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Tips to Secure Leads for Your B2B Business

Jan 18, 2023
Tips to Secure Leads for Your B2B Business

Having leads for your B2B business is important as these are people you can reach out to that will lead to conversion optimisation and sales. However, garnering leads can be a difficult process if you have little experience doing so. Luckily, with time and practice, generating leads is one of the best ways to grow your business significantly. Here are some of the best tips for your business to secure high-quality leads in order to be successful.

Cold Calling & E-mailing

“If you're looking to generate B2B leads, it may be time to roll up your sleeves and do some cold calling. You should be familiar with your target audience if you've reached the point of generating leads, so it's time to conduct some research and compile a b2b prospecting strategy to reach out to. Cold calling may seem taboo, but there's a right way to do it. Attempt to set up a meeting with the owner (or another C-level executive) to make a formal proposal. If you'd prefer to email businesses, find the correct point of contact and remain respectful and professional in your approach.”

-Faryar Borhani, CCO of Midland Credit Management

Get Involved in Online Communities

“There are countless online communities such as social Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, and forum pages where you can interact with current and potential customers.  By finding online communities in your company’s niche industry, you can connect with like minded businesses.  Once you join these pages, you can advertise your expertise by responding to questions, posting articles, and messaging individuals.  Since competition is tough when it comes to generating leads for your B2B business, online communities are a great way to increase your company’s credibility and brand recognition.”

- Lev Berlin, Founder of Recipal

Create Infographics

“An extremely effective way to generate B2B leads is through creating content that is both informative and shareable. One excellent way to do this is by creating infographics that are related to your field and appeal to professionals. When done right, infographics are a very digestible format to learn and spread important information across multiple channels. You can include them in informative blog posts or post them as-is on social media depending on what your preferences are. Creating infographics is a quick way to establish yourself as an authoritative figure within the topics you discuss and raises your credibility, leading to more B2B leads than before.”

- David Ring, Senior Marketing Manager at MCT Trading

Content Marketing

“Inbound marketing allows you to attract leads via organic traffic. Creating resourceful content such as blog posts or a newsletter creates a sense of community and authority. Becoming a valued resource in your industry will create organic leads. As someone reads your blog for insights on the industry and goes back again for it, they’ll remember and appreciate your brand. As more quality content is built out on your site, search engines will take notes and it’ll be exposed to more and more users. Content marketing has the ability to create free traffic to your site as more people are reading, linking and sharing your resources. You should utilize organic website traffic from your content marketing as your hot leads.”

- Amy Adlerstein, Senior Retention Marketing Manager at Canvas People

Utilize LinkedIn

“Since Linkedin was built as a networking tool, this social network is an extremely effective place to generate leads. Creating a relevant LinkedIn business strategy with specific marketing tactics is important to establish credibility. Professionals look to LinkedIn daily for relevant articles and content on their industry, and interact with that audience. During B2B sales, businesses will research their clients or their vendors by searching them on LinkedIn. Shared connections can also yield more lead generation. Thus, you should utilize Linkedin outreach in B2B lead generation by creating a marketing strategy and presence on the professional social network.”

-Brandon Brown, CEO and Cofounder at GRIN

Foster Customer Referrals and Recommendations

“Your current customers are your biggest asset for generating B2B sales leads. Think of their customer experience as free PR: if someone raves about how helpful your business’ tool is to one of their peers, it is likely their peer will look into what your business has to offer. The most qualified leads come directly from previous or current customer recommendations and referrals. In order to foster these relationships, you must create a valuable and seamless customer experience. As these relationships grow, you can even generate B2B leads by asking your customers for introductions or referrals.”

- Jacob Dayan, CEO and Co-Founder of Community Tax

In conclusion, having leads for your B2B business is crucial for conversion optimization and sales growth. Generating leads can be a challenging task, but with practice and the implementation of effective strategies, it is possible to secure high-quality leads that will drive business success.

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