy-to-use and accessible, high-quality artificial intelligence platform that helps predict customer behavior by analyzing insights and patterns.

It enables businesses to deliver personalized discounts, recommendations, and email notifications to scale the business numbers and strengthen their hold in the industry.

Morphl processes a large volume of data sets, including browsed products, number of sessions, searches, and time on individual pages. The tool segments the customer data based on the analysis and helps you plan different strategies for different audiences. You can deliver personalized and tailored customer experiences to different individuals that can assist them in their buying journey.


Undoubtedly, all these tools mentioned above are powerful and can help you impact your sales and profits numbers. But what if you have access to a tool that can provide you with all-around e-commerce digital solutions?

Zumvu offers you tools to boost your sales numbers and scale your business to new heights. From marketing tools to appointment scheduling software and chatbots to an online marketplace, you have access to different tools with Zumvu.

You can manage your e-commerce business operations with its sales CRM and improve your existing site with the help of its dedicated site builder.

Now it’s up to you to make a decision and choose your next e-commerce tool to grow your business.

Choose Your Tool For Scaling Your E-Commerce Website in 2022

Finding a professional tool for handling different business segments and automating your e-commerce management is difficult. But with Zumvu, you can minimize the search time and efforts to channel your focus on enhancing your business operations.

The tool can provide you the power to handle different e-commerce business problems within a few clicks. The wide range of tools provided by Zumvu makes it easier for online shopping websites to scale their operations in 2022, where customers want to experience quick transactions, deliveries, and excellent customer support.

Save your time, effort, and money - switch to Zumvu for a quality customer experience and get a hands-on feel of the tool on the demo version.

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