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Boost your Business Potential on LinkedIn in 3 simple steps

Boost your Business Potential on LinkedIn in 3 simple steps

Effective Marketing with LinkedIn’s organic and paid playbook.

Recently digital marketing has skyrocketed. Among different methods, social media marketing is very effective as well as interest-grabbing. It is addictive not only for the youth but also other groups to a considerably high ratio compared to other advertising techniques.

LinkedIn is a social media marketing platform for Professional content in the B2B universe. Setting up a personal or a business profile here is possible just like other social media channels.

Marketing on LinkedIn

Marketing on LinkedIn is a bit tricky as this channel does not lie on the casual social media. The communication carried out here is generally formal and related to technical topics or expert view-points.

Despite this fact, LinkedIn has provided us with a huge knowledge base to ease the marketing on its platform. And it has surely proven to be less complicated than Rocket Science.

Both Organic as well as paid advertising can be done on LinkedIn. It is well known to those familiar with digital marketing that neither of them alone is sufficient. But a combination of Organic and paid in the right proportion can do unbelievable wonders in reaching the right people at the right time.

Statistics prove that, “Beautiful campaigns are born at the intersection of Smart organic posts with analyzed and optimized paid boosting”.

Statistics prove that, “Beautiful campaigns are born at the intersection of Smart organic posts with analyzed and optimized paid boosting”.

Observation in stats show more than 50% rise in the engagement rate annually. The viewing has gone up by over 60% since previous years. Not only that, but hundred plus articles are being uploaded by users each day.

With the drastically increasing engagement on LinkedIn, it is no doubt the best time to reach ideal clients on this professional medium.

Let’s see how we can use LinkedIn’s playbook to improvise digital marketing for your business.

1. Start with a strong organic existence

The first step to take would be to ask yourself whether your LinkedIn page is the right place to carry out promotions for your business. If the answer is yes, then you can proceed with the planning.

Start by updating all the possible details on your page. These include:

  • Business Name
  • Official Logo
  • Type of the company
  • Services you provide
  • Number of employees
  • Location of your business

According to LinkedIn, when you add such information on the profile, the page view probability gets multiplied by Five.

Business services, stories, achievements, celebrations can be shared through a wide range of post-patterns. Type of knowledge-base or posts you can share with the LinkedIn community are:

  • infographics
  • blog posts
  • videos
  • links
  • eBooks
  • webinars

As per a study, successful companies upload any one kind of post daily.

An additional benefit is that with LinkedIn mobile application, you can keep your followers updated with daily posts even when it is difficult to reach the office.

When talking about article posts, there are two types:

  • Long Form

Such articles are used when the aim is to share in-depth knowledge on a particular matter.  

Here too you must add a personalized tone to all of the written pieces to notify that it was crafted by YOU not a computer. Create tutorials, discussions on themes that are popular at the moment.

Titles are most important. Crispy taglines will get you more clicks. You need to give a reason to the professionals to click on read more despite their busy schedule. The best article length is 600-1000 words.

  • Short Form

Pieces like these allow you casual, but insightful views on trending subjects. Here, you can play with business updates, industry developments, technical insights or use a combination of all these.

Tips for Organic Content

Visually appealing wins. Photos, videos, or infographics attract more people rather than plain text content.

Pasting links in between content or captions drives more interaction. Research shows 45% higher engagement from followers in such cases. Also they have above 30% share-rate comparatively.

Generate more interest among audience by recognizing the topics they like. The Content Suggestions feature will assist you in knowing trending subjects that is adored by your assembly.

Add @ mentions to famous icons or personalities to get before their followers. Insert trending Hashtags in the post content. Frequently used tags will get connected with your page.

LinkedIn feeds are a great source for new ideas.

Humans trust relatable beings more than inanimate brands. More than half of Americans have faith in people like themselves. You can easily approach such people - your employees. On an average, an employee has ten times higher connections of the whole company itself.

Thus, keep connections with your staff and share their relevant posts as often as possible. This will also naturally enlarge the viewers of your page as you will reach your employees’ acquaintances.

Immediate responses to comments or messages is a bonus.

2. Engage more audience with paid promotions

You come to this step when you have achieved rooting a strong organic presence on LinkedIn. Paid boosting will intensify the reach in addition to the post and page actions.Elevated number of shares, likes, comments and direct messages can be noticed post implementation of funded marketing.

With this technique you can filter the audience to reach those who will be most interested in your services and content. Meaning you can easily get to your ideal target group.

Among the Sponsored techniques are Sponsored Content and Sponsored InMail.

  • Sponsored Content

These include on-feed ads (still as well as animated) that is delivered specifically to the target audience.

It has been noticed infinite times that video content has thrice the engagement rate than unmoving content. So, choose visually-catchy content that adds more meaning to the message you want to deliver.

The image text must be minimal.

Feed updates with less than 150 characters fall in the best performing category. Write only what is necessary. Save your words. Also, be sure about what benefit will the reader get by clicking on the inserted link. Irrelevant redirects can get you negative feedbacks or unfollows.  

Putting up statistical data or skims of longer articles is very effective. Moreover, everyone will be eager to share posts that make them look smart.

A large proportion of users surfs on their smartphones - make sure your content is mobile-friendly.

  • Sponsored InMail

Customized direct messages are contained in this package. It is the best method to reach customers on an individual level. This gives you the freedom to be friends and literally reach your target population.

Be very brief. Use pointers in place of lengthy paragraphs. Make sure that the content fits on the screen within the scroll box. Take advantage of the platform to get the member’s name and workplace. Greet receivers with the same.

Associate their experiences with your content or offers. Intelligent tactics are a necessity to get people to open emails and react to the expected call to action.

3.  Analyze and Optimize for best results

Great results are fruited by intense research. Hence, study important attributes of the prospects. Know which type of content they are reading and sharing the most.

Take notes of the times when the interactions are highest and the sort of uploads that magnet most profitable reactions. Discover career inclinations and traits of subscribers.

LinkedIn helps you learn the key characteristics like job profiles, employer name, type of industry - using analytical data.

You can also compare more than two pages to explore the most seen posts of your followers. By doing this, you can more efficiently earn leads and footfalls.

Keep a track on the advertising budget with the Conversion Tracking.


  • LinkedIn is a professional platform and a great medium for creatively sharing your knowledge and experiences
  • Strong organic presence is the initial step for LinkedIn promotion
  • Paid promotions enhance the effectiveness of your content
  • Organic + Paid = Unstoppable
  • Analysis and optimization are needed to get an unparalleled reach
  • The three steps are the three wheels of the Marketing tricycle of this platform (or any other)

With these easy but valuable steps, you can up your LinkedIn promotions and gradually get your business to the top on the internet and off it.

Author Bio:

Krunal Soni is the founder and CEO of Thrillax Private Limited, a digital marketing company in Ahmedabad. He holds expertise in diverse fields. His 15+ year spree in this field has earned him clients, and their faith in his tactics. His intelligent strategies have put Thrillax among the leaders of Digital Marketing as per the Clutch report of 2019. A systematic approach, transparent processes and friendly mentoring have allowed him to prioritize and manage a work-life balance.

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