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What Marketing Skills Can Be Turned to a Side Hustle or Even Full-Time

Jan 17, 2020
What Marketing Skills Can Be Turned to a Side Hustle or Even Full-Time

Individuals who have spent their time mastering the craft of internet marketing should not have any problems finding a side hustle or even turning their skills into a full-time job.

Of course, it all comes down to one’s experience, a network of connections, a portfolio, and so on. But even those who have been working 9 to 5 jobs for their company or ran personal ecommerce projects with print on demand partner - Printify or anything of the kind should not experience any difficulties.

Moreover, there are multiple different paths you can take, so if one idea does not work out, you have something to back on.

Paid Search Campaigns

Despite its recent decline in popularity, plenty of brands still rely on paid search, like Google AdWords, as a method to attract more customers to their website.

This one is quite great for a side business because once you get the campaign underway, all it takes after is some time to maintain it.

Social Media Advertising

On the surface, things may seem pretty simple. Social media is social media, and that is that. But once you look at how much knowledge is required for running marketing campaigns on Instagram or Facebook, it becomes clear that leaving it in the hands of a professional is the way to.

Finally, social media is not going away any time in the future, so having knowledge of this subject will never go to waste.

Display Advertising
Display advertising, otherwise known as online banner ads, is a pretty tough thing to do right. However, if you have acquired such skill in your career and can convince a client to get thousands of ad impressions, finding extra work should never be a problem.

Traditional Media Planning
Do you have negotiating skills and know when it is best to pull out of the deal rather than commit? If so, clients will hire you and leave all the media planning and buying in your hands.

It helps to have connections with big news agencies, radio stations, newspapers, etc. Also, ignore all those claims that traditional media is dead. It is still going strong.

Influencer Outreach
Ensuring that an influencer does his or her job right is a lot of work. A successful campaign starts with finding the right person, and that is the step that so many brands end up failing. If they cannot get this right, one can only imagine how much of a problem it would be to take care of every little detail.

Niche influencers are difficult to find and if you are going to invest a lot of money with hopes of great ROI, why not let someone who knows their job do everything?

Running Social Media Channels
Ad campaigns are one thing, but it also helps if someone with experience is behind running social media channels. They are important to keep in touch with the audience, and when you have multiple platforms, finding someone from inside the company to take care of everything is more or less impossible.

Email Marketing

While not as effective as it once was, email marketing is still quite prominent. Building a list from scratch is a tough challenge even for those who know their way around it.

Coming up with effective emails is the one thing that will require attention to detail. After all, if you send something that does not catch the attention of the receivers, the whole thing will be a waste of resources.

Search engine optimization is crucial for building a sustainable business. Thus, it is natural to see so many companies pouring thousands of dollars to ensure that they have enough of a presence to be at the top pages on the likes of Google.

Sure, SEO is a very specific marketing skill and not a lot of people can call themselves masters of the craft. However, some projects may only require general knowledge, and if you have that, then it should not be that big a problem finding a side gig or two.


Ambition can be found in most brands, and that is to be expected. However, when it comes to creating copies on various fronts, many fail to deliver. Copywriting is a very difficult skill to acquire and requires a lot of work.

Having a background in digital marketing certainly helps, even more so if you are looking to start something that requires creativity.

After you have accumulated enough knowledge, you can always look to share that with others. And there are a lot of forms to do that. Online courses on websites like Skillshare or Udemy are a good example. Running a YouTube channel is another. Not to mention that you can find clients to meet person to person.

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