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Artificial Intelligence - Are Driverless Cars still a Fictional Subject?

Artificial Intelligence - Are Driverless Cars still a Fictional Subject?

The automotive industry is being reshaped with the help of artificial intelligence. The big auto industry players like BMW, Tesla, and Volvo have made the fantasized idea of driverless cars into reality using AI technology. In addition, AI is helping to further enhance the manufacturing process, improving the supply chain productivity, and promises a safe driving experience. No doubt, engineers are still at the first stage of exploring the capabilities and potential of artificial intelligence in the automotive industry. AI has spread out its roots in the entire industry which includes designing, production, testing, and marketing. With the help of technology, the whole automotive work cycle is transformed from manual ways to automated procedures where as Artificial Intelligence Certification can help you to understand about how it enables software to better understand human abilities like thinking, reasoning, planning, communication, and sensing.

The Role of AI in Transforming Automotive Industry

The auto industry is looking for the technology through which they can automate as well as enhance car designs, development, and assembling procedures while maximizing the quality of vehicles. The auto industry customers’ needs are well defined, they need cars that are safe, comfortable, and have innovative features rather than the vehicles used in 19 century just to get to the desired destination.

Artificial intelligence being the most powerful technology is the only thing that is capable of fulfilling the auto industry’s needs. AI has enough potential to boost up the manufacturing and assembling process and provides the means to improve the functionalities like self drinking cars. It’s expected that the global market of AI-based vehicles will reach $37 billion in the coming years.

AI’s role is quite astonishing in the automotive industry. By employing artificial intelligence technology, manufacturing plants are becoming more efficient and by using technology-based tools are reducing the rate of faults that tend to occur often. In addition, AI is also good at handling bulks of data. To get a better understanding of customers’ needs and requirements data collection systems powered by AI are also employed to normalize the data in order to get a better point of view.

Moreover, the automotive industry is also benefited by the AI in a way that their cost for shipment is reduced, and by deploying robots quality is not compromised. Last but not least, AI is fruitful for inspection in an entire assembly line and also precisely traces the sources of an error made by humans.

Significant Use Case of AI in Automotive Industry

Driver Assist Feature

By utilizing artificial intelligence, the automotive industry has come up with the innovative feature of driver-assist which is available in most vehicles. Due to this feature, the driver is automatedly alarmed regarding the condition of the road ahead, monitors blind spots which the driver can't visualize, and also aids in auto-steering as well as braking in order to prevent accidents.

Autonomation in  Vehicles

As we have all seen the concept of self-driving cars in movies, for once it looked like fiction and fantasy. Thanks to AI technology, it has become quite possible and automotive industries around the globe are able to manufacture self-driving cars and trucks. AI technology is employed with the key concepts of the deep neural network, gesture sensing features and natural language processing is providing brains to the cars and enough capabilities to drive on their own without human intervention.

Automated Manufacturing

AI has provided ways to improve and enhance the traditional method of producing vehicles. The auto industry is using artificial intelligence to automate its production and assembly lines. AI-powered robots have been placed alongside humans which maximizes productivity as well as produces the product with the least number of defects. Moreover, if defects occur they are easily detected and hence the cost and time are reduced.

Improving Supply Chain

Diving into the global economy, automotive industries have quite puzzled supply chains which are spread worldwide. Any kind of glitches or mishaps will result in disaster full consequences which can add up extra cost and time. However, using artificial intelligence the auto industry can gain complete control of their supply chain, which includes the planning procedures, logistics, and managing the inventory seamlessly.

Vehicle Quality Assurance

The role of AI in maintaining quality checks like kyc authentication is pretty much noticeable. AI is quite beneficial in inspecting the workflows through production. Using AI-based tools and machines the companies are easily detecting the defects in the end products which are ready to dispatch. Automated robots are quite effective in visually incepting machinery parts, paints, and interior quality in order to provide high-quality vehicles.

Final Verdict

No doubt, the role of artificial intelligence to reshape the automotive industry is notable. AI has transformed the perception of vehicles and made them quite real which was only seen in the movies. It's the reality that we are living in the ultra-modern era where companies like Tesla have already produced self-driving cars. Therefore, using AI new innovation will be carried out which will make all fantasies into reality in coming years.

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