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Tips to Write E-Commerce Product Descriptions That Work Effectively

Tips to Write E-Commerce Product Descriptions That Work Effectively

Writing product descriptions are not as easy as most people think they are. Product descriptions are the final pieces of the puzzle and could be the difference. They can cause a potential customer to buy a product or stop him or her from doing so. This is why it is important to have product descriptions that will convince potential buyers that your products or services are what these potential customers need.

One important thing to note is that product descriptions are not about lying to your potential customers. It is about making them realize that what you are offering is actually what it is. Anything outside of this is wrong. If you are offering a Woocommerce price by country plugin, your product description should paint that plugin for what it is. Without much ado, here are some tips on how to write eCommerce product descriptions that work effectively.

Identify the Buyer Persona of Your Target Customer

To understand product descriptions better, see them as talking to someone about a product. That said, how do you talk to someone you do not even know? This is why it is important to identify who your words will be talking to. Before you even put words together to sell your products, create identities of those who will most likely need and use your products. If you are able to do that, half of your work is done.

Describe Use Cases Not Features

With knowledge of who you are trying to sell to, this next step should not be a problem. The next step is telling your target audience how your product can help them. When doing this however, do not tell them what your products have. Ni! Instead, tell them how your products will satisfy and/or delight them. To better understand this, see your product description as teaching them to use your products. By doing this, you will be able to focus more on how your target audience can use your products rather than the features of your products themselves.

There is a saying that Steve Jobs was able to sell the iPods because he told people that they could store over 1000 songs on an iPod. Believe it or not, the iPods will not have sold that much if he said that they had over 16 gigabyte worth of storage space.

Stick to Your Brand Voice or Tone

Oh! I forgot to mention. Your product description is a form of identity for your brand. It should echo your brand tone or voice. Your brand voice should define how you write your product description. This is because your products are defined by the people using them. Your brands are defined by your products and your brand voice is determined by your brand. Therefore, your brand voice is determined by the people using your products. To be able to effectively sell to them, you have to stick to the voice that they understand.

If your target customers are kids, you should stick to that playful brand voice. Talk in that childish or cheeky tone of voice. Also, use more of the play language.

Tell Stories Using Common Examples

To ensure that you do not sound ridiculous, tell the right stories when using the right tone of voice. You cannot sound cheeky or playful while talking about statistics. It just does not work like that. Remember the first point of painting a representation of your target customers? Well, here is one of the reasons. To be able to sell effectively with your product description, you should be able to fit your products into the lifestyle of your target customers. Want to sell a coffee machine to New Yorkers, tell them it brews really good coffee without making it late to catch the train.

Make Product Descriptions as Brief as Possible

People on the internet have a very low attention span. I do not know why, maybe it is because they are trying to make more money. So if you are going to tell them about Woocommerce Smart Coupons plugin, you better make it quick. One sure way to do this is by focusing on the use cases. Simply tell people what your products can do and nothing more. Also, just list them out in points instead of long and boring sentences. It does not have to be written texts. An infographic works very well.

Include Testimonials and Feedbacks

Make your product descriptions look very real. Allow customers to drop their feedbacks and testimonials, User generated content is very valuable. You might just be robbing yourself of conversion by not allowing your customers in on the conversation. Also, you can also put up disclaimers and certain side effects of using your products. The aim is that your product decryption makes your product look great not too good to be true. If you offer a great product, you should not have problems with giving your customers 100% of the information.

Ensure it is Error Free

On a final note, there should be no errors in your product descriptions. Ensure to read and edit it very well to ensure that it is free from all spelling and grammatical errors. Speaking as the average web user, “if you cannot write a good product description, how am I sure that you can produce a good product?” Besides, you should have no problem written an error free product description if you follow the tips stated in this piece.

He is an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for emerging tech marketing and ecommerce development. Some of his current ventures include Progos Tech (an Woocommerce plugin),, Titan Tech and Smart Marketing.

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