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5 Negative Factors due to which Domain Authority does not Increase

Sep 30, 2021
5 Negative Factors due to which Domain Authority does not Increase

So, if you are a blogger and concerned about your domain authority then you are in the right place.There is no such difficulty in improving the domain authority of any website because you need to be focused on some things.

It is pretty clear that if some factors can improve your domain authority,then there must be many factors that can destroy your domain authority as well.

First of all, we need to check the domain authority and after determining, we can take steps to increase it.But here is one thing that can be more important to discuss before discussing the negative factors and the thing is domain authority itself.

Because most of the people may be unaware of domain authority and how it can be determined.

So, we are all set to give you the details of domain authority and the factors that can destroy the domain authority and we need your attention.

What is domain authority?

Many predictive scores determine the progress of a website and domain authority is one of them.We can surely claim that people are a bit confused about the difference between domain authority and page authority.

So, let’s get towards the concept of domain authority, it is also termed as a website and it is dedicated to predicting the progress of a site.

What does it mean?

When we are going to compete with some site, the very first thing we check is its domain authority by a good da checker.

A website with the highest domain authority can be difficult to compete like you need to be more focused on.The range score of domain authority is 0-100 and a website can lie in between these specified numbers.

5 negative factors to avoid

The poor domain authority is not limited to the 5 negative factors as there are many but if you avoid these five only, it can be really helpful. And after avoiding these five, you need to follow some steps that help increase the domain authority.

These five factors are discussed below.

1. Poor content quality

Content is the basic thing especially on a blogging site and we can say that the most primary thing that we should focus on while increasing domain authority is content.

Poor content doesn’t mean font sizes and something like that but it means how much content is readable and easy to understand.

Keywords are the basic things that are needed to be adjusted in content and when you don’t do it, the content can be considered as poor.Sometimes, a writer is just concerned about writing plagiarism-free content but the writer ignores the readability of the content.

And that’s the point where the domain authority starts decreasing.So, it must be clear that if your preference is to increase the domain authority then you need to focus on the content you are going to publish.

2. Keywords stuffing

Undoubtedly, adjusting keywords is really important but keyword stuffing is strictly prohibited content especially if you are concerned about the DA of your site.

We must specify a density of adjusting a keyword that can help us make the content easy to understand and prevent keyword stuffing.

Some bloggers are not concerned about density, they are focused on adjusting keywords.

And setting up a keyword density is not only needed but we need to make a cloud for a specific keyword.

What is a cloud of a keyword?

It means we need to mention a keyword naturally and according to the intent of the content and that means to make a cloud of a keyword.

3. Adding bad backlinks

As high authority backlinks help you grow your website and in contrast,bad backlinks can destroy the authority of any site.It is compulsory to remove the links that can lead your audience to bad websites and that can be done by auditing your site.

Link exchange is very discouraging and it cannot be a good option for search engine ranking. You need to avoid link exchange.If you are doing it just for two or three links then it can be okay but excessive link exchange can be dangerous for the domain authority.

Now, you must be clear that you need to take high authority links and remove the bad backlinks.

All you need to do is, frequently audit your site and remove the bad links so that it can be really helpful in increasing the domain authority.

4. Lack of activity

We have seen many websites on the internet that are not active or we can say that there is a lack of activity on these sites.

First of all, keep it clear that if you want to maintain an impressive DA of your site then you need to stay active on your website. Being active doesn’t mean you just open up your site and start scrolling up and down, it means you need to post something frequently.

If you don’t have something to post, you can change the old content to make it better and this helps the search engine crawlers to determine that you are active on your site.And Things aren't over on upgrading the old content but we recommend you to upload something new on your blog.

Just think,is your audience like to read the already written content again and again?

So, for building strong brand authority, you need to engage your audience,and uploading new and fresh content is the only way.

And you must also stay active on many other social media platforms that are interconnected with yourwebsite and in that manner, you can make people aware of you.

5. Slow loading speed

As soon as a viewer steps into a website, the viewer expects to see all of the uploaded content in a couple of seconds and you must not disappoint your audience.

And when all the uploaded content will not be loaded in just a few seconds then ultimately, the viewer will switch to some other website.

So, in this way, you are increasing the bounce rate of your website and you are also losing your audience as well.

But how can we maintain a good loading speed?

It is very simple as you just need to compress all of your content in which images, GIFs, videos, and many more media are included.

As long as you compress all these media, the loading speed of your site will automatically increase.Sometimes, we make the mistake of using high-quality media content and ignore the loading speed of the website.

When we don’t have an audience to see the content, what do we do with our high-quality content?

How to increase domain authority?

When it comes to increasing the domain authority of a website, we need to follow many steps but these steps are pretty simple.

All you need to do is

  • Focus on the quality of your content
  • Get some high authority backlinks
  • Use relevant pictures and other media
  • Increase the activity on your site
  • Avoid bad and spammy links

You can easily increase the DA of your site just by following these steps, so it can be a good opportunity to follow these steps and boost your domain authority.


There are millions of websites and you are also willing to own a site but how can you differentiate yourself from the others?

The domain authority can be very helpful regarding this and if you are going to increase the domain authority, you need to follow some steps.

We can say that there are many steps to focus while increasing the domain authority and same as there are many steps that are needed to avoid.We have discussed all of the steps that are required to follow and that are required to ignore so, have a look at them.

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