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Online Growth Acceleration Platform For Your Brand? Shaking Truth

Jun 05,2018
Online Growth Acceleration Platform For Your Brand? Shaking Truth

Online e-commerce platforms are perpetually impacting the growth acceleration of brands and how they operate in today’s highly competitive market. These can be social media accounts of a company or a website through which consumers are able to purchase goods and services. You must learn how to navigate these online platforms for the benefit of your business and for positive feedback on conversion rates. Understanding how online activity impacts your sales is crucial for the growth of any business. From website designing to partnering with an advertising agency, all your future marketing related decision will be impacted by your current online growth acceleration.

All business owners need to understand that constant innovation is the key to success and this does not just apply to the manufacturing process but also to the marketing domain. One way to do this is to control the image of your brand through the information you give your customers access to. Another effective method is growth hacking which allows you to find functional marketing channels to take advantage of in order to scale your growth. Growth hacking tools can measure your performance and you can in turn use this information to shape the best ways to engage your audience.

Importance of the narrative you set for your brand

It would not be an overstatement to say that, these days, brand image is one the most significant aspects of marketing. Controlling the way you are being perceived by potential customers is important for your growth rate as well as conversion numbers. The narrative you mold around your brand will drive the popular discourse about you company so the utmost importance of information control must not be overlooked.

Importance of data collection 

Before we move on to growth hacking, it is necessary to recognize the steps you need to take before implementing those tools. This includes getting user feedback, employing conversion rate optimization techniques, creation of relevant content, email marketing and personalized segmentation of audience. Not only will these allow you to collect important data regarding your product but will also compliment the use of growth hacking.

Importance of Growth Hacking 

It is crucial for B2B companies and other businesses to constantly budget themselves in a way that their cost of production and consequent selling of goods in minimized. This requires marketing in a way that requires the least amount of money and this is where growth hacking can help you out. Before you set the narrative, you must gain valuable information about your audience as well as their purchasing patterns if you want to target them in your online marketing. For this you need tools to measure the effectiveness of strategies already in place.

Growth hacking allows you to utilize several tactics that ensure improved traffic and online presence along with aiding the implementation of tailored marketing.

Which Platforms can you use? 

  • Social Media 

Social media is effective for engagement and discourse setting for two main reasons: accessibility and interactivity. With the number of social media users worldwide rising up to 3 billion in 2018 (Smart Insights), it is clear that the importance of social networking sites is unquestionable. If your business is smart about these statistics, it can augment its outreach exponentially by correctly employing social media marketing tools to build a good brand image and online presence.

  • Growth hacking tools is a sales automation platform which helps you in launching effective email marketing campaigns. It also allows you to send follow ups in accordance with schedule as well as give comprehensive analytics to maximize outreach. allows you to find content topics and keywords relevant to your field of business. This in turn leads to high levels of engagement if the content being created is attracting users to your online platforms. 

Finally, Calendly is a tool which aids scheduling of meeting. The tool helps business growth by cutting the need for constant emailing between employees and customers. The collective planning of meetings leads to increased efficiency and maximum business optimization. It can also be used as a lead generation and ultimately, as a growth acceleration tool.

To sum it up, growth hacking tools and the collection of information prior to it are crucial when it comes to shaping a narrative for prospective customers. The perception of consumers has the ability to make or break the success of your company and for these purposes, it is vital for businesses to take charge of the story they want to tell which might include shaking up the truth a little for the betterment of the company at large.

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