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8 Reasons to Use React Native App for Mobile App Development

Oct 01, 2021
8 Reasons to Use React Native App for Mobile App Development

In the current age of digitalization, people want fast information and it is possible through applications. Today there are unlimited applications available on various platforms. You will find an app for chatting to an app for business automation, there is the very type of app out there. Also, the number of people using these apps is very high. This is the reason why many companies are also focusing on a high-class app for their customers and target audience. Businesses are also focusing on giving the best experience on the app to the users. When it comes to app development, there are a variety of development frameworks or platforms that are utilized to create apps. And one of the most popular and widely used platforms is react native app development.

The react-Native app is a framework that is used in developing mobile apps. React-Native was developed by Facebook. React-Native is very much popular amongst entrepreneurs. React-Native is used by many big companies like Skype, Bloomberg, Tesla, Vogue, Pinterest, etc. Thus, it can be said that it is a very reliable platform. By spinning up JS threads that understand JavaScript code and creating a native bridge between the app and the target platform, React Native allows programmers to develop mobile applications.

Today there are many companies that use React native platform for building their business applications. One of the major reasons for it is that one code can run on android as well as iOS. Due to this, the companies save their time as well as money.

In this post, we will tell you the 8 reasons why you should use react native for mobile app development.

Reasons why you should use react native app for mobile app development.

1. Provides cross-platform app development services

One may utilize the same code for iOS and Android thanks to the React Native framework. As a result, it saves time and money by eliminating the need for extra code. React Native enables rapid application development. Furthermore, various languages such as Java, C++, and others are not required. All you need is a skilled JavaScript developer who is knowledgeable about UI libraries, APIs, and other related topics. You may also seek assistance from a react native development company, since they have professionals who can assist you with this process.

2.  Uses less memory

React Native is compatible with third-party plugins, and the React Native tools make it run faster. The profitable architecture makes third-party engagement easier, because of its well-diversified components. You can easily connect the module to the plugin with the help of a native module. React Native uses very much memory space because it does not require cross-bridge linking.

3. The primary code base for Android and IOS

React uses the same code for both operating systems. Also, recompiling the application becomes very easy that too without making any changes in the framework. This is one of the major reasons why you should use react native app development for building applications.

4. Runs like a native app

Native platforms, which are compiled to their roots, are the key building elements of such an app. It works well and responds quickly to all of the conjunctions. Native processors are generally central processing units, however, react-native opted to employ a graphics processing unit to make the installation of its user interface easier. As a result, while creating new apps for your company, you should employ react native mobile app development.

5. Saves time and money

As previously said, react native uses the same code for both iOS and Android, which saves a significant amount of time. Furthermore, you will not be charged differentially for coding on both platforms, allowing you to save money. And, as react-native is an open-source library, it can speed up the app development process very much. So, it is a very desirable platform to use for app development. Thus, you can save your precious time and money can use it somewhere else.

6. Personalized UX

React Native allows developers to create a variety of styles for their applications. Users on the same app might get a customized experience thanks to developers. The amount of customization available with React Native is so great that you may set unique styles per user group on the server-side, and each user will experience their own personalized UX. Today, people look for customized experiences, and thus it makes react-native a very favorable app development platform.

7. Third-party plug-ins

React native has many reusable libraries and day-by-day the libraries increases. When you build an application from scratch then it cost you a lot. Thus, you can use some of the existing components to cut the cost and time involved, and here 3rd party plug-ins play an important role. Third-party plug-ins also remove the requirement for certain Web View features.

8. Decrease the complexity of development

By using react, the tasks are done simply by using easy-to-read code. This framework takes advantage of Facebook's UI library to produce code that is easy to comprehend and apply React JS. Different intended results are common in app development projects and React Native gives a simple and clear answer to a number of these issues. And, if the complexity is reduced, the time is taken to build the application also decreases. Thus, the companies can launch their app fast in the market and don’t waste time in just coding the app and then solving the problems. So, it is better to use react native for app development.


These are the reasons why one should make use of react native app for mobile app development. The react native app offers a lot of benefits in developing apps. The major benefit that the platform offers is that it saves a lot of time and money due to its single coding features. Therefore, it is a very good choice for developing apps and thus if you want to develop the app for your business, go for react-native.

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