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Why Should You Choose React Native for Mobile App Development in 2021?

Sep 30, 2021
Why Should You Choose React Native for Mobile App Development in 2021?

Facebook introduced React Native in 2015, which has been a great success. This app gives astonishing results as its platform is flexible, faster, and extremely user-friendly. It does not imply targeting the browser, instead, it emphasizes the mobile platforms. Native React app is an open-source framework for developing apps for macOS, IOS, Web, tvOS, Windows, Android, Android TV.

Adopted by millions of companies globally, Native React development company has reached even high heights. Clearly, React Native developers work hard to make it stay among the best technologies for building mobile apps in 2021.

Why choose React Native development company for your app? The stats describe everything. As per a top survey, Statista declared it “The best cross-platform mobile framework for worldwide developers,” in 2020.

Native React has left behind the big alternatives such as Flutter, Ionic, Xamarin, Cordova, and many more.

In this post, we will learn why you must choose Native React App for building apps for iOS and Android. Moreover, we will take a close look at its advantages to understand what makes this framework so popular.

Mobile App Development: Best 5 Reasons To Go For React Native

There are countless advantages of using Native React for your upcoming projects. The following pointers will reveal why thousands of users trust it for their projects.

1. React Native Has Unique Nature

If you compare RN App Development with its competitors, you will observe a huge difference. Its competitors are search engines, it is not. Native React works like a bridge that links the cross-platform code with Android and iOS native platforms.

The moment this cross-platform code performs a task, Native React does a similar task on the relevant platform. This functionality makes this technology a simple, cost-effective, and scalable option that gives your app a real-life experience.

2. It Saves Your Money

The most straightforward response to why to select React Native App Development Framework?" is that it saves your money.

When you use cross-platform technology, it develops one code that can be used by two or multiple apps.

Its cost-effective feature is something that makes it a highly demanded web technology. Also, web development is less costly than online/mobile is typically less expensive than mobile app development. Therefore, working with Native React takes just half of the time taken by other native technologies.

3. Larger Developer Community

Because Native React is backed by Facebook, it will inevitably attract a wider developer community. Furthermore, because it is an open system, anyone can use it for free. The best appealing aspect of the RN app is its community-driven technology.

Furthermore, using an open-source platform assists with code identification. The platform allows developers to establish portfolios, discuss their experiences, and so on. And with time, this connection will motivate students to develop stronger codes.

The technology won't let any developer stand alone.

4. Smoother and Better Debugging Process

There is a single codebase for RN development. And due to this, the bug detection process becomes faster in both Android or iOS. This is why this framework is considered ideal for  Android app development.

Furthermore, the RN codes are reusable so, developers just have to release one update for both OS platforms.

Debugging is a time-consuming process. Developers spend hours examining their code in order to identify issues and correct them. Whenever there is a dumb syntax mistake that is not visible, the work gets even more difficult.

Native React app development comes to rescue users to rectify this problem. The team won't have to spend as much time looking for bugs by using this cross-platform framework. Because it includes a single codebase, it just takes a single bug repair to bring the complete system back to life. Furthermore, the framework includes debugging tools such as, and Nuclide to assist with the process smoothly.

5. Productivity Enhanced Due to Native App Development

Traditionally, native mobile application development is viewed as less productive. Native React, on the other hand, uses React concepts. So, it enables the creation of more powerful mobile applications.

RN apps, despite their hybrid nature, produce the same benefits as native apps. Also, the framework offers access to the well-known ReactJS UI library created by Facebook. For application development, ReactJS & user interface implementation, this library was developed by Facebook.

Therefore, it effectively enhances the productivity of Native apps.

The Bottom Line

React Native app development gives extra productivity and its setup is simple. Also, it enhances the performance of your app making it much better. Hence, choosing React Native development company is almost a correct choice for those targeting platforms like Android, iOS, web).

There's no denying that the RN development company is growing fastly and is here to remain for a long time. So, you should definitely hire React Native developers for your upcoming projects.

Author’s Bio:  The author is a native react app developer at MobileCoderz, an industry leader in mobile development. He has experience working with start-ups, SMEs, and tech companies in the app development field. He is obsessed with books and the latest technological trends, raising his skills in mobile apps and web development.

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