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Top Visual Content Marketing Tools for Better Engagement

Top Visual Content Marketing Tools for Better Engagement

Visual content marketing has become a digital marketing trend due to the increasing popularity of visual media sites since the business owners and digital marketers are widely use these sites for business promotion and marketing products.

The visual content marketing tools that will help you enhance engagement on your site have been discussed below:

  • Canva : It offers a wide variety of templates for marketers ranging from email headers to blog graphics to let the users create graphics that will get engagement on social media.

  • Curalate : It is a visual commerce platform that lets you connect content to  commerce to generate awareness, increase revenue and drive traffic on your  site.

  • Datawrapper : It lets you use visuals to reflect number-related content to create engaging presentations and infographics to create visualizations in seconds.

  • Desygner  : It is an online design tool that is used for creating banners,  posters, invitations, Facebook covers, social media posts and a lot more, for free.

  • : It is a popular infographics creator that lets you easily add  graphics, maps, text and playable videos without involvement in a design  program.

  • InVision : It is a prototyping, collaboration and workflow platform used for  publishing clickable and interactive prototypes in minutes.

  • Pablo by Buffer : It is a design tool that has been created for social sharing and improves your social media marketing skills by letting you capture images to be shared over social networking sites and even lets you create your  social content.

  • Piktochart : It is an easy to use infographic maker that will take visual your  visual communication to the next level without the need of hiring a  professional designer.

  • PlaceIt : It is a tool that allows you to upload images of your product or  website and also insert them into high quality photos for free.

  • Polarr : It is a free online editor tool that offers free pro photo editing tools  and high precision colour tools like advanced clarity and dehaze filters to  your mobile device.

  • Prezi : It is a tool that helps you make impressive presentations by  combining zoom, motion and spatial relationships to not only increase the  traffic engagement but also help them remember your message by making  your presentation stand out among others.

  • Silk : It is a data publishing platform with the help of which anyone can  create interactive data visualizations, publish websites and tell interactive  stories.

  • Slide Share : Although it does not provide creation tools, it is ideal for  creating your visual content as well as uploading your own documents,  presentations, infographics and much more.

  • Snappa : It is a graphic design tool that lets you create amazing designs and that too without the help of a graphic designer.

  • Storify : It offers tools that will help you create live blog stories and unite  traditional storytelling with the audience.

  • ThingLink : It lets you add clickable icons to links, video, text, music, other  images and even name it to create customised interactive images.

  • Visage : It is a design and visual content creation tool that will help content marketers in creating several visual contents.

The above mentioned tools will help you create visual content even if you are not a designer. According to CMO Council, 65% of senior marketing executives believe that visual assets are the core of brand communication.

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