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How to Skyrocket Sales on Your ECommerce Stores with Explainer Videos

How to Skyrocket Sales on Your ECommerce Stores with Explainer Videos

Staying ahead of the curve has always been challenging in the competitive nature of eCommerce platforms. While big brands keep closing deals day by day, smaller businesses may need help to thrive.

Incorporating explainer videos in your eCommerce stores is a way to stay competitive. Many marketers have spread good words about how helpful explainer videos are in driving more sales for their companies.

Still, strategic plans are crucial in making your explainer videos work wonders. Read on to explore some practices to skyrocket your sales on eCommerce stores with explainer videos.

Why Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are an excellent marketing tool. They're typically short, concise, and visually appealing to showcase products or services.

Explainer videos are snackable content with short time frames that can quickly engage audiences and convert them into paying customers.

More than 90% of marketers agree that explainer videos are crucial in marketing. They've helped them raise product awareness and, most importantly, increase sales.

Especially if you have eCommerce stores, providing explainer videos can help potential buyers learn about your products better. Besides, explainer videos can drive them to the checkout page and proceed with the payment.

How to Use Explainer Videos to Boost Ecommerce Sales

Using explainer videos can be more complex than you think. Without the right strategy, your explainer videos may not perform as expected. In other words, there's still a chance that your explainer videos may be a failure in which it fails to drive sales.

If you're new to explainer videos, we got your back. Below we've rounded up seven best practices to create converting explainer videos for your eCommerce stores. So, shall we get started?

#1. Create Attention-Grabbing Stories

Explainer videos need engaging stories to attract people. It can be challenging to come up with attention-grabbing stories as explainer videos are mostly short. That's why the first few seconds of your video hold a crucial role.

You can add humor to grab people's attention right off the bat. Humor is excellent to glue viewers to watch your video entirely. Viewers who fully digest your videos have a higher chance of converting to your eCommerce store.

Another option is to use an emotional story for your explainer video. There's nothing better than story-driven explainer videos to pull in potential buyers. You can pinpoint the target audience's problems to get their attention right away.

#2. Develop Killer Scripts

Scripts are vital in any video production, especially if you need to add a voiceover to your video. A well-written script must be comprehensive yet concise to deliver essential messages and promote your brand.

In some cases, businesses hire a professional video company to produce an explainer video for them. It has many plus points of hiring another party unrelated to your company, including creating a script.

The way they see your brand may be different from yours. So you gain a new perspective and get a fresh brand image to tell people. Generally, a professional video company requires you to fill out a form asking about your company, product, target audience, product benefits, CTAs, and more.

#3. Keep Your Explainer Videos Short and Sweet

Explainer videos for eCommerce marketing purposes are meant to be short. The more concise your script, the more likely people will remember it. The explainer videos you put on your eCommerce store should be short enough.

Keep your video between 30 seconds to two minutes. The longer your video, the less likely people will watch it. Another rule of thumb is 150 words per minute. It's the ideal word count for an explainer video to keep the pace comfortable.

Focus on explaining four key pieces of information: the problem, the solution, how your product works, and a call to action. Besides, it's better to highlight benefits than features.

#4. High-Quality Visuals are Key

When it comes to explainer videos, high-quality visuals are key to attracting viewers the first time. Use top-notch equipment and hire professional video editors to create smooth, crack-free explainer videos.

Illustrations, typography, graphs, and animations are the main actors in explainer videos. So special skills are required to produce a quality explainer video.

There are several stages in the production of explainer videos that no one can perform. So, hiring an explainer video company can be a great way out if your team can't handle the job.

#5. Include a Captivating CTA

Your explainer video needs a captivating CTA to encourage audiences to take further action. It helps potential buyers to proceed to the payment page and purchase your product immediately.

It's important to note that putting one CTA in an explainer video is more than enough. Too many CTAs will only do more harm than good, as your video can be too pushy. So, clearly state what you want your utmost objectives, whether to buy, taste, sign up, or others.

#6. Hire Professional Voice Over Actors

No matter how excellent your explainer video is, poor audio can ruin it faster than anything else. A plain and cracky voiceover can be a real killer to your video. It can be worse if the voice sounds like it is recorded on a Talkboy,

In this day and age, it's easy to find professional voiceover actors. You can hire them online on websites like They are experienced people in this field. They understand how to play with the tone to give a soul to your explainer video.

#7. Run A/B Testing

The likelihood of having your first explainer video convert many people is quite rare. If your explainer video fails to reach the target sales, you should run A/B testing to find out which style or concept resonates best with your audiences.

Therefore, you must set aside a dedicated budget for A/B testing. Also, always track your video performances on your eCommerce store and analyze the reasons your explainer video fails or thrives.

Wrapping Up

Explainer videos on your eCommerce stores can bring many benefits. They're snackable videos that come in handy for potential buyers. Not only are they informative, but they are also entertaining in some ways.

As there are many elements in an explainer video, having a well-planned strategy is important. You must develop iconic concepts to attract audiences and engage them throughout the video.

Engaging explainer videos is key to making potential buyers convert at the end. The above points can help you skyrocket sales on your eCommerce stores using explainer videos. All in all, explainer videos are marketing tools worth investing in for businesses of all scales.

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Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video production company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).

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