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Five Advantages of Customized Mobile App Development

Jun 05, 2021
Five Advantages of Customized Mobile App Development

Mobile applications are more numerous than just marketing tools, and their use goes far beyond marketing gimmicks. For businesses, the cost of application development can be crucial in ensuring long-term profitability by giving you a competitive advantage and increasing the loyalty of existing and potential customers.

Moreover, customized apps help retain customers and convert opportunities into leads. It is the main reason why custom mobile app development is an attractive option for gaining momentum.

If you want to leverage the power of mobile app development solutions, here's how modern technologies help companies stand out with their products or services.

| Mobile apps design to make mobile data faster

With the fast pace of life, users are very demanding in terms of the speed of their gadgets' screens when loading websites and online shops. According to Kissmetrics analysis, 46% of smartphone users reject a page if it is not opened within the first 10 seconds. Therefore, online shops must be fast enough to build a strong core of regular customers.

Mobile applications have a significant advantage over websites in this respect. Since mobile applications for online shops do not need to be connected to the Internet to offer users essential functions such as product comparison or price checking, they effectively use the full performance of the device. Websites, on the other hand, require a permanent Internet connection to refresh remarkably.

However, this does not mean that activity has no value for mobile applications. Users usually remove the application from their device if it takes too long to download. Besides speed, applications are better than websites in the following respects.

  • way to the smartphone's functions (voice recognition function, video camera), personalization of content, interactivity (integration with social networks)
  • ease of use and optimal adaptation to mobile devices.

| Mobile apps convert guests into clients and increase sales

According to Forbes, mobile apps increase sales and predict revenue in the e- and m-commerce segments:

  • Customers spend 3 to 4 times more time in mobile apps than on desktop computers;
  • Customers spend twice as much on mobile apps than on mobile websites
  • Conversion rates for apps are higher than for mobile websites

The average value of an order is 140% higher for mobile apps than for mobile websites and 130% higher than for desktop computers
abandoning the shopping basket in apps is only 20%, while in mobile versions of the website, it is 97%, and in desktop versions, 68%.

Applications encourage users to make purchases, especially since their functionality allows them to pay for an order with a single click. In addition, the enhanced functionality of mobile applications allows online shops to monitor user interaction better than websites and provide more detailed analytics. These benefits help business owners fine-tune their content to implement more sophisticated recommendation systems to increase conversions.

| Mobile apps boost customer Loyalty

One of the key benefits of mobile apps is their strength to produce loyalty. According to Adobe, 67% of online customers who use their mobile devices to secure purchases prefer apps from their favorite companies and brands.

Mobile solutions are therefore making the connection between online retailers and customers more sustainable. You may be wondering how to encourage people to download and install an app. All you demand to do is offer them exclusive offers or limited discounts to install your app.

| Mobile apps offer a better User Interface.

Apps are more usable if they do not require a constant internet connection. It enables apps to place heavy animations or high-definition graphics much faster, making the look and feel of a business or startup app sleek, modern and vibrant.

The application architecture allows developers to create unique and valuable features with intuitive navigation. Another advantage that an Android or iOS app offers is the possibility of gamification. It has shifted a trend in app improvement because it increases interactivity and interaction between users.

| Mobile apps increase User Interaction.


Modern mobile apps offer different options for user interaction, whereas, on a website, customers cannot use the built-in camera and show their friends updates without transmitting the site. With an app, this matches a simple action that takes several moments.

Another approach to improving user engagement is introducing a voice recognition feature that allows users to navigate a menu or subscribe to a newsletter. Your app can also, for example, show the location of the nearest offline store using GPS.

Mobile apps support smartphone users to yield links to their preferred websites or ask associates to share their minds on a singular product or service via social networks.

This marketing way is one of the most compelling and affordable ways to improve your products. Every loyal consumer who has your mobile app automatically becomes a live platform for promoting your online building on social channels such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

So more expanded, and more companies or startups are using custom mobile app development to stay ahead of the competition. A customized mobile app allows consumers to interact with your business. It leads directly to higher sales, better consumer perception, and thus better customer service. If you are looking for a mobile app developer there are many app development companies in India which can help you in establishing your startups.

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