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Activity Reservation Software: 10 Tactics to Get More Bookings

Activity Reservation Software: 10 Tactics to Get More Bookings

Activity reservation software is a method of managing your activities without having to do it with pen and paper or using your memory. They help you make reservations, know where all your equipment is and when it will be coming back and help eliminate paperwork by letting you do it electronically.

Software like this can help you streamline operations and can get you more online bookings. Here are 10 tactics you can use to get more sales.

Check your web content

Your website is one of the main places people come to look for information on your business. Therefore, ensuring that the language you use is clear and concise and easy to find important things like pricing, activities, and bookings. This will prevent people from getting lost on your site and leaving.

Provide incentives

Online booking software can make it easy to give discounts and vouchers, which might be the nudge that’s needed for people who are indecisive about making a booking.

Use paid search and online advertising ahead of time

If you have trends in your slow periods, look to use online advertising and paid search a few months before to try and increase the number of bookings. Setting up a few adverts on Google Adwords and Facebook Ads can help with bookings when things are slow.

Get a head start on marketing before peak season

Working on your website’s content and social media can help make people more aware of your services as you head into peak season. The longer people remember your business, the more likely they will use you when they need to.

Use of social media

Regular updates across all social media can help with bookings. Post videos and images of the things you offer or the discounts and promotions you have coming up. It will also keep your customers engaged, ready for your peak seasons.

Use Customer database

It’s important to capture the right data when you take your bookings. A booking system lets you do this easily, with online forms. Building up a customer database will let you promote to people that haven’t visited in a while and can let you reward your regular customers as well.

Reveal a bit about yourself

Letting people know more about who you are and your business can make you relatable. Having an About Us page with photos of the team and people doing activities will humanize your business.

Invest in an online booking system

Using an online bookings system makes things easy. There is no need for a team member to answer the phone to make bookings or answer Facebook messages out of hours. All bookings can be made by the customer online.

Include an availability calendar

Having an availability calendar will let customers see what items are free at what times so they can book something that works with their schedule.

Make it easy for customers to contact your company representatives

The more channels of communication you have, the better customers can get in contact with you. Some people don’t like talking on their phones, so having website chats, forms and online booking, in addition to your phone number on your website can help cater to all audience types while increasing your activity reservations.

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