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Best Practices When Using Video for Email Marketing

Oct 13, 2021
Best Practices When Using Video for Email Marketing

Does your tea taste bland without a bit of sugar? It might, and for some people, that little spoon is a must. Similarly, videos can make everything better. Imagine a lengthy written explanation on how to use something. Then, imagine the exact text but provided to you in a fun video. Using videos outside YouTube channels and social media platforms helps you break the routine marketing strategy by adding some spice to it.

A survey by HubSpot shows that video has become the most frequently implemented format in content marketing. It even beat blogs and infographics. Thus, it is something to consider, especially if you are looking for a new way to capture your audience.

Let’s get into the details of why using videos in email marketing is very effective.

Why Should You Use Videos in Email Marketing?

Here’s some statistical information to underline the effectiveness of including videos in email marketing. Wistia reveals that the email click-through rates rose by as much as 300% of videos were added to the emails. Merely adding the word “video” to the subject line increased the open rates of emails by 19%, while the unsubscribe rate fell by an impressive 25%. You must also keep track of the video marketing trends that you can consider effective.

It’s now clear that adding videos can do wonders to your email marketing strategy. We share some useful tips on effective ways to include them in your marketing emails.

Setting up a Video Landing Page with a Powerful CTA

There are restraints put in place by email providers which prevent a video from playing on the email’s screen itself. The video playing in the inbox itself isn’t an ideal situation. Why’s that? It’s because you want the email recipient to leave the inbox and heed your CTA. What should you do then?

The best thing to do is to embed a thumbnail image of the video that piques the recipients’ interests. After clicking on the thumbnail, they are taken to a landing page where the video starts playing. This way, the lead isn’t restricted to the email inbox and is drawn to the CTA page bringing them down the sales funnel.

Incorporating Personalized Video Emails into the Sales Process

Convince your sales team that including a personalized video in emails can do wonders. It’s only a matter of seconds when you record a video directly on your computer camera and add it to the email you send to a promising lead. A Florida-based marketing agency, BluLeadz, found that adding a personalized video to an email led to a 39% rise in closing rates.

You can use a Google Chrome extension, Soapbox to create personalized videos that are not only effective but also a great help in bonding with a lead. With Soapbox, you can record your screen and yourself at the same time, and you can edit the video to show only yourself, or only the screen, or both and send it to your lead. Trust us, it’s a very powerful email marketing tool.

Market Special Events with Video Emails

Your business might hold special events at times. For example, if you are in an automobile company, you might organize free test drives occasionally. Prepare a snazzy video of any past event featuring happy visitors going out for an entertaining cruise through the town. Of course, it might cost some money to get a high-quality video. However, this investment can bring many new potential clients interested in the vehicles you sell.

There are many ways to interest your target audience. Nevertheless, video marketing seems to be one of the greatest ways to boost your sales. After all, we are moving into an age when people value time. And, in most cases, people have no interest in reading long blog posts, no matter how brilliant they are.

Thus, businesses need to adapt, and while videos in emails might be a rare sight, it is not necessarily unusual. However, you do need to ensure that such emails do not seem overly intrusive or annoying. For instance, not all emails you send out should include a video. Use it occasionally as a way to spice things up from time to time.

Sometimes Less is More

Of course, you might already be ready to add videos to your next email. However, there are certain boundaries that you should not cross. Additionally, with phishing and social engineering still taunting the digital space, it is best to consider several things.

For one, careful people might be skeptical when it comes to opening links in their emails. If you embed an image and urge users to watch it, be prepared that the first several attempts might not deliver the expected results.

Why? In today’s digital arena, users are bound to be more careful. They might hesitate to open certain emails or the links/files they contain. Additionally, many people use tools like Atlas VPN to defend their digital privacy and prevent snooping. Thus, with people becoming more aware, your emails should not trigger red flags or contain highly personal details. For some clients, this might be an unwelcome development. Therefore, always consider your clients’ preferences. In many cases, they might not be too impressed with overly personalized offers.


Adding a video to emails is some extra work indeed, but as available statistics show, it’s worth the effort. Adding a video thumbnail makes your email stand out in the crowd and draws the customer into clicking on it.

Adding personalized videos to emails helps you bond with a lead and create powerful CTAs. However, you need to ensure that the video in no way violates data guidelines. In some cases, a lot of thought must go into a successful email marketing strategy. While videos are the way to go in 2021, you need to be aware of the common downsides.

Overall, Videos also motivate leads into taking the desired action pushing them down the sales funnel. If you haven’t added videos to your email marketing campaign, it’s about time that you did. After all, it will not only surprise your clients but show how innovative your team truly can be.

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