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Purchased Views Lay the Foundation for Maximizing Exposure of Instagram Video

Purchased Views Lay the Foundation for Maximizing Exposure of Instagram Video

Instagram is among the leading platforms for video marketing and miles ahead of other social media platforms because of the high engagement it generates. For marketers, Instagram is the most preferred social media platform because of its immensely marketing friendly features that keep improving with time. In addition, Instagram wants to meet the enhanced user expectations by providing a better user experience.

Small businesses in particular benefit a lot by using Instagram due to its easy accessibility and user-friendly features like Instagram Stories, IGTV, and Instagram Live that allow video content in the most creative ways to gain high visibility.

Shifting the focus to videos

Although Instagram began as a photo sharing site especially focused on social networking, it constantly evolved by adding new features that finally transformed it into one of the most powerful platforms for business marketing and brand building. Although photos are still the staple content for Instagram and more common among marketers, the transition to videos is becoming quite evident as more and more marketers are using video content for marketing.

Reports available from various studies show that Instagram videos are gaining traction quite fast. Besides gaining popularity, its engagement rate is quite encouraging though yet not at par with images. Interestingly, the engagement rate for videos is growing faster than that of still images or photos. During 2019, the engagement rate of videos increased by 53%, whereas it was just 46% for photos for the same period of the survey.

Video content is more in-depth

Besides generating high engagement, there are several other reasons for video content proving more effective than still images. Videos are more expressive, and it is possible to present complex topics in the format of stories that are not possible by using photos. As videos can capture multiple frames in a short time, it allows marketers to narrate elaborate stories in a concise but forceful manner that leaves a long-lasting impression in the viewer's mind. Images cannot match the appeal of videos that provide endless options of story-telling.

Boosting visibility enhances engagement

The rules for gaining high visibility are the same for photos and videos, despite the latter being more attractive. Although videos make viewers more curious to explore the content, you must know how to kick-start the campaign by purchasing Leoboost's Instagram view service to speed up the process of garnering views organically. Buying Instagram views will help to grab the attention of others much faster as they consider the number of viewers as a sign of good quality content that needs special attention. More views translate into the popularity of the video that keeps multiplying faster as the growing numbers keep attracting more people.

Views boost brand credibility

The general perception about popular content is that some people might make mistakes in evaluating the content correctly. Still, when many viewers enjoy video content, it sends a positive signal to others about the superior content quality that drives more people towards it. Furthermore, when more viewers view some content, it signifies the amount of trust they repose, which translates into high brand credibility. Higher views maximize brand exposure, and higher interactions are only possible when viewers consider it worthwhile to devote time to the brand. To achieve your goal, buy Instagram views with real people behind them so that the credibility generated from the interaction leads to meaningful conversions that boost the business bottom line.

Videos can go viral with support from purchased views

Besides gaining brand credibility, buying Instagram views help to create an instant buzz about the content. If you can maintain the momentum and take measures to accelerate it, there are high chances of your video content going viral. Use the inventory of purchased Instagram views as a launching pad and implement creative strategies to attract more viewers faster by taking advantage of the snowballing effect created with the instant boosting of purchased views. The value of a one-time purchase goes up many more times as views start pouring inorganically. When videos go viral, it generates exceptional brand exposure that marketers can craftily use to convert it into higher conversions.

To appear at the top of the Instagram feed, you must use the smart technique of purchasing views immediately upon uploading the videos. This is a proven formula to create a buzz right from the time you upload the videos, and the content gains faster exposure that would never be possible in the absence of the trust created by the purchased views.

However, purchasing views does not work in the same way for all types of video content because, in the end, the content quality determines the kind of organic attraction it can develop. Since organic views are the mainstay of popular videos, you must create top-quality video content that merits high visibility. Therefore, purchased views are temporary props that you must augment with your creative abilities to get the best results.

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