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Websites and Apps for a Budget-Friendly Wedding

Websites and Apps for a Budget-Friendly Wedding

Your wedding may be the happiest day of your life, but planning such an important event may prove more challenging and more expensive than you ever imagined. As your to-do list gets longer than the train of your Azazie ball gown and your debt piles up like so much homemade confetti, you need all the help you can get to cut out any unnecessary expenses and keep things running smoothly. Here are 12 apps and websites that will save you time and money.

1. WeddingHappy.

Enter your wedding date, and WeddingHappy will generate a timetable of what tasks you need to do when. The app creates detailed checklists, stores vendor contact and payment information, and syncs with other phones, so you can delegate tasks to others.

Savings: your sanity.

2. Mint.

Mint helps you stay within your budget by managing multiple bank accounts, credit cards, and bills from different vendors. The app sends notifications if your account balance is low or a payment is soon due.

Savings: the cost of overdraft and late payment fees.

 3. Appy Couple.

Use this app to create e-invitations, collect RSVPs, and share your itinerary, all without licking a single envelope. Your guests can also message you and use the app to make travel arrangements.

Savings: trees and the cost of printing and postage.

4. AllSeated.

With a database of thousands of scaled 3D floor plans, AllSeated allows you to place furniture and decor exactly where it would be in your venue, as well as create your seating chart and collaborate with your wedding planner and vendors in real time.

Savings: time and the stress of last minute adjustments.

5. WeddingDJ.

Create a custom playlist by choosing from the song recommendations or importing your own music. The app provides an itinerary, breaking down the ceremony and reception into individual components such as “Groom’s Procession,” “Cake Cutting,” or “First Dance.” You can even crossfade songs and take requests.

Savings: the cost of hiring musicians for the ceremony or a DJ for the reception.

6. WedPics.

Register for free and invite your guests to join. Then, on your big day, ask your guests to use the app to take photos and videos, which automatically upload to your website.

Savings: the cost of booking a photographer for more than just your official wedding album shots and time spent scavenging your guests’ social media for wedding photos.

7. SimpleBooth.

Give your guests the fun of a photo booth without the high price tag. Use the free version with your iPad and provide your own backgrounds and props or upgrade to the more advanced platform that features green screen technology.

Savings: the cost of renting a photo booth.

8. Spark.

This app allows anyone with minimal filming experience to record high-quality videos. You can trim, reorder, and delete clips as well as add filters, music, and voiceover. For additional options, use Cameo to edit your Spark videos and embed them on your wedding website.

Savings: the cost of hiring a videographer.

9. Hopper.

If you’re planning a destination wedding or honeymoon, plenty of websites can help you find good rates on travel, but Hopper is unique. The app uses an algorithm to predict with 95 percent accuracy when flights and hotel reservations will be the cheapest. Just enter your information, and the app will notify you when the time is right.

Savings: the cost of overpaying for airfare and accommodations.

10. Skipper.

Skipper has been rated the best site for booking hotel room blocks. Whether you’re arranging accommodations for your wedding party, out-of-town relatives, or your entire guest list, Skipper’s scoring system helps ensure you find a hotel that meets your needs and saves 15 percent on average.

Savings: the cost of you and your guests paying full price and the headache of working out the logistics on your own.

11. MyFitnessPal.

A healthy diet and a regular exercise routine are important if you have weight loss goals but also vital for managing wedding-related stress and promoting overall health. Use the app’s database to look up information on the foods you eat, log your calories and macros throughout the day, and monitor your activity levels. View exercise videos, read articles, find recipes and connect with other users through the social media platform.

Savings: the cost of alterations to your dress and future medical bills.

12. Pinterest.

One of the best ways to save money on any aspect of your wedding is to do it yourself, and Pinterest is an endless source of inspiration for all things DIY. If you want to forego the pricey salon, you’ll find lots of pinned images of updo styles you can recreate. If your florist is charging you an arm and a leg, check out this vast array of tutorials on making your own bouquets. If the price of wedding cake makes you lose your appetite, this pin is one of many articles on cheaper and equally tasty alternatives.

Savings: unlimited.

What other apps and sites have you used to save money on your nuptials? Share your recommendations in the comments.

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