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6 Proven Techniques to Increase Traffic to your Website in 2021

6 Proven Techniques to Increase Traffic to your Website in 2021

So you launched your business website, hoping to get new leads and a lot of traffic. You need to build your site with exciting themes, add lots of plugins, and embellish it with quality content, but the results aren't what you expected?

Then you must hit your head and cry in frustration, right?

You see, it's not difficult for website owners to start or develop a website today - you need to contact expert website developers, and your job is done. But the real problem here is your site traffic. People need to let you know when they are above the crowd.

But how? Not everyone knows the magic of SEO as the best SEO company. No need to wrinkle; getting traffic in 2021 is harder than ever, but it can be. You have to play your cards very carefully.

6 Proven Ways to Increase Traffic On Your Website

#1. Optimize your website for search

First, focus on finding keywords representing your niche to keep your blog's content and pages intact. Typically, you choose to focus on one or two main keywords on each site. You can use SEO tools like keywords anywhere to find relevant keywords.

Focus first on keywords with fewer than 10,000 searches per month. After publishing your blog content and optimized product pages for a few months, you can focus on larger keywords.

The trick to increasing website traffic is to build a solid foundation of relevant keywords first. Make sure to use your online store's blog to have the greatest impact on improving the organic traffic on your website.

#2. Advertise for more traffic

It's so obvious we're looking at it. Paid search, social media, and display ads (try our smart ad creator!) Are great ways to attract visitors, build a brand, and promote your site. Tailor your paid strategies to your goals - do you need more traffic or want to increase conversions? Each payment channel has its sides and errors. So think carefully about your objectives before withdrawing a credit card.

If you expect more traffic to your website will lead to more sales, optimize your product videos and add featured videos as thumbnail through the WooCommerce product video plugin. You need to target commercial keywords as part of your paid search strategies. Yes, the competition for these search terms can be intense (and costly), but the fees can be worth it.

#3. Optimize for voice search

In the future, text search will be replaced by voice search. Smartphones play a vital role in the development of voice search. And smart speakers like Amazon Echo, Google Home, and more are a cake cherry.

Half of the requests are now voice-based. And if you don't want to lag, you'll need to optimize your content for voice search. Since voice searches target long-tail keywords (with less competition), it's easier to rank them. Also, many brands aren't optimizing their content for language questions yet to improve your rankings.

If you start optimizing for voice search, you can generate huge organic traffic soon. Use advanced branding techniques to help search engines understand what information your page contains. Schema labeling also helps search engines show illustrated results that are more likely to persuade users to click on them.

Optimize your content for cell phones as most voice queries come from cell phones. Users shorten paragraphs, lists, bullets so that Google can display your content in selections.

#4. Be consistent with content updates

I think the easiest way to increase organic traffic quickly is to update your content. I say this for my own experience and some reports. Do not start updating content without checking its metrics. Analyze all aspects of the content. Analyze user behavior with tools like Hotjar, check metrics other than Google Analytics. Also, check the performance of the Google Search Console to see which keywords receive the most traffic.

Replace old statistics and reports with new ones. Check your page for broken links. If so, please fix it. Make sure to add media elements to your pages when you update them. You can include tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, Pinterest infographics, and more to make your content more interesting and interactive. It also increases latency, which is a sign of a good user experience.

Use shorter sentences and paragraphs in your content. Separate your content with lists and subtitles, so it's easy to read and crawl. See what your AMP or mobile phone will look like on your page. If the mobile version of your page isn't formatted correctly, change it to prevent mobile phones from leaving the page.

#5. Spy on your competitors

Look for the secrets of competitive analysis. Whenever I start building a new online store, I am always interested in knowing my competitors' main traffic sources. This helps me understand which sales channels I prefer.

Sometimes I use the free Alexa tool. All you have to do is log in to the competitor's website, scroll upstream to the sites, and see a list of the websites you've visited just before going to the competitor's website.

When you see that Google is your best bet in general, you need to focus on Google Ads and SEO. If Facebook is the best website, you need to know that you need to create Facebook Ads. When a niche blog is your biggest traffic source, you can focus on developing a sales strategy that works with your time.

#6. Just do everything

If you want to constantly generate and maintain traffic in today's highly competitive web timing, you need to try everything. To increase traffic, you'll need to post to third-party websites, look visual, target social networking platforms, and try all other appropriate methods. You need to plan your content strategically and effectively.

For most companies, there are many competing brands with the same or similar target audience. So why not work together to build a common audience? Look for opportunities to work with brands solving different problems for a similar audience. This way, you can both access a whole new user base (without stealing each other's customers!)

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