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Top 10 Software Testing Blogs To Follow In 2022

Top 10 Software Testing Blogs To Follow In 2022

Software testing blogs play an imperative role in enhancing the knowledge of testers, developers, customers, and readers. However, it is important to subscribe to authentic blogs that provide you with a good quality of information.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting to you the list of ten software testing blogs that must be followed in 2021.

1. Dan Ashby's Blog

Dan is one of the famous thought leaders in the quality assurance industry. There is so much insightful and technical content mentioned in his blog. According to Dan, software must be viewed in a bigger perspective when it comes to goodness. He claims that his blog is just about testing but it is more than that.

2. Develop Sense

A good tester attains valuable information via exploring even if the only aim of exploring is to collect information for a bigger test strategy. This is another very popular blog in the QA universe by Michael Bolton and James Bach. Testers learn a lot from Michael Bolton in his comprehensive testing resources and articles. These are shared among all testing professionals.

3. TechBeacon

Techbeacon is another fantastic tech blog to speed up testing techniques and DevOps news via guest blogs from industry professionals and thought leaders. The reader of these articles will be able to learn ways to enhance agile development and the ways to very successful product releases from established industry professionals.

4. Software Testing Lead

Software testing lead is one of the incipient media platforms that promise to offer all the exciting and latest technical content for its readers. We have writers and professionals who enlighten the readers with their experience and knowledge. People are fond of this site because their critical questions get addressed by technical experts. The content produced on this site can easily be interpreted by non-technical people. Hence, it benefits everyone.

5. Global App Testing Blog

The global app testing posts content regarding best practices, trends, and regular hints to serve you with the knowledge that takes you back to your quality assurance team. It incorporates the following things.

  • Top tips to create an ultimate quality assurance strategy
  • Building quality culture in your organization

This also entails a resource section and white papers.

6. Software Testing News

Software testing news entails the latest news in the software testing industry. You are going to find tester insights, QA features, and AI developments to get you thinking regarding the ways to enhance your QA strategy.

7. Agile Testing with Lisa Crispin

Lisa Crispin is one of the famous influencers in the quality assurance world and her agile testing blogs are a big proof of all this. The reader will be able to find fantastic blogs, presentations, training, books, and podcasts.

8. DZone

Dzone plays an imperative role in offering content for a big number of topics in the technical sphere. They entail the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, and agile. As a result, you will be able to do research on different trends and topics.

9. Software Testing Help

It is one of the most famous blogs that offer helpful QA tips and hints and software testing resources. In addition to this, it assists to run tutorials and online testing resources you can participate in. You can also get a free ebook to download that you can enjoy.

10. Angie Jones Blog

There are many companies in the world that begin with the test automation journey instead of a strategy. As a result, the automation initiatives are failed because they cannot meet the expectations. Angie Jones is a specialist in test automation techniques and strategies. Her blog offers a detailed view of the software testing world incorporating articles regarding test automation strategy.


People in the software development and quality assurance industry regularly visit these sources of content mentioned above. This will guarantee to keep you updated with the latest opinions, trends, and news from thought leaders in the software testing industry.

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