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4 Experts Share What Helps Them Relieve WFH Stress When They Need It

Jun 15, 2021
4 Experts Share What Helps Them Relieve WFH Stress When They Need It

Work from home stress is a totally different type of stress. It’s a feeling you’ve never felt before in your home or in your own personal space. It can feel invasive and it can be tough to shake. It’s hard to get away from your work when you are doing it from home, especially if you live in a small condo or apartment.

New and experienced remote workers have had to be innovative over the last year as they adjust their lives to fit the new uniqueness of their routines. They aren’t able to go to the office for a break from their home, a hybrid schedule isn’t available, and most coffee shops weren’t even accommodating sit-in guests.

For a little fun, I asked some experts about what they would do if they were feeling stressed and needed a little break from their work. Here’s what these 4 experts had to say:

(1) The Great Outdoors

“Nothing helps me get away from my work faster than getting outdoors. I instantly forget about the things causing me discomfort and start thinking about the things I really love, like the birds in the sky, the feeling of breathing in the fresh air, and smell of nature around me.

I usually head to a nearby trail to go for a quick walk, but it also helps to just walk down the road or visit my bird feeders in the backyard. Even if I get out for just 5 minutes, it definitely makes a difference and really helps me feel better.”

Gerallt Hywel, Outdoor Enthusiast and the Founder of Wild Bird World

(2) A Few Pages of a Book

“Focusing my energy on reading a good book can help me escape any stress or fatigue I’m feeling during the day. Most times it is some sort of self-help book that, while it pulls my attention away from things going on with work, can also motivate and recharge my mind. I feel refreshed after my short reading break and oftentimes have a clearer answer about how I can solve any issues going on during my way.”

Brent Thurman, Owner of Bear River Mutual Insurance

(3) Some Calming Audio

“A few minutes of some nice audio in my ears can do wonders for my demeanor.

Sometimes I’ll use a meditation app like Calm or Headspace, while other times I am more in the mood for relaxing music. Even a good podcast or audiobook can help me recharge at times. Some people might even feel better after turning on some heavy metal or rap!

Just find something that cures your blues and use it to kickstart your day again.”

Christos Kritikos, Owner & Startup Coach at Emerging Humanity

(4) The Water!

“I spent some of my time over the last year in beautiful Hawaii and, during that time, was able to get on the water for some surfing. This activity was amazing and fueled me to be more creative and motivated than ever before in my personal and professional life.

Jumping on my board and conquering a wave is difficult and you must take advantage of the limited opportunities that come your way while on the water. This is similar to how the business world works and you must be ready for the opportunity to ride the wave, on the water or in the office!”

Danielle Hu, Founder of The Wanderlover.

What activity fuels you to be better?

We all need an activity to take our mind off the stresses in our lives. Whether it’s as simple as grabbing a book in your home or hitting the water for some fun, it’s all dependent on what helps you. You just need to find the thing that can help you relieve stress and recharge your batteries.

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