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Why Do Chatbots Fail? What We Have To Do To Improve Them?

Why Do Chatbots Fail? What We Have To Do To Improve Them?

Developing a chatbot is quite enjoyable. It’s a captivating method to add innovation to websites. Also, to boost up the performance of a business, using a chatbot is a well-grounded strategy.

It had been announced in the past that chatbots are helpful in increasing customer engagement. This was said that the introduction of the bot can deliver excellent results to the users. However, in actual cases, the performance of many chatbots is pretty appalling. This has not only been noticed by the consumers, even companies have noticed it.

Considering the chatbot condition, it can be clearly said that the craze of chatbots has fallen down. Its favoritism rate has gone down from the initial days. This happened due to the absence of intelligent interactive features in chatbots. There is no wonder why 40% of the chatbot launched during 2018 were sidelined in 2020. Even the chatbots developed by Tencent and Microsoft didn’t resolve the issue.

So, why have a large number of chatbots failed? What can be done to improve them?

Hence, through this post, we will discuss some genuine points that prohibit chatbots from being successful. It will improve your understanding of chatbots and let you avoid further mistakes while developing them.

Exaggerating chatbot’s capability

The NLP and AI are progressing continuously. It can be seen clearly with natural language conversations between AIs. This kind of leverage can’t be expected from commercial chatbots till now. If you think that your chatbot can do it, you are wrong. A chatbot will not be able to handle the entire conversation naturally. This can frustrate the customers as they won’t get satisfying answers.

The best example of it is Poncho, a Facebook weather chatbot. It was designed to make predictions about the weather but it has disappointed users to an extreme level. So, we need to understand the technical limits of chatbots. There are already multiple chatbots that find it difficult to interpret interactions beyond the horizon.

To maintain long-term customer relationships, you can choose some other ways to interact with them. So, defining a clear conversation structure is required for you. It will allow you to manage the communicative flow with your customers. You can easily avoid unnecessary questions.

Hubspot is the best example of maintaining a better communication structure with chatbots.

Develop a chatbot if required

Building chatbots is good but you should develop them if you really need one. In many cases, you use chatbots only when you need to compose navigation items or send an email ID when you get a request for it.

It is completely pointless to use chatbots for such cases since users can simply browse your website menu and get details. However, if the user is facing a problem in searching out certain stuff present on your website, a chatbot is not responsible for it. So, you need to stop yourself from acting prematurely.

You should obviously know what your business actually demands. Before developing a chatbot, you should know the answer to these given questions:

  • Is chatbot going to provide exceptional outcomes for improving customers’ experience?
  • Does the chatbot have some additional features that your website is missing?
  • If anything is missing, what could it be?
  • If not, why should we create a chatbot?

When you are done with giving answers to these questions, it can be easy for you to define your goals.

Absence of logical approach

When organizations use chatbots to add more value to their business, they should implement a practical or logical approach. Usually, customers find it frustrating when they assume that they are communicating with humans but it is actually a chatbot.

Thus, make sure you are not giving false expectations to your users. In case you are using a chatbot for serving your business purpose, notify the user at the time of starting communication with them. When an actual employee starts a conversation, inform the user. It will not create a confusing situation for users.

No continuous analysis

Similar to other software, chatbots need improvement with continuous analysis. This helps in enhancing their functionality. There are multiple firms that do not even know it.

After you introduce a chatbot, you think that you are done with it. In real-time, the actual journey starts after the release of a bot. The area that demands improvements in it can be user surveys, statistics, and conversation protocols. Thus, it should be your aim to consistently analyze the existing data and apply the best methods to improve chatbots.

Wrapping Up

Developing chatbots in the right way helps you in the expansion of your business. But to ensure success, you may need a lot of patience. Since you have already seen the reasons behind chatbots’ failure through this blog, you can prevent those mistakes while developing the one.

She is a senior app developer at MobileCoderz(an emerging Android app development company). She has got the best work exposure in the technical domain. Being an expert, she gives the best advice to enterprises on their technology-related decisions. In her free time, she loves sharing user-friendly technical posts.

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