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Why Guest Posting should be a vital part of Marketing Efforts in 2020

Dec 03, 2019
Why Guest Posting should be a vital part of Marketing Efforts in 2020

Guest posting is widely believed to be one of the most efficient promotion techniques in the current Internet landscape. However, many business owners remain skeptical: is it really a good idea to give away the content you spend time and effort to create? Isn’t it more natural to publish it on your own website? Well, not always. In this article, we will cover some reasons why guest posting is worth every dollar and minute of time you invest in it – especially if you use a professional blog posting service to prepare your posts for you.

1. It establishes you as an industry leader

As long as you publish content on your own blog, its audience remains limited. Even if it is high-grade content capable of attracting new visitors on its own, all of them will only associate this content with a single blog, a single voice.

Now, if your posts start appearing on multiple high-authority resources people rely on as sources of news and information on your niche, it is another thing entirely. When the name of your company is all over the place, and it is associated with the latest, the most trustworthy and most in-depth data on your area of expertise, it changes the way people perceive you.

2. It expands your professional network

Hardly anybody will argue against the importance of networking in any industry, but especially in marketing and online business. Well, it may be more of a side-effect than an intended purpose, but guest posting helps you expand your network of connections within and without the industry as well. According to this guide by guest posting service Luckyposting, these days it is virtually impossible to land a post on a high-authority blog without first establishing a relationship with its owner/webmaster. What starts with a single post, can eventually grow into a valuable partnership for both of you.

3. It builds links to your resources

Links leading to your website are one of the most important factors determining its authority and ranking. Google uses them for two purposes: to find new pages and to determine how a website should rank in search results. The more links lead to a page, the higher it ranks. What is more important, these days Google pays more attention to the quality of links than their quantity – i.e., a single link from a high-authority site improves your ranking better than a dozen links from shady blogs with few visitors. If you use a reliable guest blogging agency, you will not even have to look for high authority blogs on your own – it will offer you a selection from its own database.

4. It builds up brand awareness

One of the primary reasons to publish content outside your own channels is because it is the best way to expose your brand to new audiences. If you choose host blogs carefully, they will have audiences that potentially can be interested in what your company has to offer. This way, every time you publish a high-quality post on a blog that is not your own, you get an influx of targeted traffic. These are not just random people who happened upon your website, but people who genuinely want to know more about your business. Again, a guest posting agency can simplify this task for you by offering you a selection of blogs relevant for your niche.

As you can see, guest posting remains just as relevant in 2020 as it used to be. Just keep in mind that it is a strategy that does not bring immediate results, and you will be able to reap its benefits.

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4 years ago
A very informative post. For sure we cannot underestimate the role of Guest posting in SEO.



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