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The Best Help Desk Software You Should Use In 2023

Dec 24, 2022
The Best Help Desk Software You Should Use In 2023

Communication in today's world is very important and it is also the key to growing businesses, startups and so on! Hence, every business, startups require something or maybe somebody to manage the conversations related to resolving issues and many more.

Nowadays, you no longer require a professional human to perform the job of the help desks but today you have got stuff in your reach, that is the help desk software is introduced and it is probably the best way to resolve problems connected to the help desks.

Help desk software helps to manage, organise and also reply to service-related requests. Few help desks are used for the external requests from the clients and the rest are used for the internal requests from the teammates! This software can consist of several tools like an understanding base, live chatbox and a shared inbox solution for its clients.

Anyway, not all of the software will consist of these above-mentioned tools. By using these help desk software, businesses can improve their consumer experiences. Selecting a help desk software depends upon your user stories. The more you are specific about your choice, the better help desk you choose!

Here is the list of a few of the best help desk software solutions for the 2023 market

1. Help Scout (

Help Scout is quite a good client support space that has got various tools for different businesses and startups so that the organisations can deliver a worthwhile experience to their clients. Signing up for

Help Scout is very profitable as it accesses several amazing tools to its users. It has collaboration tools that are used for asking for assistance! Collision detection is also there to decrease the duplicate work stuff. Workflows are used to automate routine jobs.

Save replies respond to the routine client's queries. Docs help you to manage, organise and create content. Performance data helps to see which articles are going good, which one can do better and what type of articles are further needed for keeping up the good work.

2. Kustomer (

Kustomer is a bit different from all the others! It is not exactly a help desk software but an application where both help desk and project management is combined and made into a single and unique kind of solution. Kustomer gives its users a multi-channel aid for chat, call, email and so on.

On the project management, space businesses can assign, build and also can fix due dates for jobs to be done right on time. Kustomer helps startups to upgrade multiple systems enabling all to save both their precious time and energy. Here businesses can view the full image of every client which is a great point!

3. Gorgias (

Gorgias is considered to be a very good help desk support platform, especially for low volume backing squads. It specifically concentrates on e-commerce more than anything else. Gorgias also gives a shared inbox tool, live chat box and knowledge base tool to its clients.

The subscription plan over here begins from $60 a month. Gorgias has got a kind of drawback in their application that is the cost of the subscription plans can vary every month depending on the volume. But apart from this Gorgias helps its clients to save a lot of time and also can do refunds immediately from the help desk.

4. Freshdesk (

Freshdesk is the best backing software for call centre assistance. If you are having a decent large team, then probably this is what you should go ahead with! It is a multiple usage help desk tool. Whenever individuals sign up to Freshdesk they all do get access to amazing and interesting tools like the other help desk software.

They are a shared inbox, knowledge-based tool and the chatbox for managing assistance appeals. Freshdesk also gives a golden opportunity of handling client phone calls.

5. Hiver (

Hiver is the best Gmail based help desk tool over the Internet today! It has got a very decent consumer service and it is considered to be the only helpdesk tool built especially for Google Workspace. This application has got the job of tracking emails right, assigning and also accessing. Over here, you can delegate the incoming emails with just a single tap.

Not only this, but also businesses can track their key metrics and the overall squad performance. You can also write notes to your squad members to add context. Hiver has just got the correct job of making the email consumer service much more interesting than before.

6. Front (

Front is considered to be the best shared inbox software, especially for the group email collaboration stuff! Whenever interacting with the clients, several businesses often feel the need to use a group email id.

Anyway, some startups are there who prefer communicating more from their private email id. Nonetheless, who does not like to experience the functionality of the help desk tools! With this, businesses can connect SMS, email and social media profiles to a shared inbox. Front also has got productivity features.

7. ProProfs Help Desk (

ProProfs Help Desk enables businesses to manage all the emails properly at a particular space using the shared inbox! Using this help desk tool you can work together with shared inboxes. Startups can increase their agent productivity along with automation. Improved reports can be checked and performances can be detected and judged.

ProProfs Help Desk provides multi-channel support to its clients and it also includes a chatbox, surveys and a knowledge base. It is considered to be a one-stop destination to handle an organisation. This help desk tool also helps you to automate repetitive jobs

8. Happyfox (

Happyfox is a cloud-based consumer relationship management solution system that has got the job of providing help desks to various startups across different industries like education, energy, travel, retail, software and so on!

The subscription plans do start from $29.001 a month and also has got plans up to $89.001 a month. Happyfox certainly does not have a free plan and to use this application, you compulsorily need to subscribe yourself to gain the benefits. It is a great customer support system present over the internet. In case of any sort of confusion, users can directly write to Happyfox.

9. HelpDesk (

HelpDesk is a ticketing system for business teams of any sort of size. This application helps your email communication to be far better than before.

Over here businesses can easily get started free of cost and the best part is that no credit cards are required. The helpdesk helps startups manage all of the client conversations in a single space by creating beautiful bonds automatically. The trial period over here consists of 14 days. It has got all ready to use automation. Experience an amazing help desk journey authentically at the HelpDesk.

10. Zoho Desk (

Zoho Desk is currently the best help desk software tool, especially for sales-focused teams. Zoho has got a good and strong support solution system for consumer connections! Zoho Desk also has a shared inbox and a knowledge base tool just like the other applications.

But the offerings of Zoho Desk are a way bit more advanced than that of the others. They do provide many developed mechanisms for chat tagging and sorting. The best and the basic features are available just on the highest priced subscription plan and this aspect often turns out to be very pricey for some teams.


Always choose your helpdesk tool wisely! Do make a decision only whenever you are having a good framework in your mindset.

A long feature list might look impressive but if the pants do not fit you never wear it. As a result, never buy plans out of your budget!

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