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5 Trends that will Dominate the World of Mobile Apps in 2022

Dec 07, 2021
5 Trends that will Dominate the World of Mobile Apps in 2022

The problem faced in the world of mobile app development is keeping up with the pace. That said, business owners and mobile app developers must keep up with the latest trends by making significant changes. Hence, mobile app developers must integrate trending features in their mobile apps to make them competitive.

The Current Status of Mobile App Development

The principal direction of mobile app development is continuity. The booming trends of the mobile app world, such as AI, AR, IoT, etc., have not appeared suddenly; instead, the trends have been there for quite some time now. Mobile app trends keep evolving, and the unexpected social events add pace to the already existing mobile app trends. One of the great examples of a social phenomenon is the lockdown caused by COVID-19.

The mobile app sector was indifferent during the global disaster as well. The current mobile app development trend is making remote jobs easy and possible for users. Mobile apps are helping meet the specific demand of people by making several remote activities possible, easier, accessible, and more user-friendly.

Expected Changes in Mobile Development: Why is it Necessary to Plan Ahead?

Though the mobile app world will not see any new trend in 2022, it is advised that developers should pay attention to the trends that are already in great demand in the market. The fight to attract user attraction is only expected to intensify as mobile users grow. Hence, progressive web apps with the quick launch are expected to drive out the mobile apps from the market.

Though you cannot treat apps like YouTube or TikTok app development as the future trend, such apps give minor hints worth paying attention to. The app market never halts, and so your business should hire expert mobile app development services to keep pace. Thinking ahead is necessary not to throw your hands in despair when the global app market gets disrupted.

Trends that will affect mobile development in 2022

As discussed above, it is critical for business owners and mobile app developers to integrate the latest trends in mobile apps to make them competitive in the evolving world. Keeping that in mind, we list down a few trends that are expected to affect mobile app development in 2022.

1. Super Apps

Super apps are referred to applications that comprise several functions in a single app. Every app is developed to satisfy some specific needs of the users. That said, apps developed for a particular sector serve their purpose. Nowadays, mega apps developed to cover the entire spectrum are much in demand. This refers to a situation where one app can more or less satisfy all desired needs of the consumers.

That said, consolidation is expected to be the long-lasting trend of the future. The wave of super apps will cover the world sooner or later; hence, consider super apps if you are planning to develop a mobile app.

2. Counter-fake Solutions

Manipulation of facts is the new trend and has become the hallmark of the media in 2021, and is further expected to grow in 2022. The truth gets exposed to misinterpretation, and fakes are considered real events. That said, falsehood is slowly getting embedded into the roots of our daily routine. One way to solve this problem is by integrating fact-checking algorithms in social media apps.

It means media platforms should have inbuilt techniques that will help users separate the wheat from the chaff. Cross-checking solutions based on Artificial Intelligence are much in demand to validate data spread on social media.

3. Security and Anonymity

Almost every commercial app developed collects the personal information of the users. Hence, some social media giants are famous for data leaks as well. This is, in turn, developing mistrust on the IT projects where people hesitate from putting in their info. It gives rise to the need to step up the security game in mobile apps, and this trend is not now. The trend has stayed relevant in the software and mobile app development industry for a while now.

DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) is one of the most promising data protection technologies developers adopt. It is used in cryptocurrencies, and cryptographic encryption is one of the most advanced data protection methods of the digital world.  

4. Touchless Interfaces

Simplification of every possible aspect of a mobile app in today's mega-trend. Simplification refers to minimizing the efforts made by users to use a mobile app. It includes interfaces in particular. Voice-driven interfaces in mobile apps are one of the best touchless solutions towards which mobile app developers are paying attention, and another one provides gestures to control smartphones.

The touchless interface of mobile apps is the newest trend that will take the world of mobile apps to the next level.

5. Neomorphism in Design

In an app design, a plain UI with minimalistic elements is considered standard. Moreover, designers keep looking for new forms of decorating the interface to make it easy for users. One of the common forms is neomorphic elements that seem to be touchable. Neomorphism also allows the imitation of three-dimensional objects to strengthen the aesthetic impression from developed software products.

The trend enables making the interactions between the apps and users more simple and pleasurable.  

How to adjust your SaaS solution development to technology changes?

SaaS or Software as a service is expected to remain as a wide road that will go for projects in both mobile and desktop app development. SaaS is a new technology, and all technologies are adjusted to meet one or more current trends. As SaaS features grow and improve, they also need to adjust to technology changes.

Whenever a new trend appears on the horizon of mobile app development, the approach of SaaS, with its incredible flexibility and short turnaround time, is one of the most appropriate methods of developing mobile apps. It is recommended that the mobile trends should be addressed through the lenses of SaaS so that the business stays competitive in a current business environment.

Hire Company That Have Expertise in Mobile App Development

You can quickly know whether or not a mobile app development company has true professionals or not. Though experts may not know everything about mobile apps, they are well aware of mobile app platforms. Look for a company that focuses on developing hybrid and cross-platform applications that are more feasible in today's competitive market.

The company's professionals always think forward and keep the latest trends in mind whenever they develop a mobile app for their clients. Hence, they are the best choice since their engineers possess the required knowledge and skills to cater to the specific needs of their clients.

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