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Best Audio Call APIs with Functionalities for Website & Mobile Application

Aug 31, 2021
Best Audio Call APIs with Functionalities for Website & Mobile Application

In today's ever-growing digital world, the ways of communication have totally revolutionized. Businesses are continuously shifting towards virtual communications to boost efficiency in a remote work set up. Well, voice calling is one of the best ways to instantly connect with your team and customers. Have you been planning to add video calling features to your website or mobile application? Voice calling APIs and SDKs are all that you need! In this article, we shall discuss the best voice calling API features you can integrate into your website or mobile application and the overall importance of voice calling APIs.  Keep reading.

 Table of Content

  • Top audio call API & SDK
  • Popular audio calling API functions for your website and mobile app
    • In-app voice features
    • Audio call record
    • Audio conferencing
    • REST API
    • Unlimited voice calling    
    • Group audio conferencing
    • Push notification
    • Voice callkit
    • Voice conferencing scheduler
    • Audio routing function
  • Why should you go for audio calling APIs and SDKs?
  • Make a way for smooth voice communications with audio call APIs

The industry's best audio call API & SDK

Contus MirrorFly is one of the most popular audio call API. It can help you build fast and secure voice applications for your business. MirrorFly is 100% customizable and lets you add N number of virtual connections to your PSTN.  Also, it offers end-to-end encryption that protects the privacy of your audio communications. MirrorFly provides you with clear HQ audio calling with low bandwidth to enhance your voice calling experiences on all types of devices. Be it one-on-one interaction, group audio calling, voice call notification, text to speech, speech recognition, or audio callkit, MirrorFly has got it all covered. With a robust audio conferencing feature, it hosts up to 250 participants to make discussions and conduct meetings & webinars in clear voice quality. Get to learn more about MirrorFly's highly advanced voice calling features  here. There's no denying that MirrorFly can be one of the best voice API options to integrate into your web or mobile application.

The popular audio calling API and its 10 most prominent notable features

A well-structured audio conferencing API can boost your audio communications. Be it one-on-one audio chat or group audio calling, a voice call API covers it all. There is a suite of voice chat API providers in the market to choose from. It is advised to select the one that can meet your unique business requirements. As every business is different, so are its communication requirements. Hence, you should keep your business needs as the top criteria for choosing your audio call API. Here we shall discuss the top functionalities that make a good audio call SDK or API.

1. In-app voice features

In-app voice calling refers to contextual communication with your customers. A fully-featured voice API can help you leverage the power of in-app audio calling.

It enables you to personalize your audio communications with customers as per their interaction context.

2. Audio call record

A good voice calling SDK allows you to record your audio conversations with your customers. Now, this comes with a lot of added advantages. You can use the recorded voice interactions to review and comprehend customer feedback and for performing quality checks.  You can also utilize audio records for audit purposes.

3.  Audio conferencing

Audio conferencing is a very useful voice calling feature. It enables you to collaborate instantly with your team members and discuss and exchange ideas with each other. There are no location or time boundaries. A good voice API & SDK helps you add multiple participants to audio calls and gives way to smooth business communication.


A REST API is also called RESTful API. It is used for designing networked applications. REST API is the standard protocol for web APIs. With voice REST API, you can make outgoing calls, modify calls in progress, call recordings, and a lot more.

5. Unlimited voice calling

A well-defined audio chat API does not put a limit on the number of audio calls that you can conduct. When there is a consistent connection between you and your customers, it tends to build customer loyalty.

6. Group audio conferencing

A good video calling API and SDK enables you to instantly connect with your team members in real-time. It allows you to conduct quick meetings from anywhere at any point of time.

7. Push notification

A fully-featured voice API for developers also comes with the push notification functionality. It saves you from missing out on conversations.  It keeps you updated about your interactions.  Moreover, the push notifications feature allows you to send notifications as voice templates across multiple devices and communication channels.

8. Voice callkit

The best kind of voice chat API provides you with audio callkit.  Generally, an audio call kit comes with a suite of highly advanced features such as reporting  incoming and outgoing calls, conducting different activities on phone during voice calls, and maintaining a call directory.

9.  Voice conferencing scheduler

 A good voice call API provides you with audio conferencing scheduler functionality. It enables you to send invites and add more participants to your audio call.

10. Audio routing function

Audio routing is one of the most amazing voice API functions. This feature allows you to control streaming of audio files.  It also enables you to redirect audio files across different kinds of devices to boost audio communications.

Why should you go for audio calling APIs and SDKs?

A well-structured audio calling API comes with different kinds of highly advanced features. It facilitates instant communication with your team members and customers.  Moreover, a modern age API also supports video chat functions to enhance the communication game of businesses. You can monitor your audio calls programmatically. One more amazing benefit of voice calling APIs is that most of them prioritize chat privacy. They offer end-to-end encryption to provide you with ultimate chat security.  Also, there's no denying that a good API can add more fun to your regular solutions. You can use emojis,  stickers, and gifs while texting during video calls. Not only this, you can also safely exchange media files while conducting an audio call. Well, leveraging voice calling APIs can certainly level up your audio communications.

Make a way for smooth voice communications with audio call APIs

In today's socially-distant environment, good communication is the key to maintaining decent relationships, be it personal or professional. Audio communications are one of the best ways to instantly connect with your team members and customers in real-time. Well, thanks to highly advanced voice APIs that make such audio connections possible.  We hope our article helped you understand the important nuances of integrating audio call API into your website and mobile application. So, what are you waiting for? Utilize the power of  voice calling SDK and API to step up your audio communication capacities.

Author Bio - I'm Ulaganathan, An Product Marketer, I'm helping providers of various industries like healthcare, education, etc., to elevate their conversation value with the help of powerful communication solutions to drive better communication experience.

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