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7 Ways to Show Your Employees That You Appreciate Them

May 27, 2021
7 Ways to Show Your Employees That You Appreciate Them

Salaries aren't the only effective means of attracting, inspiring, and retaining employees. This is important, but its weakness is that this element is interchangeable. It's important to consider the irreplaceable elements of the value proposition for your employees - the things you can provide are unique and don't have identical replacements.

One of the least fungible assets of a company is its culture. Developing an exceptional culture of recognition and appreciation can make a great difference in a company. How to show your employees that you appreciate them?

1. Small teams bring big wins

Keep in mind that your company is made up of small parts and these teams work together to bring big wins to your business. Be sure to show your gratitude to the individual groups for the opportunity to undertake these major projects. You can organise something special for the particular team.

We all need to relax sometimes, and the office may not be the best place to do that. Poolrooms are a classic place for workers to hang out and take part in casual competitions. Pay a couple of tables and watch your special team relax!

Another great way to win the hearts and stomachs of your employee is to take the entire team for lunch! People love to try new restaurants all over the city, and if you ask ahead of time, you will have a whole list of popular places to visit!

2. No personal life - no happy employees

For many, a two-hour commute to work every day is the norm, which means they have less time for their personal lives. Lack of time for personal life can lead to great dissatisfaction with work. It further leads to a lack of productivity and a desire to work. And no one needs that. Sometimes employees turn to management and request remote work, but many employers resist this idea. A surefire way to show gratitude to employees is to show confidence in their ability to do their job without constant supervision. Try giving them one day a week or four days a month to work from home and see if it improves their productivity and well-being!

 3. Relax, take it easy

Recognising that your employees need some time to recharge and relax shows your understanding and respect for their hard work and talents.

Consider offering additional paid days off for employees that have demonstrated extra  willingness. This way you will avoid burnout. And a creative way to show appreciation to your employees is to deal with office pain with a professional massage therapist who can come to the office. The concept is not new, and many massage therapists have everything ready for a visit to home or office. Many people never take the time to go to massage, but it is amazing and can provide lasting relief from various stresses in the body. Your employees will be happy and ready for new challenges.

4. If employees thrive, so does the company

Employees who work hard usually think about their future. Helping them achieve their career goals is probably the best way to instil loyalty in your business and thereby increase productivity. Many companies are now planning employee training, and there are many online courses designed for beginners, intermediate and industry experts. Make an effort to find out in which spheres your employees want to develop. Allow them to attend conferences, courses and workshops. Another great idea is to organise a seminar or course in your company if there are more people interested in a certain topic. If employees are progressing, so is the company, don't forget that.

5. “Happy birthday” email is not enough

Don't forget important holidays and birthdays. It is clear that you cannot organise big celebrations and parties for every birthday, but you can surprise your birthday employee with something special. Flower bouquets are great for occasions like this. If you surprise your birthday employee with a day off you can send them at their address. Do your employees drink coffee, tea, or any other beverage in the office? A mug is a great gift to show your gratitude to them. And what gift do you give someone when you don't know what they like? Cold, straight-forward cash can seem a little impersonal. If you have an incomplete idea of what your employees love, then a gift card allows them to decide how to spend it best!

 6. A space for productive employees are a great investment

Invest in creating a space that will foster creativity and productive thinking for years to come! Give top performers the opportunity to update their workspace with new office supplies. You can invest in new chairs with lumbar support, standing tables, computers, and any type of decor ideas they would like to do.

After that you can think about decorating your office with some cool paintings. Imagine how awesome it would be to hang a series of unusual portraits of your team. Caricature portraits of your employees is a great way to boost mood in the office. There is no need to look for the next Michelangelo, you can find artists who can make masterpieces at very affordable prices

7. Healthy employees equal healthy company

Many companies offer a variety of snacks, juices and coffee to their employees. Be one step ahead of them. Give your employees the opportunity to choose healthy options. In addition to crackers and chocolates, make sure you always have fresh fruits, nuts, and tea in the office kitchen. In addition to the coffee machine, make sure to have a blender so that your employees can enjoy a healthy smoothie.

If you're already offering employees healthy snacks in the office, take it a step further and suggest a gym plan that suits your company's capabilities. Pay for a gym membership or offer a subsidy incentive to encourage your employees to stay active!


The recognition and gratitude of employees for their hard work is an important part of running a company. While there are many ways to show respect for your employees, you can choose the ones that best suit your team. Think you are ready to try out some of these ideas? Get started now! Choose a few that are most suitable from the list and test them in your office.

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