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What Are Some Google Ads Trends You Need to Be Aware of?

What Are Some Google Ads Trends You Need to Be Aware of?

An online business will not make you money unless you receive a steady amount of traffic. Working on search engine optimization in certain niches can cause a huge headache thanks to all the competition. Social media platforms also seem to be oversaturated. So what should be the answer?

PPC (pay-per-click) advertisement should be the next thing on your strategy list. Google has over 60 thousand searches per second, indicating that it is the place for this kind of marketing.

In fact, everyone has heard about this search engine and is well aware of just how widely-used it is. Thus, it is a bit surprising to see how underused Google Ads are.

You can get a Google ads promo code offer from Clever Ads and start your journey towards improving your business. And once you become more familiar with PPC marketing, you will want to continue learning more about it.

Things hardly stay the same no matter what kind of marketing we are talking about. Trends come and go, but experts expect that we will certainly see some things in the near future. So what are the next few years looking like for Google Ads and what you can expect?

Voice Search

Smart speakers are becoming an everyday household item. Whether it is people becoming lazier or just the fact that voice search looks pretty cool and futuristic matters very little. Looking from a marketing point of view, voice search will become a big asset in the future.

At the moment, ads are displayed only when using a Google voice search on a computer or a smartphone/tablet. But the same thing will happen with smart speakers.

Smart Bidding
AI has been under the radar of Google for a long time and they have invested quite a lot and smart bidding happened only because of that investment.

It becomes much easier to plan your campaign when you have super-smart machines helping you along the way. And these machines are learning all the time, increasing their efficiency, and offering you all kinds of neat things.

Smart bidding relies on certain signals to optimize the campaign, and you will not find some of these signals in the manual bidding.

Interface language, location intent, day of the week and time, and remarketing list are just a few examples.

Machine learning and smart bidding work great if you are still a beginner. Plenty of individuals go overboard with the amount of money they put in a campaign without knowing what they are actually doing. So having a safety button certainly helps.

Google Lens

If you have not heard about Google Lens, it is basically a search engine that uses a visual aid to recognize various things. Think of it as “Shazam”, but instead of music, you get all kinds of benefits. Just look at these examples:

  • Taking photos of clothes or other goods will help you find similar products.
  • Taking photos of a book cover will take you to a place where you can read summary and reviews.
  • Taking photos of a painting will allow you to read about the artist.
  • Taking photos of animals or plants will show you information about its species.

Ad campaigns are still not active on Google Lens, but if we know Google, it is safe to assume that it is only a matter of time before we see some cool and innovative ways to advertise your business on Lens.

Discovery Ads

Google has introduced a personalized mobile feed in 2018 and called it “Discover”. Since so many people are on their smartphones these days, it was a smart decision. It did not take too long before ads became part of the feature.

There is no denying that a well-prepared ad for Discover can lead to a lot of good things, but at the same time, it will take more resources to prepare one that is effective and will make an impact.

Visuals are the key, and you can showcase more than just a single image. A feature is quite similar to what you see in Facebook’s carousel ads.

Gallery Ads

Gallery ads are also something exclusive to mobile users. The ads have images that allow you to get more visual information about the product or service.

Everything is still at an early stage but it is expected that Gallery ads will also be of good use to everyone who wants to focus on visuals rather than the text.

So to sum everything up, there are certainly lots of things to look forward to if you are going to make more use of Google Ads. Google will always look to evolve and make everything better in as many aspects as they can. The trends mentioned in the article will certainly be more common in the upcoming years, but do not limit yourself to only them. Something completely new should also pop up when you least expect it.

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