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10 Common Mistakes When Creating Social Media Videos

10 Common Mistakes When Creating Social Media Videos

TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and other short-form videos have become popular in recent years as a way to engage with audiences on social media. You might already know that most viral content on social media often comes in a video format.

Now, internet users are getting more and more attached to this type of content. Many businesses are jumping onto the social media video bandwagon.

But it’s important to know the key elements of creating compelling social media videos if you want your content to stand out from the crowd.

Why Create Social Media Videos?

Before getting into the common mistakes, let’s talk about why you should be creating social media videos in the first place.

Social media platforms and video content go hand-in-hand. Social media platforms are where people are actively spending their time looking for content, so it only makes sense that video is one of the better ways to get in front of them.

Videos on Twitter have been shown to have ten times higher engagement than other types of content, such as images or GIFs. This means more people could interact with your content, which can lead to increased brand awareness and better customer relations.

Video content is easily shared, leading to higher engagement among viewers and more potential reach through tagging and re-sharing. Videos are also more likely to hold people’s attention than other types of posts, as they’re more immersive than text or image-based content.

When you create social media videos, you can bring your brand’s personality and character to life, allowing you to show a different side of your business that may not be seen through other mediums.

10 Common Mistakes Many Businesses Make When Creating Social Media Videos

Now that we know why it’s important for businesses to create social media videos, let’s dive into the ten most common mistakes when creating them.

#1. Having No Objectives

When creating a social media video, it’s important to have a clear goal in mind. What do you want viewers to take away from it?

Some videos may be designed to entertain, while others will aim to educate or inform. Without having a clear objective, you can't build an effective video.

#2. Not Paying Attention to the Format

It’s important to think about which social media platform you’ll be using and what type of video works best for that platform. No social media platform is created equal for video content. Especially if you will be working with influencers, you can use influencer analytics to check whether your video content was effective.

Different platforms have different characteristics, so it’s important to tailor your content accordingly. For example, Instagram Stories are better suited for short, vertical videos, while YouTube Shorts work best for longer horizontal videos. On the other hand, if you will use videos as part of your B2B email marketing, you will need to recheck the format accordingly.

#3. Not Optimizing for Mobile Screens

Out of 4.48 billion social media users, 99% access websites or apps through a mobile device.

This means one thing; it’s important to optimize your content for this viewing experience. Make sure that the text is legible and the main visuals are easily visible without having to squint.

#4. Not Considering the Audience

When creating a video, it’s important to consider who you’re targeting, and whether they are B2B, B2C, eCommerce or a SaaS startup. Think about their age group, gender, location, and interests so that you can tailor your content accordingly. Using a good online proofing tool will ensure that your team are all aligned on the direction of your video content.

Each social media platform has its own demographics. LinkedIn is the perfect social media platform when you want professionals or job seekers to see your videos. But, when you want to target younger crowds, TikTok is the place to be.

#5. Not Having a Call to Action

Your video should always have a clear call to action at the end, regardless of your ultimate goal.

This could be something as simple as “share this video with your friends” or “subscribe to our channel.” Having this will ensure that viewers know what to do next, and can help you to grow your business.

#6. Too Hard-Selling

No social media user scrolls their social media feed and says, "let's see what I can buy here today."

They've seen enough ads. So they go to social media to find some entertainment and education. That's why you should focus on creating video content that will engage them, not just a sales pitch like creating user generated video.

#7. Not Keeping Videos Short

Social media users are generally impatient. It only takes a few seconds for them to scroll through something, so if they can't find what they're looking for quickly, then they'll keep scrolling.

Keeping your video short and sweet will ensure it doesn’t get skipped over. The ideal for most social media platforms is one minute or less. You can leverage social media videos tools to help you create high quality short videos.

#8. Not Having a Consistent Branding Strategy

Your video should reflect your brand’s identity and values.

From the colors, font, and music used to the overall tone of your video, all these elements should be cohesive with your established brand image. This will increase audience recognition and help your videos stand out from the crowd.

Considering animation into your video can also increase the attractiveness of the video since most people love animated video. So why not use animated commercials for your branding.

#9. Not Using Captions

More than 85% of videos viewed on Facebook are watched without the sound on, so it’s important to include captions in your videos. This way, viewers can still understand the message of your video even if they don’t have their sound on.

#10. Being Impatient

Rome wasn't built in one day, nor was your successful social media video campaign. Even the most seasoned social media expert will tell you that you can't expect your social media videos to go viral right after you hit the 'publish' button. Consistency is key. It takes time to gain traction. It's always best to have a solid content strategy, from generating ideas to scheduling production and promotion.

This will help you reach your goals in the long run, rather than settling for short-term gains. After all, quality over quantity is the way to go. Keep creating content that resonates with your target audience, and you'll be rewarded with shares, likes, and new followers. is a full SERP tracker that has the potential to give you a head start over your competitors. This tool allows you to analyze SERPs through different filters and get the bigger picture by inspecting the data over a period of time. In the same way, you can track the changes in your keyword rankings and build a timeline that can help with further predictions for senior SEO experts on your team. Statistics geeks will love the ability to see different metrics overlaid on the results by turning on Nozzle Vision mode while comparing numerous SERPs side by side. You can customize your own schedules to evaluate your keywords and your competitors. Check top keywords daily, secondary keywords weekly, etc. You can even set up hourly scans when you launch a new campaign, and make sure you don’t lose any important data.

Over to You

Creating social media videos can be a great way for businesses to engage with their audiences and drive more engagement from them. However, it’s important to avoid the common mistakes mentioned above when creating these videos in order to maximize their impact.

If you’re wondering where to start, try creating a video about your brand, a video about your main product or service, and a testimonial video. Once these are finished, you can create a series of 2-3 short informational or instructional videos that your audience will find useful.

With thoughtful planning and careful execution, you can create social media videos that will help you reach your goals.  

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