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How is Custom Software Development best for Business Growth?

How is Custom Software Development best for Business Growth?

With the rising technological advancements, more businesses are preferring custom software development company over ready-made software applications. Going for a customized software means tailoring products oriented to serving your clients in a user-friendly and effective way. Cost-effectiveness, greater security, high flexibility, etc. are some of the terms closely related to customized software development services. In contrast, a ready-made software developed for the masses often lacks the technical advancements needed for wooing clients and easy handling of the admin-panel.

However, what exactly is a customized software, and how is it best suited for the business’s kick-ass growth? What is the development aspect of it? This blog will clear all such queries ticking over your mind.

What is Custom Software Development?

When looking for Best Work Management Software to cater to the needs of your business organization, you have two options. The first is ‘off the shelf software’ that is handy but fails to perform efficiently due to limited functions and business model considerations.

While the other is ‘custom software development’ that helps you reach business goals effectively. Usually done by outsourcing your project to a top software company, it helps you integrate added features needed to cater to the Target audience.

The development team working on the software application is responsible for coming up with innovative features and an in-depth solution. From creating elegant content to ensuring an optimum speed, everything is taken care of by a team of skilled experts.

So, having a customized software offer you multiple benefits driving business growth in less time. Look at the detailed benefits of customized software to learn how they are a boon to your business.

Top 7 Benefits of Custom Software Development

1. Essential Features

Coming with an in-depth solution for your business, a dedicated team of developers with a business perspective develops exclusive features for your software application. An off-the-shelf solution lacks quality content and optimum speed, which is vital for enhancing the software's user experience. De facto 47% of users do not think twice about finding an alternative when software takes more than 2 seconds for loading. Doing maverick research over the project enables the development team to identify the critical features that ensure wholesome user experience. Creating an intuitive flow over the software application helps users engage with and build a personal bond with it.

2. Brand Building

Building a brand is a slow and steady process for any enterprise, but it's the business's ultimate soul. Opting for a regular off-the-shelf software lacks brand considerations of color and themes, making your product look blunt.

Moreover, you may find it surprising, but nearly 38% of visitors avoid using software that does not engage in nature. So, using ready-made software doesn't prove helpful in building the brand of the business.

While when you go for custom software development services, a skilled team of designers caters to logo creation, color considerations for the target audience, and an overall elegant look for the final software application.

It ensures that the final users feel attached to the software and finds it convenient to use. Thus, adding to the brand creation of the business.

3. Greater Security

Hackers often target ready-made software applications for gaining sensitive information. Owing to their large-scale use, hackers see them as soft targets for gaining information conveniently. Unfortunately, a threat's rate stands at a stunning 68%, including credentials and personal breach.

In contrast, customized software is less prone to be targeted by a hacker. Opting for SSL certification strengthens the security of your software application. Thus, making your business software safe and secured from any technical breaches.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Customized development requires costlier investments owing to the hiring of skilled developers for the project. However, it pays off in the long run by boosting business growth and building the brand image of the firm along with other benefits.

To reduce the overall cost of customized development, you can go for the software application's MVP (minimum viable product). Thus, you will have all the essential features without sacrificing the crucial elements.

On the other hand, a ready-made product requires little investment but lacks the essential features necessary for the firm's growth. Moreover, ready-made software application often has an inefficient admin panel that requires prior training for proper handling of the software.

Integrating the software application's essential features means relying on extensions that add to the project's overall cost.

5. Scalability

The software application of your business must be scalable to meet future demands. Furthermore, multiple advanced features may require integration owing to growing business demands.

A customized software application ensures an abundance of IT support, helping your business grow without technical glitches. The availability of vertical and horizontal scaling facilitates the integration of new features over the digital platform.

6. Support Team

When you hire a software developer or connect with a development company for your business software, you can access a scheduled period of maintenance and support. You are entitled to receive redressal for any technical glitches detected after the launch of the software.

It makes the maintenance of the business software convenient and comforting for the firm. While the upkeep of a ready-made solution requires training and technical knowledge, making it tricky for new users.

7.  Reliable

Customized development leads to a reliable system of support for the firm. It is specifically true as it helps businesses to deliver quality services to clients on time.

By facilitating a business's regular activities, the software application becomes a part of the business enterprise.

That was all about how customization of the software is best for business. Let us now look at the development aspect of a software application.

The development team of Customized Software

A software application development team is mainly a project head, designers, developer, and quality checkers. Together they work in coordination to ensure smooth development of the software. Let's have a quick look at their role and responsibilities:

Project Head: The head of the project leads the development team. He/she ensures that the development project runs smoothly and according to the client's vision.

Usual charges of a project leader range from 30 to 50 USD per hour, depending upon the firm you are dealing with.

Designing Team: The designing team is responsible for creating the skeleton or the software application structure. The group mainly consists of designers and writers, coordinating together to develop an elegant and natural flow for the software.

The designer's usual charges range from an amount of 20 to 30 USD per hour.

Developers Team: The dedicated team of developers ensures coding of the software. The team may have a separate group for the front-end and back-end development of the software depending upon the technology stack.

Developers charge anywhere between 30 to 45 USD per hour.

Quality Assurance Team: The quality assurance team runs several performance tests to determine whether the software is running as per the demand or has technical errors that need the experts' supervision.

The quality assurance team may charge you between 25 USD to 35 USD per hour.

The actual charges depend upon the software development firm you are dealing with. Customized development of simple software will cost you anywhere between 25,000 USD to up to 30,000 USD.

Over to You

Customized development of software gives your business an edge over off the shelf products. From brand building to increase the business's reliability, it has several advantages in the firm's long run.

With the availability of multiple app development companies, you can easily outsource your project to a reliable firm. Outsourcing the project to a top software development company in India gives you the added advantage of a close watch over the project's development.

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