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10 Best Lead Generation Software to Get More Leads

10 Best Lead Generation Software to Get More Leads

One of the reasons businesses fail today is because of their inability to turn leads into paying customers — One of the most important goals for any business.

According to stats, lead generation can increase your conversion by up to 50%!

One important thing for a business to understand is that lead generation is not just about getting people to only visit your website or notice your business but about a lot of other things such as collecting enough information about your consumers to create a bond with them.

It is not a one-time task but an ongoing activity that fetches your business a handsome revenue. It is essential that businesses today nail every aspect of getting it right. Even the right marketers sometimes can’t get it all right and that calls for a need for the right lead generation tools to pitch in and take on some responsibilities.

This is where we will come in to rescue you — The market is full of tools claiming to be the best for generating the leads for your business. In this blog, we are going to share some tools that are the best for this purpose and you can choose what is right for your business!

10 Best Lead Generation Software to Get More Leads

1. PeppyBiz

PeppyBiz swears to make every part of your process as human as possible. It provides you with a support team always excited to help you with every small thing. It is one of the most impressive and advanced lead generation software tools and easy to access. Whether you are a small business, expanding, or already a huge player in your industry, it is an all-in-one tool to generate as many leads as possible and convert them into sales.

The top features of this solution are as follows:

  • It focuses on valuable leads and evaluates responses to build on a better relationship in the future.
  • Creates eye catchy, interesting, and customizable personal templates for you and helps in the integration of lead forms with other tools such as marketing automation and CRM.
  • Keeps a track record of the analysis from the insights of the lead forms
  • Not only that, but it also secures the personal data of the visitors as per GDPR Compliances.
  • Provides unconditional always ready to help - support via live chat interactions and keeps in touch with customers which increases the leads.
  • You can also add more fields to forms, can track and assess the success of your efforts. In your lead reports, hidden fields allow you to track extra fields.

2. Hubspot Marketing  

Hubspot made it to this list because it a great tool and offers a variety of free plans inclusive of Hubspot CRM. It ensures that it tracks, collects, and nurtures all your business leads. It keeps your sales team on the top of the lists by tracking interactions and giving out valuable insights for a stronger connection with them, which also helps in gaining more leads.

Its inbound marketing makes firms visible online by converting website traffic into leads and customers and then fine-tuning strategies depending on the outcomes. It is cloud-based and can assist businesses of any size.

3. LeadFuze

Sales and leads for a business go hand in hand and LeadFuze is a tool that understands it well and makes sure of a smooth process in place. It is a combination of sales automation and lead generation software that helps teams create more high-quality leads and also conversions at the same time.

Some of its great features include managing the campaigns well, prospecting tools, creating, capturing, and distributing leads to the right members of the team. It also helps in bringing back prospects by targeting, retargeting, etc.

4. AeroLeads

AeroLeadsis an all-in-one software that offers a suite of tools to get more leads by searching more leads, add more prospects to your business, and collect contact information such as Email Addresses, Business phone numbers, addresses, locations, etc.

Some of its features include searching more contacts, importing your lists or contacts as it is, identifying Visitors, collecting data, and easy distribution of leads as well.

It provides an extension to work on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and AngelList for collecting Sales Leads.

5. OptinMonster

This is a popular lead generation tool amongst bloggers, eCommerce players, marketers, and small businesses. This tool helps you create effective and creative opt-in forms to acquire customers and maximize the growth of the users.

It is a competitive tool and helps in increasing the lists while working on your conversions. Some of its top features include on-site marketing campaigns, provides you with creative templates, has seamless integrations, provides you with insights, etc.

6. SoPro

 This is a great recommendation for B2B sectors looking out for a reliable, budget-friendly, and scalable tool to move ahead in the sales pipeline. It helps businesses identify and engage with quality prospects in the business.

One of its unique factors is its personalized one-to-one conversational introductions that are created in a way to smoothly flow in the sales workflow. It also fine-tunes email copies and helps in forecasting the campaign’s success.

7. LinkeLead

 As the name suggests, this tool has got everything to do with leveling up your LinkedIn game. LinkeLead is a great tool as a lead capturing solution. It helps in automating the workflow in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator and making it smooth for you. It takes care of automating all the mundane routine tasks that one needs to take up.

It helps you with mass mailing, identifying profiles, collecting data, and everything that you could think of. It is quite easy to use, requires minimal effort, and gives out effective results.

8. MaxTraffic

 MaxTraffic is a marketer’s pick in the industry. It is known for using creative and innovative on-site marketing tactics such as using web push notifications, exit intent, and overlays to capture more and more leads for your business.

It helps to segment the audience, conduct A/B Tests, analysis, etc. to grow your sales!

9. Woorise

 Woorise is a strong lead generation platform that helps you select from a wide range of lead-generating engaging campaigns such as forms, landing pages, quizzes, contests, etc. with an easy-to-use drag and drop builder.

Some features of the platform that help you build on your lists include embedding campaigns on varying platforms, multi-step forms to get more information, sending customised and personalised messages, and managing operations for all your domains from one single account.

10. Leadfeeder

 Leadfeeder is a powerful all-round solution that allows you to creatively get more high-quality leads by giving you data of companies and individuals visiting your website, the source through which they found you, and their interests.

Once you get leads, you can make use of these leads by sending it to your team on updating your CRM.


There are various techniques to increase website traffic but lead generation requires you to take one step forward by knowing your traffic and nurturing them. Without further ado, we suggest you choose your pick and get started with the best tool that suits your business needs!

She is a content writer at PeppyBiz, a platform that provides lead generation software through which companies can stimulate and capture customer's interest in their product or service.

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