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High Quality Tips and Tricks for Video SEO

Oct 21, 2020
High Quality Tips and Tricks for Video SEO

The most convenient way of putting across your business ideas in front of customers and search engine is through SEO marketing. Even it helps you get your website on the top of the Google search engine while increasing annual revenue. However, while working on the search engine rankings, videos are considered as the vital part of your overall marketing plan.

Optimising videos for search engine are all about the title, URL, length of the video, uploading, speed, and much more. However, if you are a learner and don’t have any idea about video SEO, then below are some tips to consider. It helps you know video search engine optimisation in a better way. Let’s begin!

1. Begin YouTube keyword research

It is equally important to perform keyword research before making videos. The best way you can do this is by typing your targeted keywords on YouTube and observe the results. According to the study, Google search engine shows videos in result pages that include tutorials and anything informative.

You can also consider Google Trends to get the search volume for your keywords. Also, it is the smart way to know the interest of customers about your video content ideas. However, if you are a newbie and don’t know about YouTube working, then you can target low-competitive keywords. Else, go for Adaptify SEO marketing to make the keyword research task easier.

2. Pick video thumbnail cleverly

Do you know which is the first thing that people notice before clicking on your video? It is the display picture, i.e. a thumbnail. Whether you're posting a video on YouTube or using video hosting services, this is the very first thing to grab a visitor's attention. Therefore, it needs to be appealing enough to attract people towards your video. It would be best if you aimed for informative, professional, and relevant whenever deciding on the thumbnail.

If your video is regarding some interview with a person, then it would be best to choose the right frame of the interviewee. All in all, the thumbnail of your video should stand alone uniquely and also convincing enough for people to click your video. As we all say, the first impression is last.

3. Choose the best hosting platform

At first, you may think about YouTube for posting your video. But it is not the only option. There are sites like Vimeo for sharing videos and boosting brand awareness. However, it might not be so great for driving traffic to your site because of competition on the streaming sites. Hence, it becomes vital to choose your hosting platform wisely.

Additionally, there are other hosting platforms which allows you to add in SEO metadata for your video. That’s the way you can increase chances for your video to get it rank on the search engine. Another choice is to go for paid video ads that provide you with the benefit of adding a link that redirects to your website landing page.

4. Never forget to Include video transcripts

Video transcripts and captions are beneficial in many forms. They can be best for deaf audiences. Also, on Facebook, where most of the people watch videos while on mute, captions play a significant role. Luckily, you don't have to do this manually as there are AI-powered software like Maestra that can do that automatically. However, besides the viewing experience, do you know that video transcripts can also enhance your video’s SEO?

Search engines depend on the content to know about the website and its goals. When you have a transcript for your video, it conveys the search engine bots about your video’s objectives. All in all, it makes it easier for search engines to rank your web page having the video for relevant doubts.

5. Create an interesting title and description

Most of the SEO marketer will relate to the terms like the meta title and description. These two terms are most important for search and even for videos. You have to ensure that relevant keywords are added in your title and descriptions. That’s because, when people find for something related to your video content, they can easily get landed on your video.

Never be lazy on keyword research because it is the root of your video marketing success. Even though hashtags on social media platforms, you can find trending keywords. Your SEO marketing agency can help you draft titles and description for your video. But you have thought from the user’s point of view and ask: - Is the video interesting enough to click?

6. Generate backlinks through social media shares

Having many backlinks from reputable sites means increased in the website’s search ranking. SEO marketers can help you with backlink generation. However, you can start it through social media shares. You know that search engine bots aim for indexing sites linked on social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

When you share your newly created video on these social media platforms, it will indeed make a massive boost for your site and increase the chances of getting on top of the search engine. On top of it, social media has its audience, which will again create a win-win process for you. Considering this tip of generating backlinks through social media shares have a positive impact on an overall SEO strategy.

Wrapping Up

Video marketing alone is not enough as it allows you to share engaging videos on different websites. You need video SEO marketing to bring that video in front of the right audiences. If you want to create a video that customers that your brand deserves, then get the help from the professional SEO marketing agency.

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